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Registering a company in Dubai Knowledge Village

Registering a company in Dubai Knowledge Village
Dubai Knowledge Village

Dubai Knowledge Village (DKV) it is the only federal law in the world, whose activities are aimed at developing human resources and commercial skills. The main goal of DKV is to create an exceptional center, based on knowledge. DKV has partnerships with more than 450 organizations. To register a company in DKV your minimum capital should be 12,170 euros.

DKV is the best management choice to establish a company in Dubai. Main objectives of this FZ are: a personnel management, a counseling and a personal development. To start a business in Knowledge Park is prestigious, as you can get high-level certificates from the best business partners of DKV.

Benefits, that open up, when you decide to start a business in DKV FZ:

  • 100% property of foreign partners;
  • 100% tax exemption;
  • 100% renewal of stock assets;
  • Lack of customs fees;
  • Simplified legal system;
  • Faster immigration knowledge workers;

You can register companies in DKV FZ in the following legal forms:

  • LLC “FZ” is an independent legal entity, the stockholders of which can be both physical and legal entities.
  • An affiliate of a foreign enterprise, which is legally subordinate to the parent company.
  • Freelancer. An independent unit, that offers services and distributes goods on its own behalf.

Allowed activities to establish enterprises in DKV FZ:

  • Programming languages;
  • An art preparation;
  • Educational, methodological services;
  • The improving managerial experience;
  • Trainings on the development of children's skills;
  • Tutoring services;
  • HR consulting;
  • Freelancers;
  • Testing;
  • Consulting;

To set up an enterprise in DKV FZ, licenses are required, such as:

  • Freelance permit;
  • Commercial license;

How to start an entrepreneurship in DCV FZ?

To set up a company in DKV FZ, you must have a current permit provided by the FZ. To obtain a license in DKV FZ, you must follow the registration methods, established by the authorities of this FZ.

How to obtain a license in Dubai and to register an entrepreneurship in DCV FZ is described below.

  • Send the application to the appropriate authorities;
  • It is also necessary to provide a package of legal documents of your company;
  • After obtaining permission from the authorities to conduct business activities in DCV FZ, send notarized copies of the letter of approval of the organization that considered your request signed by you;
  • Pay the necessary fees;
  • Conclude a lease contract;
  • Conclude the MAA;

To start a business in DCV FZ you need:

  • An application;
  • Profiles of shareholders;
  • Original MAA;
  • A Decision of the Board of Directors;
  • Photocopies of passports and resumes of all company employees;
  • A Certificate of NOC from the sponsor of the residency visa;
  • A bank statement (notarized);
  • Confirmation of payment of license and other fees;
  • Gulf Authorization Certificate for the GSO

Why you should to set up an entrepreneurship in the DKV FZ?

To start an entrepreneurship in Dubai will consider making flexible decisions to support innovative activities aimed at customer service. Numerous people are looking for the opportunity to set up companies in Free Zones in Dubai. With the help of innovative technologies, a huge number of training centers, personnel systems, and innovative technology development services have been created to ensure a significant market share in rapidly developing sectors.

One of the advantages of DKV FZ is the cost of registering a company in Dubai. Other benefits:

  1. A simple registration.
  2. Attracting investors. The Law on Commercial Companies controls the number of investors and other business participants.
  3. Infrastructure benefits. In DKV there are modern highways, a developed metro system, which brings the infrastructure of this FZ to the world level.
  4. Simplified licensing. To establish a company in DKV you will need to obtain licenses in Knowledge Village for commercial use and service only.
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Registering of firms in DKV is promising for businessmen in terms of tax benefits, compromise public policies and a high level of freedom of action.

If you intend to conduct business in the UAE, you may need the support of specialists, in particular, preliminary advice on registering a company in Dubai Knowledge Village.

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