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Registering a company in Dubai Logistics City

Dubai Logistics City

Dubai Logistics City (DLC) included in Dubai World Central project. It is an advanced global platform, that aims to support logistics, aviation, commerce and humanitarian activities. The DLC was created to promote logistics opportunities in UAE and consists of such advantageous characteristics: the geolocation of this wound, the increasing importance and influence of airports in the Middle East, an active development of the aviation.

DLC is a progressive aerotropol (Aerotropolis is a city built around the airport). Organizations in DLC FZ have all advantages to develop the UAE logistics sector.

To register a firm in DLC is promising in terms of improving supply chain efficiency. DLC is known for its large territory, a frequent amount of air transportation, cargo terminals, an office area, a working town, areas for contract logistics.

Benefits for entrepreneurs, who want to set up enterprises in DLC FZ

DLC provides such benefits for businessmen, who want to start an entrepreneurial business in Logistics City FZ:

  • personalized sector, the main goal of which is the satisfaction of logistics needs;
  • 100% property of foreign organizations;
  • free exchange of founds;
  • lack of tax duties;
  • landscape diversity and vast areas;
  • an integrator;
  • specially designated roads for the movement of freight vehicles;

The labor force in this FZ is easily accessible, obtaining visas in DLC is carried out according to a simplified system, there are many developed highways to achieve logistics goals.

Get DLC Licenses

Deciding to register a logistics organization in Dubai, you can get benefits in the DLC. Zone also offers favorable conditions for obtaining licenses in the DLC FZ, which will ensure success for logistics companies. Entrepreneurs can obtain licenses in Logistics City:

1. For logistics, which includes the safety, distribution, transportation, sorting and cleaning of stocks in the UAE.

2. An industrial is issued for easy production: cleaning, repackaging, packaging products, using silent equipment or workers.

3. A commercial permit is issued for the conservation, distribution, import / export of goods indicated in the permit. This license implies a contract with a local agent.

4. The service license for insurance, consulting, public catering.

5. A training license for educational operations.

Businessmen can register a firm in DLC as:

1. FZ-LLC is an independent legal form. The structure of such firms implies the presence of stockholders, directors, secretary and general director. The minimum capital is 73,600 euros.

2. A foreign or a local subsidiary, which is dependent on the parent company. Personnel policy obliges to have a CEO.

To get started in Logistics City, you should:

  • send an application for registration;
  • obtain approval from the relevant authorities;
  • provide a full package of documents (the time required for consideration of documents is 15 days).
  • provide a commercial plan;
  • to obtain business license in DLC;
  • payment of license, registration fees;
  • to obtain certificates for LLC in DLC (this is a certificate of registration, an individual certificate to each investor, MOA, AOA).

Logistics City is a development center for logistics firms, that develop the country's import / export trade.

It is advisable for those who intend to do business in the United Arab Emirates to get the support of experts who will provide phased assistance in registering a company in Dubai Logistics City Free Zone.

You can find out more details from YB Case specialists by filling out a feedback form or by using the contacts listed on the site.

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