Open a corporate account with a bank of Georgia in 2024

To start a foreign business, you must open a bank account for a company. Opening a corporate account with a Georgian bank is a good solution for entrepreneurs, who are interested in registering a Georgian enterprise.

Georgia’s attractiveness for business has increased in the past few years thanks to government reforms. A tax system has been changed, a corruption has been eliminated. As a result, today more and more investors are paying attention to Georgia as a place, where they can invest.

It is very difficult to open an account in Georgia on your own, as you need to know different nuances. Therefore, in order to be guaranteed to receive such an effective financial instrument for conducting cross-border business, be sure to enlist professional support services of experienced specialists.

Georgia is an independent state, that is today reaching a global financial level. A banking sector of this jurisdiction is stable and one of a significant factor in the development of the economy.

What are the reasons for interest in corporate account opening in Georgia:

  • A wide range of remote banking services;
  • A presence of Internet, mobile, SMS banking.
  • A high speed of crediting funds;
  • The ability to conduct operations in the SWIFT system, using the international IBAN code.

Georgian banks are also interested and positive about international investments, and introduce innovative banking products.


Georgia does not exchange a tax information with other countries

Required documents

To open an account with a bank of Georgia for a corporate client, contact our team for competent advice. Qualified experts of our company will assist in preparing a package of documents for opening an account and provide it to representatives of a Georgian bank.

A list of necessary documents includes:

  • MOA, a Character of an enterprise;
  • A certificate of incorporation;
  • A description of entrepreneurial activity;
  • Minutes of the meeting of shareholders;
  • Letters of recommendation from other banks;
  • Certified copies of the passports of all founders, a confirmation of their addresses;
  • An order on the appointment of the director;
  • An application for opening an account with a bank of Georgia.

The Georgian government is taking steps to implement the AML/CTF policy. Therefore, company representatives may be asked for additional confirmation, regarding a transparency of their activities

Banking services for corporate entities

Our specialists will inform you about two most developed banks, where you can open a corporate account in Georgia.

Among the entire list of functioning banking institutions of this jurisdiction, Bank of Georgia is one of the leading banks.

A corporate account opening with Bank of Georgia is profitable and promising for the following reasons:

  • A wide range of banking services;
  • Low bank rates;
  • No requirements for a minimum authorized capital;
  • A bank carries out operations in 30 world currencies.
  • Work with clients is supported by English and Russian-speaking staff.

Bank of Georgia shares are listed on the London Stock Exchange

Those, who intend to open an account with Bank of Georgia, can use the following services:

  • international transfers;
  • corporate banking;
  • remote account management;
  • insurance and leasing;
  • the bank issues Visa and MasterCard cards.

It takes 3 weeks to register an account. A cost of opening a corporate account with Bank of Georgia with qualified support from our experts is €780

We inform our clients: you can open an account with Bank of Georgia remotely (by proxy), a cost of account opening, when accompanied by our employees is€400

Please note: it is also possible to open an account for a tax-free company with Bank of Georgia.

This financial institution has been operating in the Georgian market for more than 17 years. It is possible to open an account with corporate clients with TeraBank.

Benefits for corporate clients:

  • a reliability;
  • many branches;
  • the initial deposit is not required;
  • this financial institute provides 6 types of guarantees;
  • a bank issues Visa and MasterCard cards;
  • Internet/mobile banking.

A bank provides its corporate clients with:

  • Current account support;
  • E-commerce;
  • Remote account management;
  • Billing insurance;
  • Business lending.
An important point

it seems possible to open an account for a tax-free company with TeraBank


If you plan to start a business in Georgia, but do not know, which bank of Georgia to apply to, contact YB Case staff in any convenient way.

We provide professional support in opening an account with banks in Georgia, as well as qualified assistance in preparing the necessary documents for opening an account.

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