Registering a company in Comoros - YB Case 2023

Company registration in Comoros

Company registration in Comoros

When choosing a place for a company registration, you need to pay attention to a variety of factors and determine for yourself the most important and the most insignificant. Potential investors, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs should take account of the existing infrastructure in the Comoros when planning a new business. Island infrastructure can help make the business process smooth.

f this is exactly you are looking for, look at other features of the Comoros.

Comoros is one of the poorest countries in the world. 80% of its working population is engaged in agricultural activities and the country cannot provide itself with food, imports exceed exports several times. The Comoros are located in the Indian Ocean. It is consists of 4 main islands: Gazija, Nzuani, Mwali and Maore.Of course, to open a company in Comoros, the above-mentioned features of the Comoros play a mediocre role.

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Of course, to open a company in Comoros, the above-mentioned features of the Comoros play a mediocre role.

It is important to pay attention to the conditions for business in the Comoros:

  • A company registration in Comoros is a complicated process, pay attention to the legality of the services offered by the operator. You can set up a company in Comoros remotely, after reviewing the offers and carefully analyzing them.
  • Taxes are quite high, income tax is 32,1%, and they are included in the list of countries with the highest tax burdens.
  • If you want to open a trust or foundation in Comoros, islands are not suitable for this.
  • The Islands' banks operated only in the domestic market, which made it difficult to work with them.
  • Deciding to open an account in Comoros, it is better to use only trusted companies, since there are many shell organizations on the market, that provide fictitious information.
  • There is an opportunity to obtain economic citizenship in Comoros - the cost is $40,000, a consideration lasts about 1 month.
  • Maximum data privacy (one of the main reasons for registering a company in Comoros).

Each country offers different conditions, some more advantageous and some less, but they can only be assessed in each specific case.

Our experts will provide you with support services in registering a company in any country of interest. We will provide professional assistance in all registration operations and qualified advice on opening an account with foreign banks.

Please, check with our specialists for possible solutions for your business.

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