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Registering a company in Northern Ireland in 2020

Northern Ireland

Registering a company in Ireland means starting a business in a stable and prestigious European jurisdiction, since the Republic of Ireland is a part of UK. Owing to a flexible economic policy and long-standing relations with world leaders, as well as the fact that Ireland has been a member of the EU since 1973, today the country is one of the most favorable regions for the various purposes of entrepreneurship.

If you decide to open a company in Northern Ireland, then will have an opportunity to conduct your business in the country with a low corporate rate.

Also, if you are planning to register an LP in Northern Ireland, you have not to pay any corporate tax. This is due to the fact that in the case of opening a partnership in Ireland remotely, your company does not make a profit and does not conduct business activities within the country.

You can set up a company in Northern Ireland for a non-resident and open a corporate bank account in Northern Ireland, regardless of your place of registration or residence.

To find out more, please ask for personal advice on business registration process from qualified YB Case lawyers.

Tax rates

Those who are intended to register a company in Northern Ireland remotely and open a bank account in Northern Ireland should consider the following:

  • Corporate tax is 12.5%;
  • Income tax for companies providing investment and rental services is 25%;
  • Tax on inbound dividends is 0%;
  • Capital gains tax is 33%;
  • WHT on royalties, interest payments and dividends is 20%;
  • VAT is 23% (for domestic trade);
  • Personal income tax is 48%;
  • The country has signed 68 DTA agreements.

It is worth noting, that you can open an account for a company in Northern Ireland provided that there is a resident director in the business structure.

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Registration process

If you decide to set up a Northern Ireland company, then you will need to get through these stages of registration process:

  • Choosing a unique name for your company;
  • Opening a business bank account in Northern Ireland;
  • Submission of the documents to the Registrar;
  • Registration with the Tax Authority;
  • Obtaining a license in Ireland or permits for various types of activities.

For more information, please request for an appointment with YB Case lawyers or ask for legal support services on company registration in Ireland.

Legal forms

If you want to register a company in Northern Ireland for a non-resident, then you can choose the following business entity types:

  1. Sole Proprietorship
  2. Limited Partnership

YB Case Note

The 2014 Companies Act introduced the Constitution for private enterprises with public associations, which replaced both the Memorandum and the Articles of Association.

Two partners of any nationality can register a Limited Partnership in Northern Ireland.

Also, in order to set up a company in Ireland, you will need a registered office.

YB Case experts will provide you with qualified individual advice on business registration procedure and legal support on buying an existing company in Northern Ireland or setting up an LP.

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