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Company registration in Jersey

Company registration in Jersey

Jersey is not a part of the United Kingdom or the EU. This jurisdiction offers advantageous taxation conditions. Jersey offers banking and financial services, the level of development of which is an order of magnitude higher than in other jurisdictions. Agriculture and tourism are thriving business destinations. Jersey firms are governed by the 1991 Companies Act, which is based on the English Companies Act 1948.

Registering firms in Jersey. Details

You can register a company in Jersey in 14 days. The requirements regarding the establishment of commercial enterprises in this jurisdiction are more stringent than in others. During the day you can get approval of your company name (graduation from Limited, Ltd or the French equivalent of Avec Responsibilité Limitée or ARLE). There are no ready-made companies in Jersey.

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Establishing a company in Jersey: a capital, requirements for the director and a secretary

Usually, to set up a commercial firm in Jersey, you do not need to make a registered capital. Registration is possible with 1 director (a private individual), 2 shareholders (an individual/legal entity) and a secretary.


The annual income information is submitted annually in January. A tax-free organization operating outside the island should not report.

To open a business in Jersey. Economic system

The economy of this jurisdiction is subject to the laws of international financial services. The financial industry accounts for 50% of local production. Dairy products are sold to Britain and other EU countries.

Starting an entrepreneurship in Jersey: benefits

  • The laws of English companies are taken as a basis, but local legislation is more flexible.
  • Global investors consider Jersey a well-regulated international financial center.
  • A tax neutrality.

To set up a company in Jersey, such documents are required:

  • a proposed trade name;
  • the brief description of activities;
  • a shareholder data;
  • the director data;
  • a registered office in Jersey;
  • the MOA (we will arrange for you);
  • the official stamp.

To establish a commercial company in Jersey takes from 10 to 14 days, subject to the approval of the relevant authorities and compliance with the rules.

To open a company in Jersey, use any form of feedback!

YB Case specialists will provide you with support services at all stages of your business registration in Jersey. We will also provide professional advice on opening accounts for companies in Jersey.

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