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Company registration in Gibraltar


Gibraltar is a member of the European Union (thanks to UK membership). The state is located almost in the Strait of Gibraltar, bordered by Spain in the north and Morocco in the south. For a long time, the country was considered Spanish, but after the Treaty of Utrecht in 1830, Gibraltar passed into British possession.

Today, Gibraltar is the only remaining English colony in continental Europe and remains the source of disputes between Spain and the United Kingdom.

YB Case specialists note, thanks to a flexible tax policy, this region has become an attractive in order to open a company in Gibraltar.

English and Spanish are the two main local languages, sterling is the local currency.

Gibraltar today attracts foreign investors with specific job opportunities. Registering a company in Gibraltar will be interesting to those businessmen, who are involved, for example, in the gambling business. Despite the rather serious requirements, obtaining a gambling license in Gibraltar is quite realistic. By the way, YB Case experts draw your attention to the fact, that since 1998 Gibraltar has been providing gaming licenses and not only has sufficient experience in this type of activity, but is also officially considered one of the most popular “gaming” jurisdictions in the world.

In addition, it is quite advantageous to register “small” ships in Gibraltar - ocean boats and yachts, which is one of the good reasons to set up a company in Gibraltar. This jurisdiction is one of the main areas for registering ships in Europe with competitive registration fees and local controls. In addition, buying a company in Gibraltar can also be beneficial for those investors, who are interested in real estate transactions.

YB Case specialists will also provide you with support services in opening an enterprise in Gibraltar remotely.

If you want to start a business in Gibraltar, YB Case experts will provide professional advice on the features of working with this jurisdiction. Deciding to register a firm in Gibraltar with a non-resident, you can take the opportunity to get a zero tax rate if:

  • your company will be managed and supervised by directors residing and holding board meetings outside of Gibraltar;
  • residents of the country cannot be owners of the enterprise in fact, there are no restrictions for non-residents;
  • there is no commercial activity in the country.

A non-resident company pays a corporate tax in Gibraltar only for its income transferred to Gibraltar or received here. In general, non-resident companies are similar to IBC (international commercial corporations) and are usually used for consultations, so full management services are not available. The main reason was that Gibraltar had limited protection under tax treaties.

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Main advantages

  • the ability to open an account for a Gibraltar company with any bank in any jurisdiction;
  • an excellent reputation;
  • an excellent communication;
  • a high confidentiality;
  • a fairly quick and inexpensive procedure for registration a company in Gibraltar;
  • there are no taxes on profit or gift, as well as on growth;
  • no state tax audits.

A basic information

  1. You can open a company in Gibraltar by the type of LLC (a local name is Non-Resident Company). If you decide to set up a firm in Gibraltar, it will have to use the word Limited or the abbreviation “Ltd” in its name.
  2. A licensed attorney must prepare and submit to the registration office of joint-stock companies Memorandum and Articles of Association. The Memorandum indicates the type of activity of the company, the Charter indicates the rules governing it.
  3. YB Case specialists note, if you intend to register a company in Gibraltar and to open a bank account in Gibraltar, you need from 1 to 50 shareholders to establish a Limited Liability Company in Gibraltar (both an individual or a legal entity). The information about shareholders is publicly available.
  4. Bearer shares are prohibited.
  5. The minimum required number of directors is 1 (an individual or a legal entity). Data about directors of the company will be publicly available. A shareholder may also hold the position of a director.
  6. The company will definitely need a registered office and the agent in Gibraltar, only a resident can be appointed to the post of secretary.
  7. A submission of annual reports is required.
  8. A share capital is min 2000 GBP. A paid capital is allowed in the amount of 1 GBP.
  9. Register your company in Gibraltar with experienced YB Case specialists. Our experts also provide professional advice on how to open bank accounts in Gibraltar. We will also assist you in registering a company in Europe, if you are interested in another jurisdiction.

Please, check with our specialists for possible solutions for your business.

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