The Republic of Kazakhstan is a state geographically located in Eurasia. This is a promising country, that has positive dynamics in all sectors of the economy. Along with the tourism, industrial and agricultural sectors, the financial sector is also developing. The government is interested in attracting foreign investors and created favorable conditions for businessmen from all over the world to freely carry out business. If you also want to register a company in Kazakhstan or to open an account in Republic of Kazakhstan, then recommend you asking for legal advice on all organizational issues and legal support services in preparing a set of necessary documents from YB Case specialists.

What is needed in order to register a company in Kazakhstan?

The process of state registration of companies includes:

  • A verification of compliance of constituent and other documents;
  • The issuance of a certificate of state registration with assignment of a registration number;
  • The entering of the information about legal entities in the Unified State Register.
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Among the documents you will need to provide:
  • A passport (a notarized copy);
  • IIN director;
  • A notarized copy of an extract from the commercial register of legal entities;
  • A document, that will confirm the presence of a real office.

If you decide to order legal assistance in a company registration in Kazakhstan remotely, you must provide a power of attorney for registration of the ТОО.

Additional documentation may be required individually
What will the beneficiary receive after registration?
  • A Memorandum of association;
  • A founder's decision;
  • A document of registering the ТОО;
  • A seal;
  • IIN Director;
  • An executive order;
The term, that will be required to register a company in Kazakhstan is 1 day!

A corporate tax in Kazakhstan is 20%.

The company must keep accounting. If the activity was not conducted, zero reporting forms are submitted.

Is it possible to establish a firm in Kazakhstan remotely?

Such an opportunity exists for the clients of our company. We take into account the large-scale employment of a modern entrepreneur, therefore, by ordering legal advice on business registration in Kazakhstan without personal presence, you can quickly and simply register a business abroad.

How to register a commercial company in the Republic of Kazakhstan?

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