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In the contemporary world, where financial operations become increasingly globalized and diverse, the relevance of reliable payment systems cannot be underestimated. They ensure the convenience and security of transactions, provide tools for managing corporate and personal finances, and contribute to economic growth by facilitating trade and investment.

Keabank, as a modern neobank, takes the forefront by offering cutting-edge solutions for both individual and corporate clients, especially those encountering high risks and constraints in traditional banking practices.

In this article, we will examine how Keabank is geared towards satisfying the needs of clients seeking to open an account with an institution that not only facilitates conventional financial flows but also actively integrates innovations in cryptocurrency processing and cross-border payments. We will discuss the key services offered by Keabank, analyze fees and commissions, present licenses and accreditations confirming the reliability and legality of its operations, and draw conclusions to help the reader understand the advantages they will gain by choosing to open an account with Keabank.

Overview of Keabank and its position in the market

Keabank stands out as an innovative Canadian neobank or payment system, established in 2022 and distinguished as a dynamic and adaptable institution capable of meeting the specific needs of the modern market. The decision to open an account with Keabank represents an attractive avenue for those seeking to integrate traditional financial operations with the latest trends in cryptocurrency transactions and international payments. Guided by digital innovations, Keabank provides users with access to multifaceted banking operations and asset management through a sophisticated user interface and advanced security technologies.

Unlike traditional banking institutions, Keabank occupies a distinctive niche in the market, offering flexible financial solutions, particularly crucial for enterprises and individual entrepreneurs operating in high-risk sectors. This encompasses industries where conventional banking services are constrained due to stringent regulatory requirements or market volatility, such as cryptocurrencies, gaming, and online trading.

The key audience of the Keabank payment system comprises entrepreneurs and firms encountering challenges with traditional financial institutions. Keabank acknowledges the unique hurdles faced by these clients, offering more flexible solutions for financial management. This is particularly pertinent for those seeking opportunities for rapid and secure international monetary circulation, investment, and cryptocurrency transactions.

Deciding to open an account with Keabank, clients gain access to a plethora of payment instruments, high-tech support, and individually tailored financial products. This appeals to companies within high-risk, fast-growing sectors requiring support in innovative and cross-border operations. Keabank adeptly amalgamates financial traditions and innovations, thereby ensuring resilience and progressive growth for both individuals and entities within the global economic milieu.

Keabank Mission

The mission of Keabank is not merely to offer an alternative to traditional banking services, but to establish a comprehensive ecosystem for clients from non-banking sectors. In this context, opening an account with Keabank entails gaining access to a comprehensive suite of financial services that traditional banks often cannot provide due to stringent regulatory constraints or lack of adaptation to contemporary technological trends.

Keabank licenses and authorizations

For clients considering the possibility of opening an account with Keabank, it is crucial to comprehend how this payment service complies with regulatory requirements and what licenses it holds. This not only attests to the legality of the platform's operations but also reinforces clients' trust in its stability and security.

Keabank operates in accordance with a number of regulatory standards applicable in various jurisdictions. Among them:

  • The European Union. Keabank is licensed and regulated as a credit institution in accordance with the norms of the European Central Bank and local financial regulators in the countries of its presence. This ensures compliance with all necessary EU requirements in the field of banking supervision and consumer protection.
  • Keabank adheres to international standards such as the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision rules, ensuring its operational reliability and financial stability on a global scale.
  • Keabank has obtained all requisite licenses enabling it to conduct banking operations in accordance with local laws and regulations in countries where it maintains branches or representations.

The presence of licenses and compliance with regulatory requirements are critically important for maintaining customer trust:

  • Licenses certify that Keabank undergoes regular regulatory scrutiny aimed at safeguarding clients' interests and funds, encompassing audits, capital adequacy assessments, asset quality checks, and risk management system evaluations.
  • Regulatory licenses serve as confirmation of the reliability and stability of Keabank, which is particularly crucial for clients engaging in significant and recurrent financial transactions.
  • Adhering to licensing requirements ensures a high degree of transparency in Keabank's operations. Clients can rest assured that the bank operates within the confines of the law and provides complete information about its services and tariffs.

These aspects render Keabank an enticing choice for those seeking a dependable and secure platform for opening an account, particularly amidst international trade and investment endeavors.

Services at Keabank

Keabank's services are underpinned by the principles of flexibility, technological advancement, and security. The payment system offers both standard banking products, such as personal and corporate accounts with dedicated IBANs, and specialized solutions for cross-border payments and currency transactions. Thus, Keabank removes barriers to international commerce, enabling clients to expand their business horizons.

Keabank's focus on transactional banking services enables the continuous and efficient management of its clients' financial flows. This encompasses convenient and rapid transfers, automated currency exchange, and customizable account management tools. Additionally, the payment system has developed a range of crypto-friendly services, reflecting its commitment to meeting current and future market demands. This means that clients can not only open an account with Keabank for traditional banking services but also utilize it as a payment platform for cryptocurrency operations, including direct purchases, sales, and exchanges.

Here's a detailed breakdown of eight key services of the payment system, which make the financial institution's offering appealing to those seeking to open an account with Keabank.

  1. IBAN accounts for legal entities and individuals. Keabank offers its clients international bank account numbers (IBANs), facilitating transactions for easier and more convenient international business dealings. This streamlines clients' management of payments in various currencies and ensures ease in conducting international operations.
  2. Dedicated accounts under the client's name or combined accounts for faster transfers. When opening an account with Keabank, clients can choose between personal and pooled accounts depending on their business needs, thus ensuring flexibility and speed in processing payments.
  3. Cross-border transfers SEPA and SWIFT. Clients of the Keabank payment system have the capability to send and receive funds through both SEPA and SWIFT, thus constituting a pivotal feature for international business operations. These transfer options afford flexibility and efficiency when engaging with partners across the globe.
  4. Payments and transfers in more than 150 countries. Upon registering an account with Keabank, clients gain the opportunity to conduct transactions across a vast array of nations, rendering Keabank an optimal choice for globalized enterprises.
  5. Currency exchange (FX). The payment system offers currency exchange services with competitive rates, a vital aspect for companies conducting business across various currency zones.
  6. Prepaid cards. Keabank issued prepaid cards, enabling clients to effortlessly manage expenditures and monitor budgets.
  7. Cryptocurrency exchange. In light of the current cryptocurrency boom, Keabank offers its clients the opportunity to conduct transactions with popular cryptocurrencies directly through their bank account, thereby ensuring seamless integration with digital assets.
  8. Selecting the best payment options while meeting regulatory requirements. Clients can configure their payment preferences in full compliance with rules and regulations, ensuring the security and compliance of all transactions.

These services, taken together, constitute a potent toolkit that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of modern customers seeking flexibility, security, and innovation in banking services. The payment service Keabank places emphasis on providing solutions that cater to both everyday banking needs and specialized requirements, including those associated with cutting-edge financial technologies and cryptocurrencies.

Procedure for opening an account at Keabank

Opening an account with Keabank involves several steps designed with user convenience and strict security standards in mind.

Here are the steps required to register an account with Keabank:

Registration online
Visit the official website of Keabank and select the option to open a personal or corporate account. Complete the required registration form, which includes basic information and contact details.
Identity verification
In order to comply with AML/KYC regulations, you will be required to provide documents verifying your identity and address. These may include a passport, driver's license, or utility bills. For business verification, legal documents of the organization will be necessary, including a certificate of company registration, articles of incorporation, and information on beneficial owners.
Selecting an account type
Choose between a standard and advanced account based on your financial needs and preferences.
Setting account conditions
Review the terms of service, including fees and charges, and set your account options, such as account currency and payment limits.
Account activation
Confirm the information provided, agree to the terms of the payment system and complete the account opening process. After verifying the data provided, Keabank will activate your account.

Once the account is opened, clients will gain access to online banking and can commence utilizing all financial instruments and services offered by the payment platform Keabank. The payment system also provides customer support at each stage of the account opening process, ensuring a seamless and comprehensible entry into the realm of digital finance.

Keabank account opening fees

Let's break down the fees associated with opening an account with Keabank, dividing them into fees for personal and corporate clients. Below is a table that describes the fee structure:


Type of service


Due diligence fee


Onboarding and account opening fees

400 EUR

Designated SEPA IBAN

500 EUR

Legal entities:

Type of service


Due diligence fee


Onboarding and account opening fees

1250 EUR

Designated SEPA IBAN

1500 EUR

These fees reflect the initial expenses associated with the process of opening an account with Keabank and may vary depending on the complexity of account verification and client requirements. It is important to note that the aforementioned fees are applicable only during the initial account opening; other transactional and service fees will be applied in accordance with subsequent account usage.

Keabank account maintenance and management fees

Servicing and managing an account with Keabank encompasses both monthly and annual service fees, which vary depending on the account type and services rendered. A comprehensive analysis of these fees will assist clients in better comprehending their financial obligations when utilizing the bank's services.

Analysis of monthly and annual service fees

The table below shows standard service fees for personal and business accounts:

Account type

Monthly fee

Annual fee

Personal account

10 EUR

120 EUR

Corporate account

50 EUR

600 EUR

These charges typically encompass basic account maintenance at Keabank, access to online banking, and standard banking transactions. Additional services, such as international transfers or specialized financial solutions, may be subject to supplementary fees.

Benefits of providing Keabank with a separate SEPA IBAN

Providing a separate SEPA IBAN for Keabank customers has many advantages, especially for those who regularly make cross-border payments in euros:

  • Simplifying payments. A separate IBAN allows for easier and faster SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) transactions, significantly reducing payment processing times.
  • Improved security. An individual IBAN increases transaction security as payments go directly through the customer's account, minimizing the risks associated with fraud.
  • Higher transparency. With a separate IBAN, it is easier to track incoming and outgoing payments, making financial management and accounting easier.
  • Best customer service. Keabank payment system can offer more personalized banking solutions and support, tailored to the specific needs of each customer with a separate IBAN.

The provision of a separate SEPA IBAN underscores Keabank's commitment to offering its clients financial services geared towards convenience, security, and efficiency. This renders the aforementioned payment system an appealing choice for those seeking a dependable solution for managing their euro transactions on an international scale.

Fees for transfers and transactions at Keabank

The payment service Keabank offers a diverse range of options for transfers and transactions, including standard bank transfers via the SEPA and SWIFT systems, as well as domestic and cryptocurrency transfers. Let's dissect the fee structure for these services so that clients can better understand their potential expenditures.

Fees for SEPA and SWIFT transfers

Transfer type

Incoming transfer fee

Outgoing transfer fee

SEPA (Standard)


0.5% of the amount, min. 1 EUR

SEPA (Urgent)


1% of the amount, min. 10 EUR

SWIFT (Standard)


0.5% of the amount, min. 15 EUR

SWIFT (Urgent)


1% of the amount, min. 20 EUR

Costs for internal transfers and crypto transactions

Transaction type


Internal transfers


Cryptocurrency transfers (Incoming)

0.1% of the amount, min. 0.0001 BTC

Cryptocurrency transfers (Outgoing)

0.1% of the amount, min. 0.0001 BTC

Analysis of transfer and transaction fees

SEPA and SWIFT transfers:

  • SEPA transfers provide a cost-effective way for transactions within the Eurozone, particularly useful for regular utility or rent payments.
  • SWIFT transfers are used for international transactions and are subject to higher fees due to the greater complexity and cost of processing transactions outside the Eurozone.

Internal transfers:

Keabank offers complimentary internal transfers between accounts within the bank, rendering it a convenient option for clients maintaining multiple accounts or for families and enterprises engaging in frequent internal fund transfers.

Cryptocurrency transactions:

The transaction fees for cryptocurrency transactions at Keabank remain competitive in the market, enabling clients to engage in buying, selling, or transferring cryptocurrencies with minimal overheads. This proposition holds particular appeal for active cryptocurrency users valuing transparency and low commissions.

Debit card offers at Keabank

When clients opt to open an account with Keabank, they are also granted access to various options of debit cards, encompassing both physical and virtual cards. These cards are designed to offer convenience and flexibility in everyday financial transactions. Presented below is a detailed overview of the fees, limits, and other terms associated with the utilization of Keabank debit cards.

Fees and limits when issuing cards

Card type

Issue cost

Annual fee

Physical card

10 EUR

20 EUR

Virtual card


10 EUR

Physical cards from Keabank are offered with the capability of utilization within an extensive network of ATMs and POS terminals worldwide, whereas virtual cards are optimally suited for online purchases and instantaneous internet-based transactions.

Limits on cash withdrawals and POS payments

Card type

Daily limit on cash withdrawals

Daily limit on POS payments

Physical card

2,000 EUR

5,000 EUR

Virtual card

Not applicable

5,000 EUR

Other card services

Keabank payment system also offers a number of additional services that improve the user experience:

  1. Instant transaction notifications – Customers receive notifications via the mobile app on every transaction, increasing security and allowing for better control over spending.
  2. Card blocking and unblocking – cards can be instantly blocked or unblocked through the mobile application, which is especially convenient in the event of a lost or stolen card.
  3. Setting limits – customers can independently set and change transaction limits for their cards through the mobile application, which provides additional control over finances.
  4. Multi-currency – Keabank cards support multiple currencies, reducing conversion costs when traveling abroad or making international purchases.

These services render Keabank debit cards a potent instrument for daily financial management, affording clients convenience, security, and flexibility. All of this renders the proposition to open an account with Keabank even more appealing to prospective clients seeking innovative financial solutions.

Why choose Keabank?

Opening an account with Keabank is not merely enrolling in the banking system; it constitutes a strategic choice for those seeking contemporary, secure, and adaptable financial solutions. Here are five key reasons why Keabank is worth considering as your primary financial partner.

Personalized approach and customizable services
Keabank values the individual needs of each client, offering a wide range of account settings and services. This entails the ability to customize the functionality of the account according to unique requirements, whether through selecting security levels, types of notifications, or configuring the account for various currencies and payment methods.
Flexibility to use multiple payment systems
Keabank offers a diverse array of payment systems, encompassing SEPA, SWIFT, and even cryptocurrency support, affording the capability for global transactions with minimal expenses and delays, rendering the bank an optimal solution for internationally-focused enterprises and global entrepreneurs.
Acceptance of high-risk industries
Keabank specializes in servicing industries often deemed too risky for traditional banks, including sectors such as cryptocurrencies, online gambling, and fintech. Keabank's payment system offers advanced solutions for these sectors, combining a high degree of transparency with regulatory compliance.
High level of security and data protection
Keabank employs cutting-edge security technologies to ensure the safeguarding of client data and finances. This encompasses two-factor authentication, state-of-the-art data encryption, and regular system security audits.
Innovative technological solutions
The Keabank payment system is a continuous innovator, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to elevate the customer experience. This includes mobile applications for account administration, instantaneous transaction alerts, and financial assessment tools, thereby empowering Keabank clientele with access to best-in-class financial instruments.

Contacts and customer support at Keabank

Keabank strives to provide high-quality customer support services to ensure convenience and confidence for all those who decide to open an account with Keabank. Client assistance is available in multiple languages, including English, German, French, Spanish, and Russian, enabling customers to communicate in their native language and ensuring more precise and comprehensible interaction.

Support specialists not only possess proficiency in various languages but also demonstrate an understanding of cultural nuances, thereby enabling them to interact more effectively with clients from diverse cultural contexts.

Keabank highlights transparency as one of its core values. This means that customers always receive complete and honest information about their accounts, transactions and fees:

  • Fees are clearly communicated: all fees and terms are clearly stated upon account opening and are available at any time through the online banking interface.
  • Open door policy: Keabank maintains an open door policy for all customer inquiries and inquiries, ensuring that questions and concerns are addressed quickly and efficiently.

Keabank ensures quality support for its clients by offering various communication channels for user convenience. If you intend to open an account with Keabank or are already a client and have inquiries, you may contact customer support through the following means:

Website support:

Here you can find information about the bank's products and services, and use the feedback form to send your questions directly.


This address can be used to send more specific requests or when it is necessary to discuss confidential issues that require detailed presentation.

Social networks and instant messengers:

These communication channels are provided for the convenience of users and will ensure that your requests are processed quickly and efficiently. Keabank values ​​every client and strives to provide quality support at all stages of interaction.


In conclusion, it is noted that Keabank continues to evolve, actively integrating cutting-edge technological solutions such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, which contribute to more efficient transaction processing and enhanced service personalization for clients. This forward movement is accompanied by the development of new financial products providing additional investment opportunities and asset management capabilities, as well as the updating of the range of credit and debit cards to meet diverse client needs. Furthermore, Keabank is expanding the spectrum of payment options, including new payment systems and currencies, thereby enabling clients to conduct business flexibly and efficiently at the international level.

Enhancing client service remains at the forefront of Keabank's priorities, with the institution implementing advanced communication tools and support mechanisms such as chatbots and enhanced online services to deliver a more convenient and accessible experience to clients. Additionally, Keabank is updating its policies and procedures to ensure full compliance with the latest regulatory standards, undoubtedly bolstering client trust and reinforcing the bank's reputation as a reliable financial institution.

Assistance from YB CASE in opening an account in Keabank

For facilitation of the account opening process at Keabank, clients may avail themselves of the services of YB CASE, a company specializing in banking consultancy and assistance in the completion of requisite documentation. YB CASE experts shall furnish detailed instructions and support at every stage from initial application to full utilization of the bank account, thereby significantly streamlining the entire process and rendering it temporally less burdensome for clients.

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