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Registering a company in Dubai Healthcare City

Registering a company in Dubai Healthcare City
Dubai Healthcare City

Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) was founded in 2002 by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Geographically, DHCC is located in the center of the city. The Dubai City Health Authority (DHCR) is an independent regulatory body of the Dubai City Health Authority (DHCA). DHCA is a governing body of DHCC. DHCR regulates FZ and reports directly to the DHCA. It is responsible for ensuring compliance with international quality standards for institutions. It also supervises the licensing of all health workers, teachers and operators, as well as the establishment and maintenance of the best international health practices in the DHCC. Registering a company in Dubai Healthcare City is a good choice for both start-up entrepreneurs and established companies.

The primary goal of DHCC is a high level of medical services. In addition, integrated systems in the provision of clinical and wellness services, a pharmaceutical research make the center recognized worldwide.

The project was developed by Tatweer, which belongs to the holding company in Dubai. DHCC consists of two divisions: a medical education and a health, and a medical tourism and a recreation. To register a company in the Dubai Healthcare City FZ, you need to contact qualified specialists. IQD Consulting team is ready to provide you with advice on opening an account in the UAE, a company registration in DHCC and provide other support services.

Benefits, that you open, if you decide to start a business in Dubai FZ:

  • no income and corporate taxes;
  • a full foreign ownership;
  • no custom dues;
  • no trade barriers;
  • the clinic can be purchased or rented;
  • a communication with global organizations.

You can obtain a license in DHCC of such form:

  • Service;
  • Commercial;
  • Medical.

To open a business in DHCC

To register a company with DHCC, you must obtain a business license in Dubai. A company can be established by 2 directors and at least 1 shareholder, who is a resident of the FZ of Dubai.

A business registration in DHCC: requirements

  • a statement;
  • a copy of the business plan;
  • legal documents of your firm;
  • a decision of the shareholders council;
  • a required payment.

It takes from 14 to 30 days to obtain a business license after reviewing all the documentation.

Required documents

  • Copies of the passport of shareholders;
  • A copy of a passport and data of a manager;
  • Documents for a lease;
  • A notarized charter;
  • Power of attorney for the transfer of responsibilities to a business-consultant, which must be certified by a notary;
  • A certificate of a registration of the UAE company (certified by a notary);
  • A business license;
  • The physical location of your organization.

To set up a branch in Healthcare City FZ you must provide:

  • Copies of passports of managers and shareholders;
  • A registered unique brand name for the new legal unit;
  • A registered charter of the main branch;
  • A lease agreement for a new legal entity;
  • A certificate of registration of the main enterprise;
  • Documents, confirming interest in establishing a UAE branch;
  • A physical address.

YB Case service

The process of registering a company in Dubai Healthcare City is simple, if you have the support of experienced professionals. Our team is aware of all relevant legislative changes. We provide clients with assistance in licensing a business in the UAE, qualified advice on the settlement of commercial disputes in Dubai. Contact us, if you plan to open a business in DHCC.

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