Delaware (USA)

Delaware (USA)

Delaware is a state in USA, which is located on the Atlantic coast. It is one of the smallest state in size and population. It is possible to register a company in the USA as a limited liability company (no capital requirements, low maintenance costs and limited liability of managers). This is the most common legal form of company registration. The opportunity to open a business in Delaware and to open an account in the USA is often chosen by entrepreneurs from different countries, because:

  • Local laws on how to start a business in Delaware (USA) are quite well known.
  • Local corporate governance laws are attractive enough for business.
  • The system of law that establishes the relationship in the investor-shareholder-personnel chain is consistent and clearly defined.
  • Tax laws are attractive for businesses that are open in this state, but are not valid in its jurisdiction.
  • The state's reputation for registering a business in Delaware and opening an account in Delaware is high, especially for new companies.
  • The ability to open a startup in Delaware is also popular in the world today.
Features of companies registered in Delaware

To register a company in Delaware, you have to follow these principles:

  • It is forbidden to use such words in the name of the company: Bank, Insurance or Reinsurance, as well as the abbreviation LLC in the name.
  • LLC does not issue shares, respectively, and has no shareholders.
  • The minimum number of LLC owners is 1 (they can be both individuals and legal entities).
  • Under Delaware law, if you decide to open a company in Delaware, keep in mind, that there are no requirements for LLC owners to act as directors of a company. In addition, neither the owners nor the directors bear the burden of liability for the obligations and / or any debts of your LLC.
  • A registered office and a local official agent are required.
  • Meetings are possible outside the state.
  • Foreign exchange control is completely absent.
  • It is also beneficial to open an LLC in Delaware, because such an enterprise does not pay state or federal income taxes, provided that the owners are not residents of the United States (holders of a green card) and do not make a profit in the United States. The standard state tax is 8.7%, the federal one is 15-35%.
  • Filing tax returns for non-residents is not required. You don’t need a business license in Delaware.
  • If you intend to register a company in the state of Delaware and open an account in the state of Delaware, please note that the registration of a company in Delaware makes it possible to legally work in other states, as your legal presence in the United States will be officially confirmed.
  • The company must maintain financial statements showing the financial position of the LLC. Financial statements are filed annually with the competent tax authorities in Delaware.
  • Information about the owners of the Delaware LLC is not accessible to third parties, since the information about the beneficiaries is confidential.
Necessary documents to register a company in Delaware

For individuals:

  • scan of passport;
  • proof of address in the country of residence.

For legal entities:

  • Registration documents of a legal entity;
  • passport copies of individuals who participate in the structure of a legal entity.

The package, that you will receive after the registering a company includes:

  • Certificate of incorporation;
  • List of shareholders of the company;
  • Charter;
  • Share purchase agreement;
  • Technology Assignment Agreement;
  • Advisory agreement;
  • Tech Assignment with NDA;
  • Option and Option.
You can register a company in Delaware in the USA at such times and at such cost:

A registered office


Minimum number of beneficiaries

1 (one)

A company form


A time from the moment of submission of documents

14 (fourteen) days

If you have decided to register a company in Delaware or to open a bank account in Delaware, you must remember, that YB Case experienced experts will provide you with support services in registering a company in Delaware remotely.

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