Registration of a hedge fund in Bermuda
Establishing a hedge fund in Bermuda Islands is a process that appeals to foreign entrepreneurs for several reasons. Domestic officials established investment law accessible to various forms of investment structures. The creation of a hedge fund in Bermuda is regulated by the Companies Act of 1981 and the Investment Funds Act of 2006. Both laws apply to investment mechanisms created as open establishments, while the aforementioned law does not pertain to funds listed as closed structures. In recent years, laws in this area have always been changing. To finer meet the requirements of peculiar structures of funds, it is essential to remember that some companies do not demand permission to carry out investment activities in Bermuda Islands. We will analyze the regulations and requirements, and during the analysis, we will describe how to remotely register a hedge fund in Bermuda.

Launching an investment project in Bermuda comes with various upsides. Bermuda is one of the leading international financial centers, primarily due to the structural and operational benefits it provides, comprising:

  • Streamlined market entry and investment licensing process in Bermuda.
  • Taxation neutralism: no taxes on revenue, dividends, or financial profits.
  • Connection to highly skilled experts well-versed in managing investment structures.

How to create a hedge fund in Bermuda Islands without a visit: regulation and requirements

A hedge fund enrolled in Bermuda Islands falls under the provisions appropriate to pooled funds. Typically, such organization of investment entity is enrolled as a limited liability company. The key feature of both hedge funds and mutual investment funds is that investors pool funds for shared benefit from contributions.

Entrepreneurs planning to establish an investment fund in Bermuda remotely must adhere to the provisions applied under the aforementioned laws: the corporations act and the investment funds act.

The opening of an investment hedge fund in Bermuda is recorded in the companies register, where investors will need to deliver peculiar paperwork. It's worth noting that the registration of an open-ended investment fund in Bermuda Islands and the registration of a closed-ended investment fund in Bermuda are available.

Subsequently, contributors will be expected to ask for permission from the domestic market, which will be issued by the Bermuda Financial Authority.

Since 2013, the government has approved new rules to make it easier for international investors to establish an investment hedge fund in Bermuda.

The investment funds act regulates different formations of administrated, unregulated funds functioning inside and outside Bermuda Islands.

Registration of a regulated investment hedge fund in Bermuda comprises various classes

Institutional fund registration in Bermuda:
  • Governmental funds are available to experienced investors with the minimal contribution from USD 100,000.
  • An institutional fund must consist of just 1 operator, a portfolio manager, or a representative residing on the island.
  • The fund's investment manager, administrator, auditor, registrar, custodian, or top-tier broker can be located anywhere globally.
Standard investment fund registration in Bermuda:
  • Traditionally, standard funds for retail investors do not have an established minimum capital contribution size.
  • The fund administration must be located in Bermuda, and other personnel can be situated anywhere worldwide.
Unregulated investment fund registration in Bermuda: the investment fund act does not pertain to certain fund sorts.
  • Closed investment fund registration in Bermuda: these funds, such as direct investment funds, are not subject to the stipulations of the investment fund act.
  • Registration of a private investment fund in Bermuda: private funds created for up to 20 investors within the wider public may request for minimal reporting criteria.

The composition of investment funds in Bermuda Islands can take various forms and arrangements. For instance:

  • Registration of an exempted entity in Bermuda

An exempted Bermudian company, free from tax obligations, may be employed to establish exclusive or non-exclusive investment funds in Bermuda, with the option to issue and suggest various categories of shares.

  • Registration of an LLC in Bermuda

The registration of an LLC in Bermuda integrates features of enterprises and cooperations. Such companies have detached legal identities. An LLC may serve as a suitable structure for multiple funds, comprising direct, hedge, public investment funds, and joint ventures.

  • Registration of an exempt (foreign) limited partnership in Bermuda

Partnerships provide flexibility in forming partnership agreements.


Foreign investors, seeking modern financial decisions and efficient methods for fund organizing, proceed to prefer enrolling contributions stocks to Bermuda. The favorable supervisory environment and a peril-aware method added to the global expansion of investment funds in this jurisdiction.

The establishment of a hedge fund in Bermuda is governed by two key legal frameworks: the corporations act from 1981 and the investment funds act of 2006. The Bermuda Islands financial authority serves as the regulatory body overseeing the certification and formation of hedge funds in Bermuda. Our group of experts possesses comprehensive knowledge of investment laws, including the corporations act, and is poised to support you throughout the certification process, aiding in the compilation of prerequisites for registering an investment fund in Bermuda. Should you require assistance in navigating the regulatory landscape of investment activities in Bermuda Islands, please don't hesitate to contact us through various communication channels.

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