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Fio Banka is a Czech bank, a member of the financial group Fio, which obtained a banking license in 2010. This is one of the most dynamically developing banks in the Czech Republic. Fio Banka is an exclusively Czech company with Czech owners and a wide network of branches throughout the country. Today, their number already exceeds 70 in the Czech Republic and 10 in Slovakia. The number of customers is more than 500 thousand people. FIO Banka, in addition to standard services, is also a financial broker in the securities market. Opening a corporate account with FIO Banka is a good solution, if you are looking for a reliable European bank.

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It is also important to note: when you decide to open an account with Czech banks, we recommend you ordering professional advice on opening bank accounts. With our mediation, the probability of failure is minimal. You will also be interested to know, that when opening an account with FIO Banka, you need to visit the branch of the bank only once (after opening an account, you will only need to come and collect the necessary documents).

An important factor is also the easily predictable positive result- with our mediation, the probability of failure is minimal. And for comfort, when opening an account in FIO Banka, you need to visit a bank branch only once - after opening an account, you only need to pick up documents.

YB Case specialists are ready to provide a comprehensive support in opening an account for a company with a Czech bank. Contact us today!

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Banking services include:

  • debit, currency, current accounts;
  • payment transactions;
  • debit, credit and payment cards;
  • loans;
  • deposits;
  • Internet, a mobile banking in both Czech and English.

A bank holds a leading position in the field of online securities trading. It is an important participants in the Paris Stock Exchange, a member of the Association of Czech Banks. It provides services for opening accounts in such currencies as CZK, EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, RUB. Terms of opening an account are approximately 2-4 weeks. There is no commission for opening/servicing/closing an account. A commission for transferring funds in EUR/USD outside the Czech Republic is 7 EUR. There are no limits for transfers (within reasonable limits).

International payments in other currencies:

  • SHA or BEN - 7,75 EUR;
  • with OUR payment - 19,38 EUR.

Other international payments in euros:

  • SHA or BEN - 7,75 EUR;
  • with OUR payment - 0,50% of the transfer volume, minimum 7,75/maximum 48,45 EUR.

An active SEPA direct debit request is 11,63 EUR

A refund request in EUR, sent via SEPA Direct Debit is 11,63 EUR

To open a corporate account with Fio Banka, it is necessary to provide notarized copies (+originals) of constituent documents, an identity document and a document, confirming residence.

To open a personal account, the bank is presented with documents, confirming the identity of the client and his place of residence. A time for opening an account is from 3 days.

YB Case specialists will provide you with full qualified assistance in opening an account with Czech banks. By the way, we also provide professional support in the registration of companies in European countries.

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