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Registering a company in Dubai Internet City

Dubai Internet City

Dubai Internet City (DIC) is the largest information society, aimed at developing a system of Internet resources and communication lines. This developed IT-infrastructure is located in the Middle East, where such world-famous companies as Microsoft, Oracle, HP, Canon and many others operate. Establishing a company in DIC FZ is a good choice for avid fans of the IT world.

DIC strives to achieve the level of a strategic base for developing organizations at the regional level, and offers IT enterprises all the amenities and necessary conditions to introduce innovations and achieve success.

This FZ is just 25 km from Dubai. Such a strategically advantageous geographical location helps attract an international community of IT professionals, who are increasingly willing to register enterprises in DIC FZ.

DIC offers a well-built logistic system, a compliant legal order and a convenient ecosystem, which contributes to set up IT firms in the UAE.

Why do entrepreneurs want to establish an information technology firm in the FZ of Dubai?

Internet City FZ offers all the necessary conditions for the establishment of companies in Dubai:

  • a high security IT-infrastructure;
  • staffed by highly qualified, multilingual staff;
  • modern office areas;
  • guaranteed round-the-clock security;

Benefits to start a business in the DIC:

  • a simplified tax system;
  • low tax rates;
  • the possibility of 100% ownership of capital by foreign investors;
  • 100% renewal of funds;
  • a competitive pricing;
  • the world's largest commercial IP network;
  • low maintenance;
  • a medical assistance;
  • an access to modern fitness centers, banking services.

You can set up a business-organization in DIC FZ in such forms:

1. FZ-LLC. The minimum shareholder value is 1,000 dirhams (244 euros), the minimum investment is 50,000 dirhams (12,170 euros).

2. An affiliate of a regional company. Created by residents of the UAE. There are no capitalization requirements.

3. An affiliate of a foreign organization. It can be created by a foreign citizen. Such firm has no capitalization requirements.

You can get a business license in DIC for the following activities:

1. The software license is intended for activities related to the development and implementation of the software package of the company or interested individuals.

2. Telecommunications and networks. This license allows activities related to the development, installation, modification and operation of networks, providing operational support regarding network programming for the company or for interested individuals.

3. E-commerce. It extends to activities related to certain services and products, that are provided for interested individuals by electronic means (search engine on the Internet or social networks) in order to stimulate sales.

4. IT Service. You can obtain UAE licenses for IT services in DIC for any type of activity, refers to the provision of IT services in the areas of security, privacy, radar and scientific practices.

5. Internet and multimedia. This license is for multimedia content.

Start a business in DIC FZ

To open a firm in DIC, you need:

  • Apply for permission in the UAE for reference. It is also necessary to provide a business plan, photocopies of the passport of all capital investors, managers and directors.
  • After consideration of the application by the DIC authorities, a permission approved by the commission and a list of the package of documents will be sent to your address, which you must send within 15 business days (after receiving the letter).
  • All letters received by the applicant must be certified, notarized and redirected back to the DIC authorities.
  • The next step is a down payment (mandatory), which includes license and registration fees, rent.
  • Next, you need to conclude a lease and after signing all the necessary documents, you will obtain a trade license in DIC.

An establishment of a company in Dubai Internet City FZ offers good opportunities for businessmen, who are engaged in IT-activities.

To successfully create a business in this jurisdiction, you can enlist the support of specialists and order advice on registering a company in Dubai Internet City Free Zone, as well as assistance in opening a corporate account in the UAE.

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