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Residence permit in the UAE

Residence permit in the UAE

To acquire further insights regarding attaining a UAE residency authorization, you can communicate with our proficient advisors.
Securing a UAE residency authorization stands as a trending and consequential subject for numerous individuals pursuing novel possibilities and perspectives. The UAE, acknowledged for its vibrant economic progress, contemporary infrastructure, and cultural opulence, beckons countless international citizens aspiring to actualize their commercial designs, engage in employment, or simply savor a superior quality of life.

Within this composition, we shall delve into the procedure for obtaining a UAE residency authorization, encompassing the diverse alternatives and schemes, prerequisites, advantages, and prospects accessible to foreign nationals desiring to become inhabitants of this distinct nation in the Middle East. We shall also scrutinize the factors that impact the selection of the UAE as a location to secure a residency authorization, comprising the economic steadfastness, elevated level of protection, and bountiful cultural immersion that this captivating nation proffers.

New UAE visa regulations 2023

In a bid to fortify the nation's standing as the premier domicile for habitation and investment, the Council of Ministers sanctioned the Federal Statute on the Admission and Domicile of Aliens ("Elevated Visa Structure"). Approximately ten classifications of fresh visas and domicile licenses are currently accessible.

Already operational, the recent framework was instated to allure and preserve exceptional aptitudes and adept laborers and to intensify the competitiveness of the nation's financial system. Moreover, the novel UAE domicile consent principles are specially implemented as a stimulus to fortify Emirati small and medium-sized enterprises and foster the commercial sphere.

We desire to emphasize that the fresh visa stipulations encompass, amid various aspects, the subsequent alterations:

  • The duration of legitimacy for exempted precinct visas has been curtailed from triennial to biennial, a modification that commenced in October 2022. This alteration regularizes the duration of legitimacy for employment visas, which was hitherto three years for exempted precincts and two years for the continental region.
  • Elevation in visa levies. This encompasses an added astute provision fee for Emirates Identification and dweller visas.

How to get a residence permit in the UAE?

As we have stated, a sheltered, dependable investment milieu, elevated degree of assistance, and exceptional standard of existence are some of the numerous rationales why aliens opt for this authority to dwell and cultivate their enterprises. There exist diverse stratagems and investment pathways to secure habitation in the UAE:

  • To establish a fresh enterprise.
  • Beneath an engagement accord.
  • Visa for distant laborers.
  • To procure a real estate asset whose valuation is ascertained by the administration.
  • United Arab Emirates Verdant and Aureate Visa.
Commencing an enterprise in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)
is among the most favored visa selections. The UAE is regarded as one of the primary platforms for fledgling businesses aiming to reach international markets. The geographic situation provides enterprises access to markets in Africa, Asia, and Europe.

The nation is likewise positioned 16th in the World Bank's worldwide Ease of Transacting Business ranking. Amid the burgeoning prospects:

  • Highly diversified economy.
  • Developed entrepreneurial environment.
  • A meeting place for professionals, entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world.

Other opportunities available after business immigration to UAE:

  1. Uniform terms for conducting trade endeavors in the local marketplace.
  2. Entry to a sophisticated infrastructure grid and a lucid judicial framework.
  3. Admittance to provisions for unrestricted capital ingress/egress, moderately modest levies on imports.
  4. Elevated tier of investment safeguarding, as the UAE is deemed one of the most politically unwavering and secure nations in the vicinity.
  5. Entry to tax-exempt dealings under unencumbered trade pacts.
To seize the advantages of this advantageous commercial milieu, the authorities have eased current constraints on international possession beyond the unrestricted regions. Meanwhile, there was once a heightened need among foreign financiers to enroll corporations in UAE unrestricted regions owing to the privilege of full non-native possession, budget-friendly company enrollment and upkeeping, and an unambiguous procedure. Currently, a fairly notable count of financiers opt to enroll an enterprise on the mainland in the UAE.

Residence permit in the UAE through company registration

In the initial instance, in recent epochs, the Emirati governance has undertaken a concerted endeavor to broaden its financial system. As the economic sphere becomes more varied and industries are actively advocated by the federal governance, this has lured increased overseas investment into the UAE. Approximately 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies now maintain an enduring presence in the nation.

Contemplating various aspects, the encouraging growth statistics also result from the government's substantial concentration on the amplification of industries. Commerce, healthcare, logistics, tourism, real estate, and manufacturing - substantiate the reality that the government is oriented toward progressing into a diversified and knowledge-based financial system.

A substantial enticement that beckons global investors and enables enterprises to thrive in the UAE is the robust web of international tax agreements. The UAE has in excess of 115 DTA compacts with other nations, ensuring that enterprises and inhabitants are not subjected to dual taxation when transacting commodities, resources, and amenities. This expansive network eradicates the complexities linked with transnational trade and investment streams.

If you wish to apply for a visa as a business owner, the process is as follows:

  1. Enrollment of the firm in the UAE.
  2. Acquiring an Inauguration Credential (the company's immigration document to commence visa handling).
  3. Submitting a request for an Emirates ID at the Federal Identification Authority.

As previously mentioned, United Arab Emirates (UAE) residence permissions can be acquired by individuals who invest in businesses on the continental landmass or in autonomous regions. Traditionally, the establishment of UAE mainland companies required a local partner, but due to recent changes, complete foreign ownership of businesses on the continent, albeit in specific sectors, has been allowed.

UAE residency permits through investment are granted to shareholders who own corporate stakes in an extant corporation appraised at AED 72,000 or greater, or who inaugurate a fresh corporation with capital of an identical magnitude. The visa entreaty procedure may fluctuate contingent upon on the autonomous barter precinct wherein the corporation is enrolled and the essence of the trade.

The majority of foreign investors choose to establish a company in one of the autonomous zones within the UAE. One reason for this decision is that most overseas entrepreneurs founding businesses here intend to engage in international trade rather than domestic commerce. Another reason is the efficient procedures for obtaining business licenses and forming a company, all of which are managed through a specific autonomous zone authority. Lastly, autonomous trade zones provide advanced business and communication infrastructure, excellent support services, thereby reducing the need for initial investments by startup firms.

The number of UAE resident visas allowed for each autonomous zone company depends on the specific autonomous zone, the size of the leased office space, including shared office options known as "Flexi-Desk," but typically ranges from one to six visas. It's important to note that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) make up 95 percent of the nation's businesses, and a significant portion of UAE financial technology firms take advantage of the fiscal efficiency of the region. The presence of fiscal efficiencies, particularly in special zones, demonstrates that the government is committed to providing a business-friendly environment for the world's most innovative startups.

UAE inaugurated novel varieties of dwelling licenses and travel documents to ingress the nation

Most dwelling licenses are granted with a duration of 1, 2, or 3 years. However, in 2019, the administration has introduced a fresh approach for distributing extended-term visas. We want to highlight that the UAE Valuable Residence plan has encountered significant modifications.

The Valuable Visa UAE category extends 10-year inherently renewable dwelling permits for investors in communal sector initiatives encompassing an expenditure of AED 10 million or more, founding a novel enterprise, or visa licenses for expert aptitude in the realms of healing, culture, learning, knowledge, and so forth. If you wish to seek Golden Residence UAE, below is a more detailed delineation of the most accustomed grounds to petition for the program.

Investment criteria

Investors in business

Estate stakeholders

Launching a start-up in the UAE

Exceptional abilities

To meet the criteria as an entrepreneurial financier, you shall need to allocate a sum commencing at AED 10 million in a fresh enterprise, sans disbursing the assets in the guise of a credit and uphold the allocation for no less than three years. Several entrepreneurial associates may seek a single investor permit. Nevertheless, this does not imply the potential to divide the investment: every entrepreneurial associate must invest their individual UAE dirham 10 million.

Gilded Domicile in the United Arab Emirates may be acquired through capital placement in immovable property.

The estate must possess a minimum value of AED 2 million.

Due to alterations, financiers are currently eligible to procure real estate with borrowed funds. Please take note that the loan must originate from a designated financial institution.

Another notable modification broadens the acquisition alternatives. Real estate in the development phase from an officially sanctioned indigenous real estate enterprise is presently encompassed. Once more, the worth must surpass AED 2 million.

Individuals who possess or collaborate in a nascent enterprise may be eligible for Aureate Abode position. Beneath are the prerequisites:

  • Emerging enterprise needs to be enrolled in the nation.
  • Belongs to the Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) classification.
  • Newly established firm produces yearly earnings of AED 1 million or greater.

An alternative choice accessible is to meet the criteria as an individual with distinct abilities. This encompasses innovators who have been conferred patents for innovations that enrich the UAE's economy. Such individuals may engage in the domain of culture or art, be scholars and physicians from prominent research establishments, but they must supply corroborative records/acknowledgments from government departments + a labor agreement in this nation in a sector of precedence for the domestic economy.

Aureate Abode -
exceedingly skilled experts. One of the exceedingly significant metamorphoses to the Gilded Visa is devised to allure a more considerable quantity of proficient experts. To qualify, an occupation must be classified as a Tier 1 or Tier 2 trade as depicted by the Department of Labor. The minimum degree of erudition persists unaltered, a Bachelor's diploma (analogous) is compulsory. Nonetheless, the minimal monthly salary has diminished from AED 50,000 to AED 30,000.
Golden Residence -
extraordinary virtuosos. In this class, UAE residency is granted exclusively on the basis of virtuosity. Educational level, job position, and income do not play a role. An endorsement/authorization from a governmental agency is obligatory. Some of the realms considered encompass, but are not restricted to:
  • Civilization.
  • Craftsmanship.
  • Electronic technologies.
  • Renovation.
  • Athletics
Golden Residence -
scholars. Individuals who labor in scientific pursuits and surpass in their domain are likewise qualified for this initiative. Principal Prerequisites:
  • Suggestion of the Emirates Assembly of Erudite Individuals
  • Doctorate or Master's diploma from a prestigious institution in the disciplines of science, technology, and engineering.

UAE Green Visa

If you neglect to satisfy the classifications stipulated for the decade-spanning enduring visa, commercial visa alternatives are accessible with a validity of 5 years:

  • Land Investors. If you put resources into a real estate in the Emirates valued at UAE Dh5 million or higher, you can acquire a UAE commercial visa valid for 5 years. You must fulfill several stipulations for this, specifically possessing the property for a minimum of 3 years or acquiring the property through a loan arrangement. Please take note that a 3-year visa might be conferred upon persons who have procured property valued at UAE Dh1 million or higher, while a 5-year visa mandates possession of assets appraised at least UAE Dh5 million.
  • Businesspeople. If you possess a project with UAE business incubator endorsement or an existing notion with capital of AED 500,000 or greater, you can petition for a UAE Verdant Visa. Businesspeople can also seek a half-year multi-entrance visa, which is suitable for prolongation for an additional 6 months.

Inventory of records to acquire a United Arab Emirates commercial visa:

  • Duplicated reproductions of the applicant's credentials.
  • A facsimile of the accurately executed visa petition sheet.
  • Attestation from the Registrar of Corporations (if relevant).
  • Authenticated reproduction of corporate authorization or foundation documentation.
  • Confirmation of medical coverage.
  • Authentic financial reference correspondence (dated not more than 6 months prior).
  • Medicinal Declaration.
  • Unaltered and copied version of capitalization records (monetary confirmation).
The UAE Verdant Visa has also experienced substantial enhancements with the intention of luring talent, authorities, and independent contractors. Residency obligations have been streamlined and rendered more adaptable, and supplementary perks encompass lengthier periods of leniency, extending to 6 months post the termination of the residency authorization.
Competent laborers.
The UAE eco visa for proficient laborers has been revised to grant a 5-year residency duration devoid of a patron/employer. To meet the criteria, petitioners must provide verification of accessibility:
  • An authentic labor covenant.
  • Categorization at the initial, secondary, tertiary vocation stage as delineated by the Ministry of Human Resources.
  • Minimal educational credential of Bachelor's degree (equal).
  • Wage of AED 15,000 and beyond.
Observe that level 3 authorized experts are eligible for a 90-day prolonged leniency duration after their verdant domicile lapses.

Independent contractors and autonomous persons. The fresh UAE Verdant License for Autonomous Contractors and Autonomous Individuals provides a 5-year abode without a patron/employer. The ensuing qualifications should be fulfilled:

  1. Securing an independent/self-employment license.
  2. Bachelor's credential/expert diploma.
  3. Presence of yearly self-employment earnings of AED 360,000 for the previous two years or capability to exhibit economic steadiness throughout the residency.
Visa prerequisites in the United Arab Emirates might differ among emirates. You ought to primarily communicate with the overseer of the emirate where you intend to secure a domicile authorization. Competent experts of our firm can provide you assistance with this as part of business backing services in the UAE.

Acquiring a dwelling license in Dubai

Dubai stands as one of the paramount financial hubs globally. It serves as a substantial commercial nucleus and the economic metropolis of the Middle Eastern region. It represents the emirate where enterprises establish their central offices and assess market potential. Dubai has been oriented toward perpetual advancement and originality since its inception. Numerous worldwide enterprises and conglomerates congregate here to establish a presence through company formation and acquire residency within Dubai.

The emirate's governance has introduced the Dubai 2040 Master Blueprint, designed to provide sustainable and adaptable mobility solutions, alongside stimulating economic vitality and enticing foreign investments in novel sectors.

One approach to attain a domicile authorization in Dubai is through capitalizing in landed property. The primary stipulation is that the estate must be possessed by person petitioning for the permit, with a minimum valuation of AED 1 million. This permit bears a period of legitimacy of two years. Nevertheless, the most widespread technique to safeguarding a dweller permit in Dubai encompasses enrolling a fresh establishment either on the mainland or within one of its autonomous regions.

A domiciliary visa in Dubai, based on launching a new enterprise, necessitates renewal every three years. It is of value to observe that while commencing an enterprise on the continental land implies sponsorship by a local associate (in specific industries), instituting a corporation within the Dubai Free Zone permits total external possession. This variety of domicile visa authorizations a foreigner to serve as a founder of a local enterprise and recruit personnel within Dubai.

Our specialists can assist with the bureaucratic procedures related to initiating ventures in the emirate of Dubai or any of its autonomous zones.

Acquiring an independent contractor visa in Dubai

A self-employed visa in Dubai grants you the legal right to deliver expert services to patrons. Typically, numerous UAE autonomous regions grant authorizations to independent professionals, encompassing:

  • Dubai Internet City (DIC).
  • Dubai Knowledge Park (DKP).
  • Dubai Media City (DMC).
  • Ajman FZ.
  • Fujairah Creative City FZ.
  • Ras Al Khaimah Economic FZ.

A self-employed permit enables one to participate in a broad spectrum of tasks, encompassing advisory services, event coordination, film manufacturing, and amusement. A freelance credential in Dubai can be documented in three sectors:

  • MEDIA (DMC).
  • Information and Communication Technology (DIC).
  • Human Resource Management, Counselling, Training and Personal Development (DKP).

The subsequent manuscripts are necessitated to request a self-employed permit:

  • Application document.
  • A replica of your identification booklet.
  • Revised historical course of life (CV).
  • Educational diplomas validated by the UAE Embassy or Ministry of External Affairs.
  • Two work-related testimonials (containing contact particulars).
  • Declaration of Purpose (outlining your private/professional and labor history).
  • Non-Protest Approval (NPA) from the supporter (if necessary).
  • The pertinent autonomous area control will appraise your submission, papers, and commendations.

Procure a half-year UAE visa

Commencing July 2019, foreign capitalists may procure a half-year visa via petition to the Ministry of the Interior. This six-month visa is open to all classifications of businesspeople, for skillful specialists who possess an interest in securing an extended-term residency visa in the UAE.

The objective of this visa is to facilitate the aforementioned persons in investigating the local markets. The UAE regards six-month visa beneficiaries as denizens. They will be furnished with Emirates IDs to empower them to instigate and culminate their investment protocols. As formerly delineated, financiers and businesspeople who have taken exploited of this visa initiative will be capable of gaining lengthy residency visas in the UAE after satisfying the prerequisites for six-month visas.

How to move your business to the UAE?

The government's sturdy regulation, modest tax milieu, and strategic position have rendered the UAE a convenient and cost-efficient milieu in which to engage in commerce. As investment surges, property values are becoming more economical, and as the district's markets persist in demonstrating potential, the UAE embodies a well-established base for enterprises and investors with worldwide aspirations. Entrepreneurs from overseas nations keen on relocating their enterprise to the UAE can either incorporate a fresh legal entity or conduct business through a branch. If the initial alternative is contemplated, it will be indispensable not solely to enlist a firm in the UAE, but also to undertake the licensing procedure. Any onshore arrangement must petition for a commercial permit. A mainland enterprise is a commercial configuration licensed by the Department of Economic Development (DED) of the pertinent emirate.

On the flip side, an FEZ enterprise must secure a permit from one of the liberated territory authorities that operates within a confined geographical expanse. The principal considerations in selecting the optimal company structure encompass:

  • Proposed Activities.
  • The location of your customers.
  • Type of customers (individual, business, government, etc.).
  • Proposed physical location.
  • The number of employees required.
For the secondary choice (daughter or branch bureaus), authorization shall be needed from the Ministry of Economic Affairs. For additional details concerning the establishment of a corporation in the UAE main territory or within autonomous zones, kindly get in touch with our experts directly.


The UAE stands as one of the supreme nations for conducting commerce, both domestically and internationally. The Arab Emirates has evolved into the central hub for business, financial, and commercial activities within the region. Business migration to the UAE offers valuable prospects for entering novel markets devoid of economic hurdles. The Emirates proffers a propitious fiscal framework and adherence to all acknowledged global benchmarks.

Specifically, Dubai has emerged as one of the most favored destinations for both sightseers and financiers, presenting an elevated quality of existence and a flourishing commercial milieu. Nevertheless, visa stipulations and protocols in Dubai, as well as the entire UAE, have undergone recent alterations, thus it is pivotal to stay abreast of these modifications.

If you harbor an interest in procuring a UAE commercial visa, registering a firm, and inaugurating an alien domicile, please reach out to the authorities for counsel. If additional inquiries arise pertaining to the enrollment procedure or if you seek assistance in securing a UAE habitation authorization, kindly communicate directly with our firm's specialists via the contact information provided on the website.

Frequently Inquired Inquiries

What are the reasons for acquiring a United Arab Emirates residency authorization for non-natives?

Aliens can acquire habitation in the United Arab Emirates via multiple means:

  • Commence a novel enterprise in the Emirates.
  • Execute a labor covenant with a UAE employer.
  • Secure a freelance authorization in the UAE.
  • Procure a real estate valued at over 1 million UAE dirhams.
  • UAE Gilded Visa.
What are the methodologies to pursue when securing a residency authorization through enrolling a venture in the UAE?

If one desires to request a visa as an entrepreneur, the procedure is outlined thus:

  1. Firm enrollment.
  2. Acquiring an Institution Card (the company's immigration paper to initiate visa request process).
  3. Presenting a entreaty for an Emirates Identity document.
May an alien obtain an independent contractor permit in the UAE?

Indeed, an independent contractor visa in the UAE permits you to lawfully offer specialized services to patrons. Numerous of the nation's unrestricted regions proffer authorizations to independent contractors, encompassing:

  • Dubai Internet City.
  • Dubai Knowledge Park.
  • Dubai Media City.
  • Ajman FZ.
  • Fujairah Creative City FZ.
  • Ras Al Khaimah Economic Free Zone.
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