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If you plan to register a company in Malta, you will need to open an account with a Maltese bank. There are several reasons for starting work here. The main thing is the quite acceptable cost of bank offers, as Maltese banks have little claims on their customers. Among the banks in Malta, YB Case specialists can provide assistance at all stages of opening a current account with Bank of Valletta. In addition, we note a serious degree of information security, that banks of Malta provide to customers.

The history of Valletta Fund Services Ltd began in 1974. Malta Development Corporation, together with the government, decided to open a bank capable of accepting the assets and liabilities of the island's National Bank. Already in 1992, Bank of Valletta was the first public institution on the Malta Central Bank exchange.

Today, it is very convenient to work with the financial group Valletta Fund Services Ltd. To open an account with Bank of Valletta means to use a network of 44 branches and representative offices on the island of Gozo, Australia, Belgium, Italy and Libya.

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The most “recent” solution is the introduction of the unique eAccount mobile banking program. This system is designed for round-the-clock access of clients to money on their accounts via a mobile or computer with a constant banking support. The service is free.

Ask for personal advice on opening the account with Bank of Valletta from our specialists. And do not forget, that the beneficiary owner and his authorized persons need standard documents in such cases + a CV personally certified by the beneficiary and a proof of residence. In addition, to open a bank account with the Bank of Valletta, you will need to receive 2 letters of recommendation from partners.

As additional documents, the bank will also need the information on the founders of the company and the appointment of directors, as well as a brief description of the direction of the firm’s activities, its partners.

YB Case experts draw your attention to the fact, that support services in opening an account with Valletta Fund Services Ltd also involves the preparation of the necessary documentation, but all documents must be transmitted in person (a bank must meet with the client), in English and must be apostilled.

  • You can open a current account with Bank of Valletta within 10 days.
  • There is no down payment, the minimum account balance is 1000 EUR.
  • The access to your bank account through a mobile application or the Internet.

YB Case specialists will expertly advise you on all the necessary procedures and will provide you with qualified advice and support on opening an account in Malta as soon as possible.

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