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Company registration in Indiana

Indiana (USA)

* The information from the registers of beneficiaries and directors is available only after a fee of $ 1 or $ 2 when paid by credit card

Indiana is a state in the Midwestern United States, in the Corn Belt, with no access to the open sea, which is especially known for the prestigious Indianapolis 500 car racing, which takes place on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway metropolitan highway. Indiana on Lake Michigan borders on the state of the same name, with the rest of the borders being Illinois, Ohio and Kentucky. Most of the population (over 6,5 millions) is engaged in agriculture. It is profitable to register a company in Indiana by type of livestock farm. It is also rational to establish a firm in Indiana for the extraction of minerals.

Industrial production is focused on the development of the steel industry, the assembly of Subaru cars, as well as Cummins diesels. It is profitable to set up a company in Indiana in the fields of medical equipment, chemical and pharmaceutical products (5th place in the USA), production and assembly of electronics, furniture, musical instruments. Also, to open a business in Indiana, IT, medicine, tourism, biofuel productions are priority. For those, who wish to register a company in Indiana, a number of development grants and government programs are provided.

Indiana’s taxation

Planning to set up a company in Indiana, it is important to consider, that taxes in the USA are levied at the national and local levels:

  • US income tax is 21%;
  • Indiana corporate tax is 5,75%;
  • In addition, a 7% sales and use tax is applicable;
  • Dividend tax is 35%;
  • Royalties and interest are 30%;
  • An income tax for individuals is 3,23%;

Legal forms of companies in America

For individuals, the registration of the corporation is provided S-Corp, but also there is C-Corp for collective ownership.

You can set up a company in a free trade zone in the USA and avoid most of the tax burden. You can also order individual advice from YB Case experts on the registration of LLP (a limited partnership), PLC (a public limited company), RO (a representative office) and the most common form LLC.

How to open a company in Indiana

To set up an enterprise in Indiana, it is enough to fulfill the minimum requirements:

  • to choose a unique name;
  • presence from 1 director, shareholder (no residency requirements);
  • you need to record data in an open registry and an annual tax report.

The banking system is developed in the region, therefore it is not a problem to fulfill the regulatory requirement - to open a corporate account in Indiana in one of the banks: Citizens Bank, Bank of America, First National Bank, 1st Source Bank, FCN Bank, Lake City Bank, Centier Bank, STAR Financial Bank and others.

Contact the telephone numbers indicated in the "Contact Us" section and YB Case specialists will assist with tax planning matters, provide advice on opening an account with American banks, obtaining a license in Indiana, support services in registering a US company remotely.

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