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Company registration in Montenegro

Firm enrollment in Montenegro presents a reasonably priced alternative for initiating an international enterprise. Montenegro is a diminutive nation situated in the southeastern part of Europe. The nation achieved autonomy in 2006. The principal city of the Republic and its governing hub is Podgorica. Montenegro adjoins Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo, and Albania. The sanctioned dialect is Serbian, although English is extensively articulated in the corporate realm, which indisputably confers an edge to those contemplating the enrollment of a firm in Montenegro. The currency in application within the nation is the euro.

Enrolling a venture in Montenegro: benefits

  1. The nation is proximate to the EU and revels in myriad EU privileges.
  2. The nation revels in substantial economic autonomy and pecuniary constancy. As per the World Bank's Business Conduct Report 2020, the nation stands 50th out of 190 nations concerning the ease of transacting commerce.
  3. The corporate tax proportion is merely 9%.
  4. The minimum preliminary deposit for inaugurating an LLC in Montenegro is merely 1 EUR.
  5. Exceedingly adept personnel primed for service.
  6. Corporations enrolled in Montenegro have the potential to be wholly possessed by foreigners.
  7. Economical office leases. External financiers may partake in indigenous divestment methodologies and have the right to possess territory in Montenegro, chiefly under the identical prerequisites as locals.
  8. No curbs on the repatriation of earnings.
  9. An extensive quantity of unwavering banks.
  10. State-backed initiatives to stimulate FDI by the government.
  11. Feasibility of acquiring Montenegrin nationality when investing in the Republic. The nation has initiated the initiative "Citizenship for Investment," which will persist until the finale of 2021 and will authorize foreigners to acquire a Montenegrin passport subsequent to committing at least 350,000 EUR.
  12. Fine affiliation to the aerodrome.
  13. Absence of limitations on alien command and singular holdings prerogatives.
  14. Enrolling a corporation in Montenegro without an excursion shall not pose an issue (with the succor of proficient specialists), initiating an account in Montenegro from a distance is likewise attainable.

Governance of mercantile undertakings in Montenegro

The principal ordinance facilitating the enrollment of an enterprise in Montenegro is the Statute regarding Corporations. In accordance with it, any indigenous or alien entrepreneur can inaugurate an enterprise herein, on the condition that all stipulations for firm enrollment in Montenegro are satisfied.

An exceptional decree has lately been embraced concerning the allure of alien unswerving investment in Montenegro, pursuant to which the prerogatives and responsibilities of alien speculators are elucidated comprehensively. This stands as one of the scarce nations in Eastern Europe where extraneous businesspeople possess extraordinary prerequisites for inaugurating enterprises in Montenegro. Incidentally, extraneous inhabitants can hold dominion in the Republic, albeit solely in the capacity of a legitimate body.

Several non-indigenous investors nowadays desire either to inaugurate an Informatics enterprise in Montenegro or commence an enterprise in such spheres as logistics, merchandising, worldwide commerce. What is noteworthy: for aliens, labor circumstances do not deviate from those for indigenous entrepreneurs. There exists no monetary restraint in the Republic.

Enrolling a corporation in Montenegro: how to institute a commercial presence?

It is feasible to inaugurate a corporation in Montenegro in one of the ensuing commercial configurations.

Limited Liability Company (DOO)

Public company (AD)



A customary juridical class as it necessitates solely a shareholder and a manager, although a committee of governors can also be constituted. Shareholders can be corporeal or juridical entities. There exists no minimum ratified wealth to enlist a DOO in Montenegro, but it is imperative to inaugurate an account in a Montenegrin bank.

In order to institute an AD in Montenegro, a minimal initial funding of 25 thousand EUR (transferred before enrollment) is demanded. Such an enterprise must possess a minimum of two stakeholders, who may be natural persons or juridical entities. The accountability of stakeholders is restricted to their investment in the capital.

Inauguration of a universal concord (OD) in Montenegro necessitates no minimal sanctioned funds. OD can be enlisted in the Central Registry of the Commercial Tribunal, yet it remains non-compulsory. The registration condition must encompass: the designation of the consortium, appellations and residences of the associates. A pact of consortium must be inked. All associates are jointly and individually accountable for the liabilities of the enterprise, and the consortium may be annulled if the stipulated period in the Articles of Union has lapsed or in the event of insolvency of one of the associates.

To institute a restricted accountability consortium (KD) in Montenegro, a minimum of two associates are requisite: a general associate and a muted associate (whose liability is curtailed to capital contribution). General partners bear absolute responsibility for the company's obligations. Restricted partners lack the prerogative to make determinations and are devoid of the entitlement to request the dissolution of the consortium. Moreover, if an external party petitions for engagement in the consortium, the concurrence of the restricted associate is not obligatory.

The most uncomplicated configuration upon commencing a trade in Montenegro, engendered by a sole participant (individual in private capacity). The proprietor shall garner all the gains, albeit shall likewise assume personal liability for the enterprise's undertakings.

A non-domiciled corporation may establish its existence through various means: inaugurate a branch in Montenegro (or a delegate bureau), institute a progeny entity in the Republic of Montenegro.

Phases of corporation enrollment in Montenegro

In order to commence an enterprise in Montenegro, you must adhere to specific procedures:

  • Draft manuscripts connected to the inauguration of the corporation (they must be composed and attested);
  • enroll the appellation in the Mercantile Ledger of Montenegro;
  • enroll the juridical residence in the Republic;
  • present the enrollment manuscripts to the Keeper of Enterprises, who will grant a Charter of Establishment;
  • inaugurate a financial institution account in Montenegro where the capital investment will be deposited;
  • enroll for levy, Value Added Tax (VAT), and labor purposes;
  • procure permissions in Montenegro from the pertinent bodies.

We aspire to captivate the notice of financiers intrigued in amalgamating a corporation in Montenegro that they can employ the amenities of ethereal bureaus. This variety of amenities can be employed as a legitimate domicile.

Ways to inaugurate a corporation in Montenegro: enrollment manuscripts

Should you be inclined towards enrolling a corporation in Montenegro, the initial measure entails the formulation of the establishment dossier, alongside its validation through the primary tribunal. Subsequent to this, the favored corporate nomenclature undergoes scrutiny on the internet. Thereafter, the petitioner is obliged to furnish all registration records to the Mercantile Tribunal:

  • Script and Covenant of Affiliation;
  • individual information of every originators + Curriculum Vitae;
  • particulars of panel associates, leading director;
  • enrolled appellation of the firm;
  • site of the lawful bureau in Montenegro;
  • scribed agreement of all panel associates;
  • confirmation of remittance of the enrollment levy.

Domicile license in Montenegro

The most widespread methods of securing a domicile authorization in Montenegro encompass the acquisition of an estate and an employment authorization. Analogous to the majority of nations, there exist two categories of habitation for non-natives in the Republic. These comprise provisional and enduring habitation allowances. The authorization for ephemeral dwelling consent in Montenegro is ordinarily dispensed for a span of 12 months, after which it necessitates annual renewal. Conversely, the Montenegrin dwelling consent hinges on inhabitation in the Republic for over 5 years (lawfully) or Montenegrin legacy.

Regarding the manuscripts necessitated to petition for a habitation authorization in Montenegro, they are somewhat usual:

  • Duplicate of an extant travel document.
  • Verification of aptitude and erudition.
  • Warrant of an untarnished reputation bestowed in the previous half-year.
  • Confirmation of financial stability.
  • Confirmation of dwelling.
  • Diploma of occupation (conferred by the employer).
  • Validation of engagement in a well-being insurance scheme.
Retain in cognition that all manuscripts must be rendered by an authorized Montenegrin translator. It is meriting to note that there subsist alternative methods to secure a authorization, like possessing a pleasure craft or a habitation authorization for investment.

Enterprise in Montenegro: levy strategy

Ever since Montenegro achieved sovereignty in 2006, the land has been striving to emerge as a preeminent locale for entrepreneurs seeking to commence a business in Europe. The administration has fervently allocated resources to enhance the groundwork, rendering the land more attainable to financiers.

The pecuniary milieu is steadfast and burgeoning. The monetary arrangement is advantageous. Montenegro possesses in excess of 40 dual tax conventions.



Earnings tariff (for lawful beings)


Earnings duty (for persons)



May fluctuate between 17% (if the annual revenue surpasses 18 thousand EUR) to 7% (pertaining to the acquisition of information technology apparatus) and 0% (for different designated elementary commodities).




0% (dwellers) / 9% (remitted to a non-inhabitant lawful entity) /5 % (given to a non-inhabitant person).


0 (residents) / 9% (non-residents)

Land dues

0.25 per cent to 1 per cent

Land handover tariff

Payable on acquisition of title to immovable property at the rate of 3%.

Community welfare subscriptions


The legal tender employed is the euro, which expedites commerce. There exists no distinction in discharging levies and securing warranties between indigenous and overseas entrepreneurs. This assures uniformity for all market contenders and renders them globally competitive. For additional enlightenment concerning the investment alternatives accessible within the Republic or for counsel on firm enrollment in Montenegro, make contact with our commercial counselors.


Firm enrollment in Montenegro shall necessitate between 7 to 14 solar rotations. YB Case agents stand poised to counsel you concerning all concerns linked to enrollment and conducting commerce within the Republic of Montenegro. Additionally, we proffer our patrons assistance in inaugurating an account for a firm originating from Montenegro.
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