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Establishment of a company in Dubai Expo City

Dubai Expo City

Establishment of a company in Dubai Expo City

Expo City Dubai, initially established as the locale for Exhibition 2020, is a paramount exemplification of Dubai's dedication to novelty and preeminence on the global platform. The conception for this endeavor was not solely to accommodate a universal occasion, but to erect the groundwork for subsequent economic advancement. Following the culmination of Expo 2020, the vicinity has undergone metamorphosis into Expo City Dubai, an avant-garde commercial nucleus fashioned to nurture entrepreneurial ventures, exploration, and originality.

Expo City Dubai acts as a potent catalyst for global commerce and ingenuity, forging an optimal milieu for establishments and nascent ventures. Its emphasis on avant-garde technology, ecological viability, and global interplay furnishes a prime stage to materialize pioneering notions and proliferate commerce globally.

This article offers a comprehensive analysis and recommendations for setting up a company in Expo City Dubai. We will highlight the most important aspects including infrastructural facilities, legal and economic environment, latest technologies and innovations, business registration procedure, post-opening management and business development strategies.

Dubai Expo City Overview

Dubai Expo City's evolution commenced upon its selection to host the Expo 2020 Universal Exposition, catalyzing infrastructure and ingenuity in the locale. The affair highlights scholastic, technical, and societal triumphs of engaging nations, fortifying Dubai's worldwide tourism and commercial stance, while executing an audacious strategy to forge a heritage for Expo 2020.

Expo 2020 in Dubai engaged in the edification of a voluminous compound in the Dubai Meridian locality, endeavoring to fabricate an enduring and avant-garde expanse for myriad sojourners. Notwithstanding the COVID-19 pandemic, the occasion, transpiring from October 2021 to March 2022, lured in excess of 190 presenters and exhibited newness and refinement. The motif of the Exposition was "Interlinking Intellects, Formulating the Tomorrow," mirroring motifs of persistence, movement, and opportunities.

Subsequent to the termination of Expo 2020, Dubai has proclaimed intentions to metamorphose the Expo locale into Dubai Expo City - the avant-garde municipality of innovation. This endeavor has been envisaged as a sustainable prolongation of Expo's inheritance, a locale where novelty, erudition, and ethos can thrive. Dubai Expo City is fixated on beckoning intercontinental enterprises, nascent enterprises, and academic and investigational establishments, engendering an environment for proliferation and evolution in pivotal domains.


Key features of the infrastructure and business environment in Dubai Expo City

Dubai Expo City, a monumental project that represents an entire ecosystem where innovation and business converge, creating a unique environment for companies to grow and develop.

Office and commercial space
Dubai Expo City showcases elevated mercantile expanse and bureau edifices formulated with the freshest inclinations in architecture and sustainability at the forefront. The dedication to sustainable advancement is manifested in the utilization of energy thrifty substances and technologies that curtail environmental repercussions.
Transport accessibility
Dubai Expo City's strategic locale furnishes superb conveyance accessibility, encompassing nearness to Al Maktoum Global Aerodrome, along with principal thoroughfares and railway routes. A comprehensive communal conveyance lattice comprises subways, carriages, and hackneys, expediting the transit of workers and guests.
High-tech services
The metropolis is furnished with avant-garde technological solutions, encompassing swift broadband internet, astute urban technologies for infrastructure and security governance, and platforms for digital trade and commercial amenities.

Dubai Expo City's infrastructure and business environment reflect Dubai's ambitions to become a global centre for innovation and entrepreneurship. Enabling the development and expansion of commercial activities, encouraging the development of innovative concepts and technological advances, and fostering an international business community make the city an ideal business space for businesses that are focused on globalisation and innovation.

Major industries and sectors developing in Dubai Expo City

Embodying Dubai's ambition to become a global leader in innovation and entrepreneurship, Dubai Expo City focuses on the development of key industries and sectors that drive sustainable economic growth and technological advancement.

Information technology and the digital economy

Dubai Expo City devotes significant resources to the development of state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, providing a sustainable platform for businesses operating in the IT sector. The city aims to establish itself as a key global hub in the areas of software product development, information system security, processing of huge data sets and their analysis.

The city actively encourages and supports innovation activities, including through the creation of specialised research and development centres, technoparks and incubators. This creates favourable conditions for the development of high-tech industries, including IT, biotechnology, renewable energy and smart city solutions.

Dubai Expo City's active adoption of digital technologies in all areas of the economy emphasises its role in driving digital transformation regionally and globally. For startups and companies, Dubai Expo City provides a strong base from which to work on innovative solutions in artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain. The city offers access to venture capital funding, business accelerators and mentorship programmes. This provides start-ups with the required resources and expertise as part of their business development and expansion strategy.

Renewable energy sources and green energy

Special emphasis is placed on the development of industries related to renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind and hydrogen energy. Dubai Expo City is actively implementing projects directed at reducing its carbon footprint and improving energy efficiency, making the city a model of sustainable development.

Water purification, waste management and recycling projects are key elements of Dubai Expo City's environmental strategy. The city endeavours to become a platform for innovative environmental solutions by supporting the development and implementation of clean technologies.

Tourism and hospitality

Dubai Expo City continues to expand its opportunities for tourism and hospitality companies, offering the global community unique attractions, upscale hotels and entertainment complexes. The city focuses on creating innovative and cultural spaces that attract tourists from around the world.

Education and research

Dubai Expo City recognises the importance of education and research for long-term development and innovation. The city attracts leading educational institutions and research centres, providing a platform for academic collaboration, new curriculum development and cutting-edge research.

Health care and biotechnology

The healthcare sector in Dubai Expo City focuses on promoting cutting-edge medical innovations including telemedicine, digital diagnostics and biotechnology. This metropolis aims to lead the way in medical innovation by guaranteeing high-quality services and boosting healthcare research activities.

The key industries and sectors being developed at Dubai Expo City reflect a strategic approach to creating a sustainable and innovative global business centre. The focus on information technology, sustainability, tourism, education and healthcare not only fuels economic growth, but also supports global efforts to improve quality of life and protect the environment. Dubai Expo City sets new standards for the future of urban development and business innovation on the international stage.

Advantages of choosing Dubai Expo City for your company's establishment

Choosing Dubai Expo City to establish a company offers a number of unique advantages that make it one of the most attractive locations for business on the international stage. These advantages range from the economic and regulatory environment to infrastructure and technological capabilities.

Strategic geographical location
Dubai Expo City inherits Dubai's strategic location as a global crossroads between East and West. This provides convenient access to markets in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia and beyond, offering companies the opportunity to expand their presence and explore new markets with relative ease.
Advanced Infrastructure
Dubai Expo City offers world-class infrastructure specifically designed to support business activities. Modern office spaces, high-speed internet, advanced telecommunication services and logistics solutions provide an optimal environment for organisations at Dubai Expo City regardless of the size of the company. In addition, the availability of exhibition and convention centres facilitates international events and meetings.
Supportive regulatory environment
The Government of Dubai has created a regulatory environment in Dubai Expo City that is conducive to helping realise the growth and development potential of businesses. Preferential tax laws, the absence of income tax and value added tax for certain sectors, and simple and quick procedures for obtaining licences and registering companies reduce bureaucratic hurdles and encourage entrepreneurial activity.
International business community
The presence of numerous international companies and start-ups creates a dynamic and multicultural business community in Dubai Expo City. This encourages networking, exchange of ideas and the formation of strategic partnerships between companies from different countries and industries.
Focus on innovation and sustainability
Dubai Expo City actively supports innovation and sustainability by offering businesses access to the latest scientific discoveries, technologies and sustainable practices. This includes support in the renewable energy sector, smart city technologies, biotechnology and other leading and promising future industries.
Financing opportunities
Companies in Dubai Expo City can take advantage of a variety of financial instruments, including loans from banks, investments from venture capital funds and subsidies from the government. This provides them with critical assets for their business expansion, especially important for new and innovative endeavours.
Highly qualified personnel
With its high standard of living, diverse cultures and abundance of professional prospects, Dubai is becoming a magnet for high calibre professionals from all over the world. Firms in Dubai Expo City have access to a wide range of professionals from different industries, which contributes to the success of companies.

When you choose Dubai Expo City to establish your business, you not only get a strategic location and state-of-the-art infrastructure backed by a favourable legislative framework, but also direct access to the international business community. This city stands out for its emphasis on innovation and sustainability, offering both funding opportunities and top talent. All of these combine to provide the ideal conditions for a favourable start and for your company to thrive on the global stage.

Legal forms of companies in Dubai Expo City

Dubai Expo City provides several legal forms of companies that can be chosen by businessmen depending on the specifics of the project, scale of operations and future plans.

Free Zone Company (FZC)

FZCs offer international investors the opportunity to own 100% of the company without the need for a local partner. FZCs can only operate within the free zone, but have significant tax benefits, including no income tax and the ability to repatriate 100% of profits.

  • Location of operations: restricted by the FEZ.
  • Ownership: 100% foreign ownership.
  • Licensing: A licence from the FEZ authority is required.

Branch office of a foreign company

Unfamiliar corporations may erect offshoots within Dubai Expo City for Emirati commerce, necessitating akin genre of commerce as the progenitor corporation and indigenous intermediary or maintenance agent.

  • Local service agent: required to represent the branch in government agencies.
  • Scope of business: must be consistent with that of the parent company.
  • Capital: no separate authorised capital is required for the branch.

Company registration process in Dubai Expo City

Establishing a commerce venture in Dubai Expo City necessitates scrupulous execution of sundry phases and protocols, contingent upon the juridical entity and trade particulars.

  1. Selecting the type of legal entity. Clients should determine which type of legal entity is appropriate for their business, such as Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ-LLC) or Free Zone Branch (FZB).
  2. Determining the type of licence. It is necessary to select the type of licence according to the planned business activity.
  3. Applying for initial approval. It is necessary to apply for a business set-up, sign a preliminary agreement and submit the required documents through the account manager.
  4. Submission of documents for final approval. After receiving initial approval, the client provides final documents including governmental approvals (if applicable) and pays the application fee.
  5. Signing the final lease agreement and obtaining the licence. After registering the entity and signing the lease agreement, the client receives a licence registration certificate and establishment card.

The timeframe for business registration in Dubai Expo City can vary from one to four weeks, depending on the chosen form of legal entity and the completeness of the set of documents.

Package of documents for company registration in Dubai Expo City

Setting up a company in Dubai Expo City has certain documentation requirements due to legal and regulatory norms. Here is a detailed list of the documents that need to be prepared, which may vary depending on the form of business, its focus and the unique requirements of regulatory authorities.

The standard set of documents for any form of business includes:

  • Memorandum of Association (as per ECD templates provided).
  • Resolution/Declaration of Shareholders to establish a new company (as per ECD templates provided).
  • Sample signatures of shareholders of all licensed parties (as per ECD templates provided).
  • Approvals from government authorities for any restricted activities (if required).
  • Declaration of Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) from ECD.
  • Copy of parent company licence with a minimum validity of 6 months.
  • Legal status document issued not later than 3 months from the date of application.
  • Certificates of Incorporation.
  • Shareholders' Resolution/Declaration to establish a new branch in ECD and appoint a Company Manager (must clearly indicate delegation of authority to the appointed Company Manager).
  • Signature specimen of the Company Manager (as per ECD templates provided).
  • Approvals from government authorities for the parent company for any restricted activities (if required).
  • Statutory documents of the parent company.

Additional certificates and documents may be required, taking into account the peculiarities of your business and the specific requirements of the regulatory authorities. It is advisable to consult legal experts in advance to ensure that all documents prepared are fully compliant with UAE legislation.

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Tax incentives and rates in the UAE and Dubai Expo City

The United Arab Emirates and Dubai Expo City stand out on the world stage due to its favourable tax system, which is designed to attract foreign investors and support entrepreneurial activity. The Emirates' tax policy features include minimal tax rates and many tax preferences, making the country extremely attractive for international business.

Corporate tax
In the UAE, corporate income tax applies at a rate of 9% for companies whose annual net profit exceeds the UAE Dh375,000 threshold. However, under certain conditions, such as registering a company in specialised economic zones such as freezones, businesses may be exempt from paying this tax. This condition is part of a wider UAE tax strategy directed at attracting foreign investment and incentivising businesses.
Low VAT rate
Since 2018, the Emirates has enacted a 5% worldwide VAT on most commodities and amenities, with exclusions for elemental sustenance, medicinal, and pedagogical amenities, which are immune.

Benefits in free economic zones

Companies established in UAE free economic zones, including Dubai Expo City, enjoy additional fiscal preferences:

  • Complete fiscal immunity for a span of up to 50 cycles, subject to renewal.
  • Absence of individual earnings levy for laborers.
  • Total exemption from levies on importation and exportation.
  • Unrestricted repatriation of assets and gains.

Tips for investors and business people looking to establish a business in Dubai Expo City

Commencing a venture in Dubai Expo City stands as an enticing endeavor for visionaries and financiers from across the globe. To augment the likelihood of triumph and mitigate plausible hazards in this singular and auspicious commercial nucleus, it is imperative to contemplate several pivotal suggestions:

Careful planning and analysis of the market situation
Execute a profound scrutiny of the marketplace. It is imperative to undertake a thoroughgoing scrutiny of the marketplace milieu, evaluating the exigencies of prospective patrons, the contentious milieu, and conceivable hazards. A meticulous apprehension of prevailing fashions and patron predilections will aid in sculpting an efficacious commercial paradigm. Distinguish your enterprise from your contenders. Discern what renders your proffering singular to captivate the gaze of your mark audience in Dubai Expo City.
Choosing the right legal form and organisational structure
Choose the most appropriate form of legal entity for your business. Deciding between a limited liability company, a company in a free economic zone or a representative office of a foreign organisation will have a significant impact on your operations, taxation and local market opportunities.
Understand tax principles and financial responsibilities
  • Learn the specifics of the Emirates tax system. Awareness of tax incentives is important, as well as potential tax liabilities, including VAT and aspects of international taxation.
  • Budget preparation. It is important to calculate all upcoming expenses, including government fees, office rental costs and other operational costs.
Registering the business and following the law
  • Preparation of documentation. Thorough preparation of all the necessary documents for registering your company in Dubai Expo City must be done flawlessly and completely.
  • Regulatory compliance. Compliance with local laws and regulations, including labour laws and regulations on data protection and workplace safety, is essential.
Developing a market entry strategy
  • Marketing and Promotion. Create an effective marketing plan to effectively engage your target audience in the UAE and beyond.
  • Networking. Take advantage of the networking and business relationship building opportunities that Dubai Expo City offers, including participation in exhibitions, conferences and other events.

By adhering to these suggestions, investors and entrepreneurs can optimize their likelihood of triumph and enduring affluence in Dubai Expo City by exploiting the singular prospects this worldwide commercial hub presents.

YB CASE offers a full range of services to assist and guide you through the company formation process in Dubai Expo City. With extensive expertise in corporate law, tax planning and business process management, our specialists provide highly specialised support to our clients.

Partnering with YB CASE provides a comprehensive approach to setting up and running a business in Dubai Expo City, allowing you to focus on growing your enterprise in one of the world's most innovative and dynamic economic hubs.

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