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CSOB is a universal bank, which provides a full range of banking services to individuals and legal entities.

CSOB is actually a subsidiary of KBC Bank NV. A bank serves customers in the field of financing foreign trade, convertible foreign exchange operations. KBC Group is an integrated banking insurance group, operates mainly in domestic markets and in several other countries of the world. In 2017, KBC served 11 million customers in its domestic markets. Opening a bank account with CSOB will be a good solution for all client segments (individuals, small, medium-sized businesses).

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Advantages of opening an account with a CSOB bank:

  • it is one of the most reliable and stable banks in Europe;
  • no fees for using the account;
  • a high level of customer service;
  • the availability of current, savings, multi currency accounts and debit/credit cards;
  • the availability of special accounts for lawyers, enforcement agents, insurance brokers;
  • making domestic, foreign payments and collecting checks;
  • loans, deposits, leasing and mortgages;
  • the overdraft, factoring, bank guarantees, letters of credit;
  • individual solutions for specific purposes;
  • hedging of currency risk, investment in securities, insurance;
  • Internet, mobile, business banking.


  • A certificate of registration;
  • Constituent documents, a Charter;
  • A copy of the corporate structure of a company;
  • Documents, confirming the appointment of the company directors, secretary (if any);
  • Documents, confirming a location of the office;
  • Documents, relating to the issuance of shares;
  • A notarized annual report of a company;
  • A license (if necessary).

Pay attention: Order personal advice on opening an account with CSOB from YB Case experts, and we will help you to complete the procedure without unnecessary material and time costs.

Each director, shareholder, secretary, who has the right to sign, must submit the following documents:

  • a copy of a notarized passport (a passport must be signed, the signature must match the signature in the application form);
  • as a verification of the address of the place of residence, it is necessary to provide a notarized copy of the utility bill (not older than 3 months);
  • A Power of attorney (if necessary).

Documents, that are not in English, must be accompanied by a notarized translation. A cost of opening an account with CSOB is 1800 EUR. Terms for opening the account are 30 days.

CSOB Group builds strong and long-term partnerships with each client. The CSOB Group carefully listens to the needs of its customers and offers them not products, but the most suitable solution.

To learn more, you can receive personal advice on opening a bank account with CSOB by using the contacts specified below.

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