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Registering a company in the FEZ «Meridian» (Armenia) in 2024

FEZ «Meridian» (Armenia)

When choosing a platform for establishing a business in the Republic of Armenia, please note, that a good option is to register a company in the FEZ of Armenia. The article was written for educational purposes for those, who wish to set up a company in the «Meridian» Free Economic Zone.

A summary information on the FEZ «Meridian»

For investors, who want to open a company in the FEZ «Meridian», it will be useful to find out brief information about this jurisdiction:

  • SEZ «Meridian» was opened in March 2015.
  • The purpose of the FZ is to create a unique platform for jewelry, cutting and watchmaking companies with special conditions and infrastructure.
  • Investors, who intend to register an enterprise in the SEZ «Meridian», also need to know, that there are 25,450 sq.m. of office space and 10 908 sq.m. of production area for diamond processing.

Benefits on the FEZ «Meridian»

Opening an enterprise in the «Meridian», it will be interesting to learn about what benefits will be expected in the future. We recommend you paying attention to the following information:

  • Firms will be exempted from paying duties, VAT, income tax, corporate income tax, property tax;
  • A state support for the jewelry sector as a priority for industrial strategy;
  • There is the possibility of a free repatriation of capital, profits and dividends;
  • The ability to work with any foreign currency;
  • A close geographical location to Europe, Russia, Central Asia and the Middle East;
  • Free trade agreements have been concluded with the CIS countries;
  • A trade regime has been created for a universal system of preferences (USP) with EU countries.
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Legal forms

Before registering a company in the «Meridian» FZ of Armenia, you must choose the legal form. In this case, you can open:

  • LLC (limited liability company);
  • JSC (joint-stock company);
  • IP (individual enterprise).

YB Case professional team provides legal advice on opening companies in Armenia.

A company name

In order to register a company name in Armenia, it is worth making sure that the name:

  • should be 100% unique;
  • easily perceived by potential customers; and
  • correctly displays the type of activity of your enterprise.

It is also important to consider, if you plan to use national names or state symbols, you must obtain additional permission from the government of the republic.


In order to establish a commercial enterprise in the «Meridian» Free Economic Zone, you need to collect the necessary package of documents. Our experts can provide legal assistance in preparing the necessary package of documents. You will need:

  • a notarized copy of the founder’s passport;
  • a signature and seal samples;
  • a company charter.
YB Case legal aid

Having started cooperation with YB Case, you will have the opportunity to get full legal support in registering a company in the «Meridian» FZ, as well as in opening a company in the Republic of Armenia. We also conduct legal advice on opening a corporate account with the Armenian bank.
In order to call our employees, use the contacts listed on the site.

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