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Registering a company in Spain


If you are looking for a European country with a stable economy and favorable business conditions for non-residents, then you need to register a company in Spain. In this jurisdiction, all special conditions have been created for foreigners, therefore, the project idea is more likely to be realized.

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Receive for personal advice on opening a company in Spain from our professional team. We will inform you about the necessary documents for registration, will provide legal assistance in selecting the most promising jurisdiction for your business activity. After these procedures, the registration will be completed and the owner will immediately gain access to the management of the company.

The company registration does not imply any restrictions on activities. If you would like to conduct banking or an insurance activities, sea freight and passenger transportation, then you have to obtain a license.

Main features of registering a Spanish company:

  • Assets are protected;
  • Mandatory financial reporting;
  • Any form of activity that is not detrimental to the state is available;
  • Legal forms: S.L., S.A., ETVE;
  • Mandatory annual meetings.

Tax rates

If you are interested in registering a company in Spain, please note that the income tax is 25% and VAT is 21%.

Other taxes:

  • Corporate tax for newly created companies in Spain is 15%;
  • WHT on dividends, interest payments and royalties is 19%.

Preparation of documents

In order to set up a company in Spain, you will need the following documents:

  • Memorandum and certified Articles of Association;
  • Availability of minutes of the first meeting;
  • Director and company tax numbers.

Those, who are intended to register a Spanish company remotely, can receive qualified advice on opening a Spanish business from YB Case experts. Also, we will provide you with legal support at all stages of setting up an international business, including the opening of a corporate account in a Spanish bank and obtaining a license.

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