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Registering a company in Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC)

Dubai International Financial Centre

Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) is a universal center, created in 2004 to provide a stable, reliable platform for entering the markets of South Asia, Middle East, Africa. This zone successfully develops world-class stock exchanges, including the Dubai International Financial Exchange. If you plan to open your business in the UAE, it would be useful to enlist the support of specialists and order advice on registering a company in Dubai International Financial Center Free Zone.

This financial center has an independent regulation, a carefully developed employment system, a favorable tax regime, a high level of corporate security, also play a leading role in meeting the growing market requests. DIFC is actively developing trust activities. DFSA is an autonomous body, that addresses risk issues, coordinates financial and banking services.

To start a business in DIFC is profitable, first of all, in terms of:

  • free currency exchange of different countries;
  • 100% ownership of capital in the hands of foreign representatives;
  • zero corporate and income taxes;
  • full renewal of funds;
  • strict enforcement of money laundering laws;
  • numerous modern office centers, a high level of development of innovative technologies, reliable motorways, a high level of contact;
  • a confidentiality/security of personal data;
  • the presence of qualified specialists;
  • transparency of all financial processes based on international legal laws;

You can register a company in DIFC in such activities:

  • Acceptance of deposits;
  • Registration of depository and investment loans;
  • Registration of insurance contracts;
  • Department of Investment as an agent;
  • Impact on insurance transactions;
  • Insurance management;
  • Asset Management;
  • Investment management;
  • Control of collective investment schemes;
  • Credit security;
  • Custody services;

You can set up commercial firm in DIFC FZ in such legal forms:

  • Stock LLC;
  • LTD;
  • A subsidiary;
  • A partnership;

You can obtain licenses in DIFC at:

  • Asset and fund control;
  • Bank operations;
  • Capital markets;
  • Islamic finance;
  • Insurance;

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This FZ offers investors financial stability through a resource alignment, a risk management and a competitive analysis program. Advantages include exchanges, retail stores, medical facilities, cafes, restaurants, recreation and entertainment centers.

To set up a company in DIFC FZ, you must obtain a commercial license in Dubai, namely:

  • fill out a questionnaire;
  • get approval from the authorities;
  • collect a package of documents (dcts): a commercial plan, a description of money laundering control systems, bank statement for each founder, photocopies of dcts of founders, certified reporting for the last 3 years;
  • open a bank account in UAE;

Obtaining a license in Dubai will take several weeks.

You will also receive a certificate of your firm.

Why is it profitable to start an enterprise in DIFC?

To create a business in Dubai, you can use the services of specialists who will provide you with assistance in registering a company in Dubai International Financial Center Free Zone, as well as support in opening a bank account in the UAE.

For more detailed information, contact YB Case employees at the numbers indicated on the company's website or fill out a special form.

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