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Registering a company in the FEZ «Meghri» in 2024

FEZ «Meghri» (Armenia)

Armenia can become a good platform for your business. This is an industrial-agrarian country with a dynamically developing economy. Over the past ten years, three FEZ have been opened in Armenia. This article was prepared for educational purposes for entrepreneurs, who wish to register a company in the FEZ «Meghri».

A brief information about «Meghri»

The Government of Armenia established the FEZ «Meghri» near the border with Iran. The project is aimed at increasing export production in Armenia and attracting foreign investors.

Investors always need to carefully select and study the jurisdiction, selected for business. Now we draw the attention of those, who plan to open a company in the «Meghri» FZ, to the following information:

  • This FZ was opened in 2017;
  • 100% of «Meghri» shares are owned by the Parliamentary Fund of Armenia;
  • The purpose of this zone is to attract investments to Armenia from abroad, strengthen economic ties with the Iranian Republic, the Eurasian Economic Union and the European Union;
  • There are no industrial restrictions for future entrepreneurs registering enterprises in the «Meghri».

Benefits of the registration in the «Meghri»

If you are an entrepreneur, who is interested in opening a company in the «Meghri» FZ, then it is worth noting the advantages of the SEZ you are interested in:

  • Companies, registered in this FZ, will be exempt from income tax, VAT, customs duties. Such firms will only pay personal income tax.
  • This FZ covers a wide range of economic sectors, including agriculture, manufacturing, trade, logistics and storage of goods, as well as tourism.
  • An opportunity for the Eurasian Economic Union to take advantage of preferential terms and export goods to Iran.
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Legal forms

On the territory of the «Meghri» FZ, it is possible to register companies of various legal forms, but the most common are:

  • LLC;
  • JSC; and
  • Private Enterprise.

In order to study this issue in more detail, order personal advice on registering a business in Armenia from our specialized experts.

Choosing a name for your firm

In Armenia, as in other countries, in order to register a company, you need to create a 100% unique name. We also want to focus your attention on the fact, that if you register a company name in the Republic of Armenia with the use of national symbols, you need to obtain additional permission. If necessary, YB Case provides qualified support services in this procedure.

A package of necessary documentation

Due attention should be paid to preparation and verification of documents when dealing with questions of the establishment of enterprise in FEZ of Armenia «Meghri». The package of necessary documents may vary, depending on who will be a founder. In any case, you will need:

  • Beneficiary details;
  • A company name; and
  • A description of the type of activity.

YB Case advice

Investors, who are interested in registering a company in the SEZ of Armenia, should seek specialized advice. A cooperation with YB Case will give you the opportunity to get full support in registering a company in the FEZ «Meghri». Our specialists also provide professional advice on opening a company in the Republic of Armenia, opening an account with Armenian banks. In order to call us, use the contacts listed on the site.

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