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Company registration in Kazakhstan


Located in Eurasia, the Republic of Kazakhstan has a rapidly growing economy, the key sectors of which include tourism, agriculture, manufacturing, and financial services. The Kazakh government is constantly creating new incentives for foreign investors, making the country an even more attractive destination for starting a business.

What Does It Take to Register a Company in Kazakhstan?

The registration process includes:

  • verification of compliance of constituent and other documents;
  • issuance of a certificate of state registration and assignment of a registration number;
  • entering information about legal entities in the Unified State Register.

Other documents applicants will have to provide include:

  • a passport (a notarized copy);
  • IIN director;
  • a notarized copy of an extract from the commercial register of legal entities;
  • a document confirming the presence of a real office.

Those seeking to remotely register a company in Kazakhstan will have to provide a power of attorney. Additional documentation may be required individually

When choosing an organizational and legal form of doing business in Kazakhstan, foreign investors should take into account currency laws and other legislative acts. By registering a branch of a foreign company in Kazakhstan, foreign investors can open a bank account both in Kazakhstan and abroad. Also, opening a representative office in Kazakhstan provides foreign investors with an opportunity to make payments in foreign currency.

Unlike branches and representative offices, Kazakh legal entities created jointly with foreigners cannot open bank accounts outside Kazakhstan that easily. To be able to do this, they will have to apply for a permit with regulatory authorities and comply with a waiting period requirement. The same applies to the transfer of foreign currency and payments in foreign currency.

Unlike branches and subsidiaries, Kazakhstani legal entities can participate in various tenders. They are also recognized as Kazakhstani suppliers of goods and services.

What are the Advantages of Registering a Company in Kazakhstan?

  • memorandum of association;
  • founder's decision;
  • document verifying company registration;
  • seal;
  • IIN Director;
  • executive order;

Registering a company in Kazakhstan takes only 1 day.


The corporate tax in Kazakhstan is 20%.

A company is required to maintain accounting reports. If no activity was conducted, zero reporting must be submitted.

Is It Possible to Establish a Company in Kazakhstan Remotely?

Interested in remotely registering a company in Kazakhstan? Looking for advice on l company registration in the Republic of Kazakhstan? Why not contact YB Case?

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