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Registering a company in Dubai International Academic City (DIAC)

Dubai International Academic City (DIAC)

The Academic City of Dubai was opened in 2007. The park was created to meet the diverse needs of scientific partnerships. Therefore, if you decide to establish a firm in Dubai in the field of science and education, pay special attention to the FZ of DIAC. The field of study is represented by more than 400 training programs for 24,000 students from all over the world. The academic city does not stand still and is actively developing with the development of talents of its academic communities.

In order to learn more about how to open your own business in the UAE you can turn to the experts and ask for advice on registering a company in Dubai International Academic City.

DIAC is rightfully considered the largest Free Zone in the world. If you decide to establish a company in DIAC, you make a good choice. This zone provides adequate, comprehensive support to those, who wish to increase their intellectual level.

Legal Forms of companies in the Academic FZ

  • FZ LLC: this type is an independent legal entity with its own shareholders. Minimum capital depends on the scope of the company.
  • To organize a subsidiary company in the UAE. This is a legally dependent person. Minimum capital is not required.
  • A freelancer. It implies doing business in the UAE by professional freelancers with the name given at birth, and not with the brand.

To set up a company in DIAC, pay attention to the advantages, that open up for your business:

  • the possibility of 100% ownership of a foreign company;
  • tax incentives;
  • no fees;
  • low expenses;
  • low cost of electricity;
  • 100% renewal of funds;
  • simplified visa regimes for students and teachers, as well as other employees.
  • free hiring of immigrants;
  • a rich selection of office premises for purchase and rental;
  • free money transfers;
  • no currency control;

You can organize a business in Academic Park in the following areas:

  • the provision of higher education;
  • non-academic services;
  • a development of educational support programs;
  • early learning centers;
  • schools, colleges, universities.

To enjoy the advantages of creating your own business in the UAE, you can seek expert assistance in registering Dubai International Academic City Free Zone.

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