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Registering a company in Dubai Healthcare City

Dubai Healthcare City

Launching a business in Dubai Healthcare City Free Zone can offer numerous potential benefits, including:

Tailored Regulatory Framework:
DHCC boasts a unique regulatory framework tailored specifically for the healthcare and wellness domains. This streamlined structure can expedite the process of obtaining licenses, permits, and approvals relevant to your business.
Strategic Geographical Location:
Dubai, renowned as a global business hub, offers exceptional connectivity and infrastructure. It serves as a gateway to markets across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, creating opportunities for expansion and growth.
Tax Incentives:
Dubai provides a range of tax incentives designed to attract enterprises, including a specified period of exemption from corporate and income taxes. This contributes to a favorable financial environment for your business endeavors.
Full Foreign Ownership:
In various sectors such as healthcare, it is possible to set up a company with 100% foreign ownership in the Dubai Free Zone. This grants you complete control over your company's operations and management.
Cutting-Edge Facilities:
DHCC offers state-of-the-art facilities, including modern office spaces, laboratories, and clinics designed to meet the unique needs of healthcare and wellness enterprises.
Access to a Diverse Talent Pool:
Dubai attracts a diverse array of skilled professionals from around the world. This resourceful talent pool can prove invaluable for recruiting healthcare practitioners, researchers, and other specialized staff.
Networking Opportunities:
DHCC's environment fosters networking opportunities with fellow businesses, healthcare providers, researchers, and potential investors within the free zone. This setting can lead to collaborative ventures and mutually beneficial partnerships.
Capitalizing on Medical Tourism:
With Dubai actively promoting medical tourism, DHCC's strategic location and cutting-edge infrastructure position it to benefit from this growing industry.

General Outline of Setting Up a Business in Dubai Healthcare City

When establishing a business in HCC, Dubai, several steps are involved:

  1. Develop a business plan.
  2. Decide on the company legal structure.
  3. Reserve a unique company name.
  4. Prepare required documents.
  5. Submit your application through the DHCC online portal or designated centers.
  6. After application submission, receive initial approval or feedback from DHCC. This step may involve revisions or additional document requests.
  7. Secure a physical office space within DHCC, a requirement for obtaining the license. Choose from DHCC's approved buildings and office space options.
  8. Upon meeting all requirements and receiving final approval, sign the lease agreement and pay fees to receive your business license.
  9. Depending on your license type and structure, apply for visas for shareholders, employees, and dependents following DHCC's guidance.

Dubai Healthcare City offers several types of business licenses designed for various legal forms and business activities:

  • Service.
  • Industrial.
  • Trading.

Specific documents required for establishing a business at DHCC and obtaining the appropriate license may vary based on factors like business activity and legal structure. This list provides a general idea:

Business plan outlining business concept, objectives, services, financial projections, and operations.

ID copies of persons associated with the business.

Visa documents supporting eligibility for entry and residency in the UAE.

Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association (for FZ-LLCs).

No Objection Certificate (for branch).

Copy of lease agreement for office space complying with DHCC's leasing requirements.

Trade Name Reservation Certificate.

Financial statements, bank statements, or audited reports demonstrating financial capability.

Copies of educational certificates and professional qualifications, especially for healthcare sectors.

Power of Attorney for representative (if applicable).

Please be aware that DHCC or relevant authorities may request additional documents based on the nature and specific requirements of your business. For comprehensive and up-to-date information, we strongly recommend visiting the official DHCC website or contacting the official regulatory bodies directly. Adopting this proactive approach guarantees that you receive precise and comprehensive guidance customized to your individual business aspirations.


The prospect of establishing a business in Dubai Free Zone in 2024 presents an array of promising opportunities.

With its meticulously tailored regulatory framework and specialized ecosystem, Dubai Healthcare City serves as an incubator for innovation, collaboration, and growth. The strategic geographical location of Dubai, coupled with its unparalleled connectivity and tax incentives, opens doors to expansive market reach and operational efficiency.

Furthermore, the privilege of full foreign ownership within free zones, coupled with cutting-edge facilities and access to a diverse talent pool, empowers businesses to realize their visions with autonomy and excellence. The thriving culture of networking and the potential for synergistic partnerships underscore DHCC's commitment to fostering an environment of shared success.

As Dubai continues to champion medical tourism and invest in state-of-the-art infrastructure, DHCC stands poised to play a pivotal role in capitalizing on this burgeoning industry. Its holistic approach, integrating healthcare, education, research, and community living, further amplifies the allure for businesses seeking an optimal environment to thrive.
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