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Umm Al Quwain Free Zone

Enrolling a corporation in Umm al-Quwain
Enrolling a corporation in Umm al-Quwain, one of the septet Emirates of the UAE, situated on the occidental littoral of the nation - may prove a captivating resolution for your enterprise. In this critique, we shall discourse UAQ FREE ZONE COMPANY - grand openings for diminutive and moderate-sized enterprises.
Umm Al Quwain
possesses the tiniest territorial expanse when juxtaposed with other Emirates. The Economic Bureau of Umm Al Quwain is advocating for the expansion of the Emirate to establish its economic steadiness. The Emirate's fiscal sphere is flourishing owing to its status as a tourist haven, and the piscatorial trade is also flourishing. Umm Al Quwain serves as a seafood purveyor to Europe and the Middle East, its primary clienteles. UAQ Free Zone Company emerges as a commendable preference for SMEs and conglomerates desiring to conduct commerce within a secure and safeguarded milieu within the Free Zone. Umm Al Quwain thrives as an Emirates in the UAE. UAQ Free Zone is conveniently positioned, a 45-minute drive from Dubai International Airport.

UAQ free zone

  • Firm enrollment in a pair of sunrises.
  • An individual excursion by the originator is typically not mandatory, nonetheless, in certain instances, it remains essential.
  • A broad spectrum of undertakings encompassing land counsel, voyaging, and pecuniary affairs.

Requisite prerequisites

  • Demands a UAE ingress impression for firm enrollment.
  • The least capital sum is AED 300,000 (EUR 72257), there is no obligatory stipulation for tangible deposition into a monetary institution.


trade permissions sanction you to introduce and export merchandise within and beyond the Emirates. You may bring in your wares into the UAE and peddle them to other firms in the Emirates via exclusive agents or distributors.
Universal Trade Permission
for an enterprise in UAQ LIBERATED AREA grants you the capability to import/export every variety of commodities.

UMM AL QUWAIN unrestricted commerce authorization

  • A parcel that does not encompass a United Arab Emirates inhabitant visa.
  • Traditional parcel incorporating authorization levy and adaptable writing-table amenities. This UAQ liberated precinct bundle bestows 2 inhabitant visas comprising financier visa.
  • Universal commerce bundle incorporates authorization and adaptable writing-table and encompasses 3 inhabitant visas.


A professional licence allows your UAQ Free Zone company to provide services within the UAE.

Premium licence package

  • Premium licence package includes licence fee and flexi-desk services.
  • Establishment of UAQ free zone allows for 2 resident visas, including the owner's visa.

Premium package for consulting activities

  • Legal counsellors.
  • Aviation counselling.
  • Property consultants.
  • Financial counselling.
  • Mortgage Consultant.
  • Logistic counselling.
  • Customs Consultant.
  • Tourism Consultants.
  • Chemical and petroleum engineering consulting.
  • Petroleum and natural gas research consultancy.

Premium package for commercial activities

  • Shipping line agents.
  • Ship Chandlers.
  • Ship chartering.
  • Shipping and passenger charters.
  • Air transport and passenger charters.
  • Aircraft and prop charter.
  • Charter of private aeroplane.
  • Charter of barges and tugs.
  • Freight brokerage.
  • Financial investments.
If you have decided to incorporate a company in the UAE in 2024 and open a Umm Al Quwain Free Zone account, contact the experienced team at YB Case. We will advise you on the issues of interest, select the most suitable territory for you and provide support at all stages of registration.
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