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Malta is the largest of the three islands of the so-called Maltese archipelago and is located almost in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. The banking sector of Malta today is developing quite rapidly. According to YB Case specialists, the level of financial services on the island is constantly growing, and largest banks are improving customer service technologies. Our experts will provide professional support at all stages of opening an account in Malta in one of these financial institutions.

Among the innovations, that managed to gain popularity among serious customers, are unique electronic banking systems.In addition, it makes sense to register a company in Malta, because the process, by which you can open an account with Maltese local banks, is almost standard with a more modernized service. Also, the authorized bodies of this jurisdiction have a positive attitude towards foreign citizens. Our experts will assist you in choosing the most convenient bank for your business.

YB Case EXPERTS CAN PROVIDE QUALIFIED SUPPORT in opening an account with Satabank

Opening a bank account with Satabank will be one of your advantages, because in addition to the wide range of products of this bank, Satabank participates in a special program, that guarantees client deposits (in the amount of one hundred thousand EUR).

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Request for personal advice on opening an account with Satabank in Malta from our specialists, and you can take another advantage: you can open an account with Satabank remotely. In addition, the bank actively cooperates with non-residents. YB Case specialists will provide you with qualified support in opening a current account with Satabank, even if your company is registered in a tax-free jurisdiction.

  • A minimum non-deductible amount is 1000 EUR;
  • The initial deposit is 200 EUR;

To open an account with Satabank in Malta, you will need to inform the bank about the projected annual turnover, partners of your company and its customers, a country of the registration.

The bank offers 5 main types of electronic banking (all of them are multicurrency):

  • two for the private sector: Sata eMoney and Sata eMoney Prestige. In both cases, there are no hidden fees or service charges. But in the case of Sata eMoney Prestige you must have at least 100,000 EUR in your account;
  • three for corporate clients: Sota Business eMoney account, Sata Corporate Current Account, Sata Corporate eMoney Account with advanced features.

All accounts are accessible round-the-clock thanks to remote control and constant online support of the bank.

Request for personal advice on registering a company in Malta and opening an account with a Maltese bank. Our professional team will quickly and professionally provide you with all necessary information and assist you in solving all your questions.

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