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Company registration in Andorra


Today, probably, there is nothing more important for business security than financial and economic independence. Registering a company in Andorra will give you such opportunities. This solution will allow you to secure your funds without additional staff costs.

Registration benefits

When planning to set up a company in Andorra, you risk nothing, because:

  • There is a minimal package of documents required for buying a company in Andorra;
  • Paperwork in order to buy an existing company in Andorra requires only 1 visit to this state (for 1 day).

Registration of a company in Andorra provides a wide range of advantages such as:

  • Annual reporting;
  • Paperwork will not require your ongoing participation.

Tax rates

If you want to open a company in Andorra, you need to familiarize yourself with the tax rates of this independent principality:

  • Residents of the country must obtain a VAT number in order to conduct their activities within the Principality of Andorra or the European Union;
  • If you decide to register an Andorra company, then you will be subject to 10% corporate tax.

The state duty for each employee is 215 EUR per month for the first 2 years. From the third month – 400 EUR.

Preparation of documents

The necessary documentation for setting up a company in Andorra includes:

  • A notarized copy of the international affiliate of each of the directors (if there are more than 1);
  • Copies of criminal records.

You should provide us with both the original and translated copies of the documents.

State fees and notary public are included. The share capital in the amount of 3,000 EUR should be blocked for the period of business registration.

After registering an Andorra company, you can apply for a residence.

Registering a business in this jurisdiction usually takes about 2-3 months.

It is worth noting that Andorra is one of the safest countries in the world for doing business. After deciding to open a business in this country and paying for the services of its registration, you will need to make regular payments, depending on the package of services.

YB Case experts can provide you with advisory services and legal support at every stage of acquiring of an Andorra company.

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