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A company registration in Dubai Biotechnology & Research Park

Dubai Biotechnology & Research Park

Dubai Science Park (DuBiotech) is the first scientific community of Free Zones, dedicated to the development of biotechnology and research on living organisms, the support of scientific entrepreneurs. Registering a company in Science Park is a good idea to launch new startups and expand your business.

DuBiotech is owned by a large holding in Dubai. The main goal of its work is the active development of innovations in the field of state and global biotechnology industry. There are a sufficient number of laboratories, incubators, offices for scientific research on its territory.

If you decide to establish a representative office in Dubai Science Park Free Zone, you have made the right choice. DuBiotech provides a unique ecosystem for the development of the business environment. DuBiotech is characterized by a free and easy access to global market systems. An income tax is 0%.

If you are interested in an investment instrument such as land, it is worth noting, that here land is provided in both long-term leases and extensions, as well as in ownership. All land sold has a well-established infrastructure, such as transportation, power and engineering links.

If you decide to open a company in the Science Park, pay your attention to the following areas of business: a therapy, an environmental protection, customs logistics, pharmaceuticals, a production of medical devices. DuBiotech spends money to build buildings for educational universities in the field of biotechnology, research parks, specialized medical institutions. It has created alliances and affiliates with several prominent universities, world regulatory agencies, and specialized hospitals. It supports leading global companies such as Genzyme, Merck Serono, Amgen and Pfizer.

Starting a business in Dubai Science Park

Pharmaceuticals, therapy, an agriculture and forestry, gardening, an environmental protection, research instruments, a renewable energy, a waste processing, green building – this is not the whole list of areas, in which are profitable to open a business in a Free Zone of DuBiotech.

An additional service

Dubai Science Park has a world-renowned 23,783 m2 laboratory. The park has 25 vaults of 465 m2 each, business centers and building sites. All buildings are certified.

Obtaining scientific licenses in DuBiotech

You can obtain a license in the Free Zone of Science Park in the following areas:

  • a scientific marketing;
  • a manufacturing industry;
  • logistics;
  • import/export;
  • services.

You can register a company in Dubai in the following legal forms:

  • FZ-LLC;
  • a branch office of a foreign company;
  • a branch office of a regional company.

Positive aspects of a business registration in DuBiotech:

  • the possibility of full ownership of a foreign company;
  • no corporate tax;
  • no income tax;
  • low transport costs;
  • a developed legal framework;
  • no customs duties;
  • no currency control.

The park offers office spaces, laboratories, business centers, warehouses and lands for rent or for purchase.

YB Case services

UAE is the only country in the Middle East, where many Free Industrial Zones are available to investors, who want to benefit from their investments. Especially popular is the registration of companies in Dubai, which has more than 20 FZ.

Our team will provide you with individual advice on opening a branch in the Science Park, professional support in obtaining DuBiotech licenses. A Dubai Science Park currently has business relations with 90 leading partnerships in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries, agribusiness. You can also receive personal advice on how open an account in the UAE, to get official visas in Dubai.

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