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Registering a company in Dubai Flower Center (DFC) Free Zone

Dubai Flower Centre (DFC) Free Zone

Dubai Flower Center (DFC) is a floriculture center in Dubai. It was created to import/export flowers through the nearby Dubai International Airport. The center will still be completed, but today already 19 tenants from 11 countries of the world work in it. The Free Zone of Dubai Flower Center offers a high level of automation for processing flower products, and DFC also provides jobs for local residents.

You can register a company in Dubai and get help in opening an account in the UAE by contacting YB Case.

The Dubai Flower Center has innovative technologies and logistics systems to process 150,000 tons of flowers and perishable products. This allows us to improve the quality of products and services, which increases industry revenues.You can create an enterprise in the Free Zone of the Dubai Flower Center to meet and achieve your goals.

Benefits, that are available to those, who decide to create a business in the Dubai Free Zone Flower Center

  • Nearby is the Dubai International Airport;
  • No taxes on import and export of products;
  • No currency restrictions;
  • The center is connected with world outlets;
  • It is possible to obtain permits in the Free Zone for the floriculture, a horticulture, etc.;
  • A high level of logistics development;

You can create an organization in the DFC Free Zone in such forms:

  • A Free Zone establishment;
  • A Free Zone company;
  • The office of a foreign corporation;

DUBAI FZ Licensing

DFC license options are a trading and a service.

To create the activities in the DFC. A corporation registration in the FZ:

1. Filling out the application

It is impossible to start the activities in Dubai without filling out a request, which will be considered by the authorities of the FZ within 30 calendar days. The government will either approve in writing or reject your application and send you a notification of its decision.

2. MoU

If your application is approved by the authorities, then a confirmation of permission to do business in the center will be sent to your mailing address. The MOU will be attached to the letter with the basic working conditions specific to the region. The entrepreneur is required to send a MOU to the authorities within ten days after receipt.

In order to create your own business in the UAE, you will need the services of experienced professionals who can provide phased assistance in registering a company in Dubai Flower Center Free Zone.

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3. Documents, that must be submitted for registration

Necessary legal documents must be submitted within 30 days in order to reserve the premises and to register a company in Dubai.

4. A verification of documents. A confirmation of the registration

A two-week period is proposed for the confirmation and sending a letter to the entrepreneur with a package of documents (a lease agreement, a receipt for registration fee, a lease for the first year).

To create a company in the Flower Center FZ, you must provide an information about the company and its type of the activity, as well as fill out a number of applications. At the same time, you may have questions, how to do this quickly and in a timely manner.

In this case, it would be useful to turn to specialists and request for advice on registering a company in the Dubai Flower Center free zone.

5. Obtaining licenses at the Flower Center

The trade license and a rental for the first year are paid until the moment you and the body representing the Flower Center have signed the contract.

What do I need to create an enterprise in DFC FZ?

Documents, which you must provide to start a business in DFC:

  • The application form completed by the applicant;
  • An organization presentation;
  • A report on financial activities for the last three years;
  • A business plan;

If you decide to create a business in this jurisdiction, then you should ask for expert assistance in registering a company in the free zone of Dubai.
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