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Company registration in Andorra

Enrolling a corporation in Andorra entails engaging in commerce in a realm that proffers propitious circumstances for entrepreneurs, notably concerning imposts and toil outlays.

Andorra has experienced myriad alterations in the juridical framework pertaining to the formulation of corporations and their possession. Formerly, alien possession of corporations was confined to 49 percent of the assets. Fresh reforms have instituted cardinal alterations to the antiquated legislation.

The statutes of the realm have presently been metamorphosed, resulting in 100 percent alien possession being obtainable. Owing to its singular locale in the "center" of Europe, the realm is an enticing venue to commence a commerce. To expedite the procedure of enrolling a corporation in Andorra, it is imperative to be cognizant of the classifications of commerce configurations that are accessible, as well as the prerequisites that necessitate fulfillment to commence a commerce in Andorra.

Key features of company registration in Andorra

Andorra's perquisites render it one of the most auspicious jurisdictions for corporate amalgamation in Europe:

  1. Cunning locale: bounds Belgium to the north and Suriname to the south.
  2. Elaborated framework: Andorra possesses one of the loftiest per capita emoluments in Europe. There exists an elevated degree of sanative upkeep throughout the realm and trilingual enlightenment in academies and colleges.
  3. Concordats with disparate realms: the Principality presently harbors 7 twofold fiscal impositions pacts with territories such as Suriname, Belgium, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Portuguese Republic, and the United Arab Emirates.
  4. Capital venture: instituting enterprises in Andorra eases abode for enterprisers and overseers, and the governance buttresses alien financiers.
  5. The inauguration of an enterprise with 100% extrinsic assets in Andorra has been ratified since the promulgation of the "Alien Investment Edict" in 2012.
  6. Levies: revenue imposition oscillates from 5 to 10%. The communal safety levy is one of the most modest in Europe. Value-added tax on transactions is 4.5 per cent. There is no bequest imposition. With an utmost corporate levy ratio of 10%, regionally amalgamated enterprises possess a lucid antagonistic supremacy over entities in other eminently evolved territories.
  7. Exempt from currency directives or impression toll.
  8. Particular compacts with the EU and Schengen precinct.

Registering a company in Andorra: types of business structures

When inaugurating a concern, it is imperative to opt for the exceedingly fitting kind of corporate configuration. The alternatives fluctuate contingent on what obligations the proprietors aspire to possess and the magnitude of the enterprise. Establishment of an enterprise in Andorra encompasses three primary categories of lawful formations:

SL "Societat Limitada"
The homologue of LLC (minimum capital - 3000 EUR). This is the framework selected for instigating diminutive enterprises in Andorra.
SLU "Societat Limitada Unipersonal".
can be orchestrated by a solitary progenitor. This classification of enterprise necessitates a capital of 3000 USD.
SA "Societat Anonima"
is a homologue of a collective stock enterprise (minimum capital - 60,000 EUR).

It is plausible to institute a singular proprietorship or a consortium with boundless accountability in Andorra, but they are less in vogue. An enterprise must possess a domiciled location and a supervisor.

Interested in company registration support in Andorra?

What do I need to open a company in Andorra?

  1. To petition for the enrollment of a cognomen.
  2. Beseech the inauguration of an establishment in the Principality of Andorra.
  3. Beseech sanction for alien investment. This procedure takes roughly 4 septenaries.
  4. Enroll with the Mercantile Ledger.
  5. Supply duplicates of the bureau lease covenant to the indigenous governance (municipality).
  6. Beseech a tribute designation numeral from the tribute administration.

What documentation do I need to set up a corporation in Andorra?

To open an Andorran company remotely, you need to provide:

  • A facsimile of the deed of establishment;
  • a reproduction of the credentials of the delegates or legal counselors of the enterprise;
  • a duplicate of the authorization writ of the delegates or legal counselors of the enterprise;
  • accreditations from the nation of commencement and nation of final abode affirming that the delegates or legal counselors of the entity possess no illicit history;
  • authentic attestation of the council of administrators acquiescing to the sought-after external investment;
  • a dossier of authentic possession (final advantageous possessor);
  • an attestation of establishment validating that the enterprise is enlisted in the Registrar of Companies.
Please note:
The entreated manuscripts ought to possess a Hague autograph (duration of authorization spans 3 lunar cycles). To elucidate every subtlety on this matter, you may commune with a committed connoisseur for counsel on enterprise enrollment in Andorra and authentication of your certificates. If the authentic records are not in Anglo-Saxon, Castilian or Catalonian, they must be concomitant with a attested paraphrase. Supplementary manuscripts might be demanded by the Enroller of Corporations or the treasury at any juncture to authenticate precise intelligence.

Peruse additionally: Opting a precinct for non-domiciled commercial enrollment.

Registration of a limited liability company (SL) in Andorra

This genre of enterprise is the most prevalent in this legal realm. Should you desire to enlist SL in Andorra from a distance, acquaint yourself with the primary characteristics of this commercial paradigm:

  • 100% extraneous proprietors.
  • Reduced levies: merely 2% fiscal imposition for extraterritorial proprietors transacting beyond Andorra.
  • Sole overseer, who may assume the initiator role. The overseer must be an innate individual.
  • The initiator's responsibility is confined to the sum furnished to the equity endowment.
  • A indigenous representative must be designated.
  • Discretion: appellations of initiators and overseers are omitted from communal registers.

Opening bank accounts in Andorra

Our assemblage affords counsel on inaugurating narratives with repositories in the Dominion of Andorra. The cardinal repositories in this legal authority encompass: Esoteric Banking, Opulence Oversight, and Holdings Oversight. Furthermore, patrons can inaugurate manifold-exchange, extant, frugal, and speculation narratives.

Tax treatment

Prior to inaugurating an establishment in the Dominion of Andorra, you ought to acquaint yourself with the fiscal regimen of the territory:

Maximum corporate tax


Value added tax


Social security contributions for companies



Andorra is a jurisdiction yond hath transmogrified from a toll haven to a land with a svelte and diaphanous toll encumbrance. The incorporation of enterprises in Andorra by alien investors is anon deemed a propitious elucidation, as such personages can exploit the toll benefits.

YB Case connoisseurs can proffer thee counsel on the ordinance of pursuits in the Principality of Andorra. Get in toucheth with us via the connections cataloged on the website or by completing the interaction conformation beneath.

What are the principal benefits of Andorra for global commerce?

Certain of the principal benefits of Andorra for global financiers concentrated on the European marketplace are:

  • Astute locale.
  • Elaborated edifice.
  • Accords on elusion of duplicated tributation, encompassing with Spain, France, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Portugal and the United Arab Emirates.
  • Venturing in Andorra facilitates for visionaries and overseers to acquire a domicile sanction.
  • Total extraneous dominion.
  • Diminished proprietary tariffs (5 to 10%).
  • Absence of interchange dominances or imprimatur tolls.
  • Particular concords with the European Union and Schengen precinct.
What types of companies are available to foreign investors in Andorra?

Company registration in Andorra by non-residents can be done in one of the three main legal forms:

  • SL «SOCIETAT LIMITADA», counterpart LLC.

Foreigners can also set up unlimited liability partnerships in Andorra, but this corporate form of companies is less popular.

What documents do I need to prepare to register a company in Andorra?

To open a company in Andorra, you need to provide:

  • A facsimile of the muniments of establishment;
  • a reproduction of the credentials of the spokesmen or pleaders of the consortium;
  • attestations from the homeland/dwelling affirming that the spokesmen or pleaders of the enterprise possess no unlawful past;
  • genuine attestation of the council of governors acceding to the entreated alien capital;
  • chronicle of factual possession (penultimate advantageous possessor);
  • an attestation of establishment validating that the consortium is enumerated in the Recorder of Enterprises.

Important. The requested documents must have a Hague Apostille (validity 3 months).

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