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Company registration in Israel in 2024

Israel is an autonomous industrialized realm situated in the Middle Eastern hinterlands (southwestern Asia) with proximity to the Mediterranean expanse. The realm is distinguished by an elevated echelon of economic and technological maturation, along with the existence of a propitious milieu for commercial endeavors and corporate enlistment within Israel.

If you are questing for a propitious realm for the instauration of international commerce in 2022, then the enrollment of a corporation within Israel, along with inaugurating an account within an Israeli financial institution, might be the judicious choice.

To register a company in Israel, pay attention to the following:

  • Amidst the immediate neighbors of the nation: Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, and partly recognized regions of Palestine (Gaza Strip, West Bank of the Jordan River).
  • The capital of the nation is Jerusalem. The most sizable urban centers encompass Haifa, Jaffa, Tel Aviv, and others.
  • The sanctioned language is Hebrew.
  • The populace of the nation exceeds 9 million individuals. The national currency is the novel Israeli shekel (ILS).
  • The climate within the nation is Mediterranean.

For those aspiring to inaugurate an enterprise in Israel, it is valuable to be aware that the nation holds the status of an associate member within the European Union.

Advantages of Company Registration in Israel in 2024

  • Robust political standing.
  • Elevated GDP level.
  • Sophisticated research and development foundation.
  • Contemporary infrastructure.
  • Presence of unfettered trade accords with the United States and European Union nations.
  • Access to profoundly skilled labor reservoirs.
  • Elevated state enthusiasm for luring foreign investments.
  • Adaptable tax structure.
  • Presence of over 56 pacts for the prevention of dual taxation with European, Asian, and Latin American nations.

Individuals contemplating inaugurating a commercial venture in Israel might find it of interest that in 2020, the nation secured the subsequent rankings in the global Doing Business assessment:

  • 35th place for ease of doing business;
  • 28th place for company registration;
  • 18th place for minority shareholder protection;
  • 13th in taxation.

To gain further insights, we recommend scheduling a consultation regarding enterprise registration in Israel.

Popular business areas

Israel is one of the most developed countries in West Asia. Those who plan to do business in this country can:

Open a financial institution in Israel

The country is characterized by a well-developed banking system, in addition, Israel is the only Middle Eastern state that is listed on the major American exchange NASDAQ. One of the possible options for doing business is to register a payment system in Israel and obtain a financial license.

Establish a trading company in Israel

The state has well-established trade relations with China, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain and the USA. An important point is the possibility of using free trade agreements, which allow import and export operations on more favorable terms.

Open a manufacturing company in Israel

Entrepreneurs can emphasize light and heavy industry, electronics manufacturing, gem (diamond) processing, and metallurgy.

Register an R&D company in Israel

Local authorities pay considerable attention to the introduction of innovative technologies and offer a number of business incentives for R&D companies.

Those wishing to conduct business in this country, should consider such options as opening a travel agency in Israel (tourism is an important source of income for the state) and registration of a pharmaceutical company in Israel.

Types of companies in Israel

To initiate the registration of a company in Israel without a physical visit, the first imperative step entails ascertaining the pertinent category of economic pursuit. More precisely, entrepreneurs can make selections from the following options:

  • Limited Liability Company (Hevra Baam/Ltd).
  • Public/closed joint stock company (SJSC/OJSC).
  • Sole proprietorship (Esek Patur/Esek Murshe/SP).
  • Partnership (P).
  • Cooperative (C).
  • Non-profit organization (NPO).
  • Branch office (B).
  • Representative Office (RO).

If thou art desirous of enrolling a corporation in Israel, we commend affording preference to such OBSCURE, such as: circumscribed responsibility syndicate (Hevra Baam/Ltd) and conjoint funds company (SJSC/OJSC), which proffer the supremely commodious and propitious stipulations for the prosecution of entrepreneurial pursuits.

Hereinafter, we shall scrutinize with greater proximity the idiosyncrasies of establishing these classifications of enterprises within this jurisdiction.

Ltd registration in Israel

This category of LLP might be apt for individuals who possess an inclination toward founding diminutive and moderate-scale concerns (SMEs) in Israel, as well as those contemplating engagement in pecuniary undertakings.

To inaugurate an enterprise in Israel from a distance pursuant to the LTD genre, you shall be requisite to satisfy the ensuing requisites:

  1. Directorial cohort - 1 or more (comprising individuals or legal entities, whether residents or foreign nationals).
  2. Shareholder assemblage - 2 or more (including individuals or legal entities, possibly non-resident entities).
  3. Inclusion of a secretary (who can be a foreign).
  4. Local bureau (non-mandatory).
  5. The sanctioned capital stands at a nominal 1 USD.
  6. Submission of fiscal reports and audit (on an annual basis).

Owning a native establishment is not a mandatory condition, albeit, in case of exigency, our experts may lend aid in the enrollment of a domicile in Israel.

For more intricate particulars, thou can procure counsel regarding the inception of an enterprise in Israel.

Opening of JSC in Israel

Those who intend to enroll a corporation in Israel from afar as a Joint Stock Company (SJSC/OJSC) shall be compelled to conform to the ensuing stipulations:

  • Number of directors - 2 or more (individuals/legal entities, residents/foreign citizens).
  • Number of shareholders - 7 or more (individuals/legal entities, which may be non-residents).
  • Presence of a secretary (may be a foreign person).
  • Local office (optional).
  • The authorized capital is 1 USD.
  • Filing of financial statements and audit (annually).
It merits separate mention that the universal prerequisite for both LTD enrollment in Israel and the founding of JSC is the selection of an unparalleled designation in Hebrew and English, with the obligatory inclusion of OFP at the terminus. Nevertheless, it is imperative to take heed that the subsequent terms such as cooperative, municipal, government, chamber of commerce, and the like, are proscribed for employment. To acquire further insights, we advocate enrolling for a legal consultation regarding the establishment of a corporation in Israel.

Additional features

Speaking of the business incentives offered by this country, it is worth mentioning the opportunity to open a company in the Eilat Free Zone, Israel's free trade zone.

Eilat is a port city located on the Red Sea, where local and foreign entrepreneurs can set up their business with relative ease and benefit from a favorable tax regime. The Eilat Free Zone is home to state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, workshops and public areas that are available for rent.

In Israel there are more than 90 industrial parks, centers and industrial areas that offer special conditions for manufacturing and trade activities.

More about this, you will help you learn personal consultation on the registration of the company in Israel.

Opening an account in an Israeli bank

Those who resolve to commence an enterprise in Israel devoid of a personal appearance shall likewise necessitate the initiation of a financial institution ledger. In this instance, our adepts stand prepared to bestow upon you legal succor in the establishment of a corporate ledger with Israel Discount Bank, an institution which has been engaged in operations within Israel for a span exceeding 85 years.

The main advantages of the bank are its prestige (one of the largest local banks) and a wide range of services (current accounts, international transfers, deposits, lending).

Israeli tax regime

If you intend to register a company in Israel, it is first worthwhile to carefully familiarize yourself with the list of tax obligations provided for legal entities.

Type of tax


Standard income tax rate in Israel

23% (Reduced rates of 12% and 6% are allowed for specialty technology businesses)

Value added tax


0% (for the export of goods and certain services)

Personal income tax

10-50% (depending on annual profit)

Tax on dividends and interest


Royalty tax


In addition, there are a number of tax incentives for entrepreneurs wishing to open a business in Israel. Among them - tax vacations for a period of 7 to 10 years for certain types of enterprises, as well as deduction of expenses for R&D projects in the field of industry, agriculture, transportation and energy.

Those interested in registering a company in Israel should pay attention to the following points:

  1. The country has an open register of beneficiaries.
  2. Non-resident companies, under certain conditions, may be exempt from capital gains tax.
  3. 100% foreign ownership is possible.
  4. Hiring expatriate employees is allowed.
  5. There are no exchange controls.

YB Case Help

If thou art contemplating the forthcoming commencement of a remote enterprise in Israel, it is prudent to seek the assistance of adept experts. The staff at YB Case stands prepared to furnish thee with aid throughout the Israeli company registration process, along with offering guidance on commencing a commercial venture. Personalized counsel shall be particularly pertinent for those who are devising to:

  • Furnish extensive data concerning the present commercial environment in the chosen nation.
  • Inaugurate an account in Israel.
  • Request a commercial permit.
  • Draft all essential documentation.
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