Registering Company in Dubai Auto Zone - YB Case 2024

Dubai Auto Zone: Registering Company in the Automotive Business and Related Services

Dubai Auto Zone (DAZ)

Dubai's free zones have consistently captured the attention of foreign investors for many years. These special economic zones in the emirates are sought after by both large corporations and individual entrepreneurs who recognize the region's promising potential. If your business is intertwined with the automotive industry, encompassing distribution, services, and related domains, the Dubai Automotive Free Zone presents an avenue ripe for development. This Free Zone stands as the economic nucleus of the city, where all the requisites for trade and innovation within the automotive sector converge.

Dubai offers a comprehensive ecosystem for robust expansion in this field:

Logistics Excellence:
Seamless support to cater to the multifaceted needs of the automotive sector.
Free Zone Advantages:
Enjoy tax incentives, complete foreign ownership, and exemption from import and export duties.
Optimal Infrastructure:
A spectrum of facilities, from warehouse and testing grounds to modern offices and showrooms, streamlining your business operations.
Networking Opportunities:
Establishing a firm in the Dubai Auto Zone unveils avenues for professional interactions and partnerships that foster business growth.
Streamlined Procedures:
Administrative processes in the Dubai Auto Zone have been streamlined for a smooth and unhindered incorporation journey.
Expertise from Class A Professionals:
Dubai serves as a magnetic hub for entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts. Here, the future landscape of the automotive industry takes shape, aligned with the global energy transition.
Region's Reputation:
Dubai, a cosmopolitan city, beckons foreign investment. The Dubai Auto Free Zone was meticulously crafted for the automotive sector, elevating your company's trustworthiness and prestige among clients.

Should you be contemplating the prospect of establishing a business within Auto Zone Dubai, our specialists stand prepared to extend support for company licensing in the DAZ.

Registration of foreign enterprises in the Dubai Auto Zone

Zone involves specific considerations due to its role as a free zone within the United Arab Emirates. While it offers a comprehensive range of incentives like other free zones, there are distinct guidelines for foreign companies' registration in the DAZ. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

Nature of Business: The Dubai Auto Zone is exclusively geared towards the automotive industry and related services. To secure a DAZ license, your business operations must align with the automotive sector.

Legal Framework: Foreign companies can register in Dubai Auto Zone as a Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ-LLC), branch, or representative office. It's vital to choose a legal structure that aligns precisely with your business goals and nature.

Workspace: Dubai mandates that entrepreneurs provide workspace within the zone as part of its policy.

Visa and Migration: Registering in the DAZ allows you to obtain investor visas and employee visas, facilitating personnel movement. The number of visas granted depends on workspace size and the nature of business activities.

Renewal and Compliance: Companies obtaining a Dubai Auto Zone license are obligated to renew their license annually, lease, and other mandatory permits.

Resident Person: A resident individual should hold a leadership position within the registered entity.

Audit Report Submission: Unlike some other free zones, the submission of an audit report is not mandatory for the Dubai Auto Zone authorities.

Optimal Business Structure: The Free Zone Company (FZC) in the Dubai Auto Zone. It requires a minimum of two shareholders, who can be individuals or legal entities. A combination of individuals and corporations is also possible, as long as the shareholder count doesn't exceed five.

Foreign Ownership: Full prerogatives of foreign ownership can be exercised.

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