Where is it better to register a logistics company in 2023?

A business management is not only a risk-related activity, but also an ability to establish contacts with partners and customers. Successful entrepreneurs are people, who have been able to properly build relationships within a team, and partnership with different companies, related to their business. A lack of such important cooperation with other companies can adversely affect a functioning of business as a whole. That is why, intermediary companies are significant on the market. Without these companies it is impossible to sell goods or provide services and, as a result, receive stable profits. Therefore, if you decide to register a logistics company, then this will be a right investment, because it does not lose its relevance for any business direction.

What is a logistics company?

A logistics company is a firm, that assists customers in a process of moving goods from a manufacturer to the end-user.

You can open a logistics company in Scotland or register a logistics company in Ireland to provide certain types of services or their full range. Such companies will always be in demand, as the producer-client chain cannot be built without such intermediaries.

Today, logistics is divided into several main types:

  • Purchasing. This is a search for a supplier of raw materials and entering into contracts with him on mutually beneficial conditions. Thus, a manufacturer will receive an ordered raw materials at the indicated time in the same integral form, in which sellers have sent it. If the main activity of your business is carried out in the European Union, we recommend that you register a company for logistics activities in the Czech Republic. This jurisdiction offers an opportunity to legally reduce a tax rate to 5% or even to 0%.
  • Distribution. A process of organizing the movement of material resources flows in production. An effective organization, the optimization of production, as well as the provision of materials. Providing all necessary materials and means between different departments, workshops in a large production is a necessary aspect. We propose to register a company in England and open an account in Poland to carry out distribution logistics activities.
  • Sales. Such logistics is a process of managing finished products (sometimes stocks of goods). This includes a distribution, dealing with batch size, packaging, shipping, etc.
  • Transport. If you are focused on international business and have decided to open a company in Switzerland or, for example, set up a company in Hong Kong, transport logistics will be an important point for you. This is a process of choosing a transport, a method of transportation. It also includes a process of creating the optimal route of movement and organizing the delivery of goods to the right place within the agreed time frames. In addition, this includes an identification of possible risks and unforeseen situations, such as natural phenomena, traffic jams and other possible interferences. Specialists of this level are highly appreciated in the market and always are in demand from potential customers.
  • Logistics stocks. A process of stockpiling and uninterrupted customer support. A search for an optimal stock structure. A proper management of available resources and control of resources, that are in circulation. YB Case offers to register a company in Estonia or register a company in Bulgaria.
  • Warehouse. A process of organizing warehouse operations and their effective implementation. These include: loading (unloading), storage, packaging, labeling and more. An important point is a selection of storage areas. A selection of additional space allows you to instantly respond to changes in the market. With our assistance you can register a company in Hong Kong with a legal reduction of the tax rate to 0%.
  • Informational. Of course, if you decide to register a logistics company in Europe or Asia, then a process of routing information flows (both in electronic and paper forms) will necessarily take place at your enterprise. During information logistics, data is exchanged with partners in the logistics process, large amounts of data are processed, communication networks and other infrastructure are designed.
  • Integrated. Includes all the above. A process of managing various flows throughout the product cycle. This is a general process, that provides a comprehensive solution to communication issues at each stage of production and organization of work. A good choice would be to register a company in Liechtenstein as in the low-tax jurisdiction.

A logistics company is a good option for doing business abroad

We recommend registering a logistics company in Hong Kong or registering a logistics company in England for those businessmen, who plan to expand their sales markets and move to the international level, lower the cost of goods (reduce the cost of their delivery), simplify customs clearance activities, as well as simplify export and import operations.

Popular jurisdictions for registering a logistics company

We advise you to pay attention to popular jurisdictions with a low tax rate and:

  • to register LTD in Ireland (a tax rate in Ireland is only 12,5%);
  • to register a company in Luxembourg (non-residents pay a tax only on profits, earned in Luxembourg);
  • to open a company in the canton of Zug - Switzerland (a tax rate from 4% to 7%).

An interesting option would be to register a logistics company in the Czech Republic and to register an LTD in England with the maximum tax rate reduction.

A tax-free options:

  • Registering a company in Scotland will be an interesting alternative to English companies.
  • Registering a company in Ireland. Trading companies in Ireland pay a corporate tax at a rate of 12,5%. And this indicator is one of the lowest in Europe.
  • Registering an LP in Northern Ireland (Irish LPs, that do not conduct business in the UK and do not receive income in its territory, are not taxed).
  • Establishing an LLP in England (English company conducts reporting and auditing, but is not subject to a corporate tax).
  • Setting up an LTD in Hong Kong (companies in Hong Kong do not pay any taxes, if they do not receive any income in Hong Kong).

After registering a logistics company, you will be able to:

  • work with cargos (form batches of products, go loading (unloading), sorting, packing, packaging, labeling, etc.);
  • transport goods at any distance and to any country;
  • transport goods by any means of transport;
  • provide storage services in your own warehouse;
  • provide product distribution services;
  • insure cargo in insurance companies;
  • provide various information services;
  • other things.

How to establish a logistics company?

If you decide to register a logistics company in Ireland or register a logistics company in England, first, contact our specialists. We will harmonize all nuances and prepare a list of necessary documentation based on the requirements of a particular jurisdiction. In addition, we will provide you with support at all stages of registration.

Businessmen, who are focused on conducting international business and want to register a company in Hong Kong or register a company in the Czech Republic, will be able to provide both separate services (for example, delivery of goods) and a full range of services (from manufacturer to buyer), as well as a preparation of all documentation, that is needed for logistic operations.

There are many nuances in opening an international business, that are difficult to consider. In order to build a competitive company, it is necessary to correctly plan each subsequent step. It applies especially to a tax planning, which varies in different countries and does not have a universal solution.

With YB Case, you can quickly and efficiently solve these issues.

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