Australia is a separate mainland country, that is the 6th largest state in the world by area. Australia, as one of the most developed countries in the world, has a high human development index, a good standard of living and a stable economy. These are the factors that attract investors.

Australia is a huge continent with a developed services market. 70% of gross income in Australia is provided by the market of services. The most popular business activitiy of the companies is the provision of services: starting with financial and ending with medical.

In order to register a company in Australia, you will need about 2 days after submitting all the necessary documents.

Advantages of an Australian company:
  1. It is possible to open an account with an Australian bank after registering a company in Australia.
  2. The Australian laws are adapted for working with cryptocurrencies. You can establish a company in Australia to work with bitcoin.
  3. It is possible to open an account in USD, EUR, AUD.
  4. There is a possibility of legal reduction of the tax rate.
  5. There are 3 types of companies:

    - A joint-stock company with limited liability of shareholders (Limited by Shares);
    - A joint-stock company with un unlimited liability of shareholders (Unlimited with Share Capital);
    - a public company.
  6. You can open a bank account in Australia without a personal visit.
DISAdvantages of an Australian company:
  • A high corporate tax rate: from 28,5% to 30% (depending on the company's turnover). The company can prepare and file its own tax return, but doing it with the help of an experienced licensed tax agent encreases the chances to optimize paying taxes.
  • A local director is required.
To start A BUSINESS in Australia, each beneficiary SHOULD proVIde the following documents:
  • A notarized copy of passport and driver’s license.
  • A bank's certificate confirming the address.
  • The utility bill.
To register a business organization in Australia as a corporate client (legal entity), you shall provide:
  • a certificate of company's registration;
  • a Memorandum and articles of association;
  • a “Certificate of Good standing”;
  • the documents that confirm the list of the current shareholder and directors, for example: a registry of shares and directors; a certificate of registration of the company in their country.

We provide professional advice on how to open an account with the Australian banks in 2-3 weeks. Our experts can also advise on business activities in Australia.

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How TO open an account WITH the Australian bank:
  • We provide you with qualified advice on all available banks;
  • You select several of the proposed banks and fill out the questionnaires;
  • We provide professional assistance in sending preliminary requests to banks;
  • After prior approval by your selected banks of your application, you must decide which banking institution you will be working with;
  • You fill out the application;
  • We submit the request to the bank using your application;
  • We sign statements to the Company Director and Accountant, take them to the bank and notify you on the progress;
  • You provide the information about planned activities of your company for the coming year. Some banks also require a certificate from the bank, where you already have an account;
  • We provide provide assistance at all stage of opening the account with Australian banks and provide you with all the necessary documents.

Order support services in registering an Australian company with specialists of our company. YB Case employees will also provide you with personal advice on how to start a cryptocurrency business in Australia.

You can open business in Australia remotely, as well as open an account with Australian banks without a personal visit to the bank.

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