Application Development: Jurisdictional Issues

If you are an application developer and want to monetize your work by selling your applications on Google Play, you need to register a company for the application development. In today's article, we will consider main issues, faced by program makers, when setting up a business.

How to register a company for the development of mobile applications?

First of all, contact specialists of our company. They will assist you at all stages of registration: this will help you to avoid many pitfalls and in the shortest possible time become the owner of the company and open a bank account. In addition, they will generate and translate the necessary list of documents.

What are the nuances to consider?

In order not to get into a difficult situation, you need to know a very important point: Google will not cooperate with a company, registered in a jurisdiction, that is not included in their own “white list”. Thus, having decided, for example, to register a company in the BVI, you will be faced with the fact, that you can develop applications, but you cannot sell them. We know many examples, when beginning entrepreneurs, not knowing this nuance, lost business and invested funds. Given the global de-offshore situation, we do not recommend registering a company for the application development in Belize or other countries.

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Where can you register a company for the application development?

There is a list of countries, where you can register a company for the development of Google applications, as well as minimize tax costs. These countries are not included in the “black lists”, although they offer comfortable business conditions and preferential tax rates.

You can register a company in Hong Kong or set up a company in the UK, and quietly conduct business in this area. Such states as: Singapore, Malta, Luxembourg and Switzerland are also popular.

How to open an account for a company in the European Bank?

If you want to register a company in Switzerland or, for example, to establish a company in Poland, then you will have no problems with opening an account with a bank in Europe. But, by registering an offshore company, you will encounter bank failures in a cooperation. Therefore, consult with our specialists.

List of countries, where you can register a company for the application development

In addition to the above countries, you can set up a company in Ireland, register a company in Australia, open a company in the Czech Republic or other countries from the list below: Yemen, Israel, Canada, Guatemala, Thailand, Moldova, Honduras, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, Denmark, Lebanon, France, Poland, Ecuador, Cyprus, Italy, Hong Kong, Malta, Pakistan, Kenya, Hungary, Slovakia, Philippines, Singapore, Sweden, Vietnam, Estonia, Egypt, Finland, Ukraine, Costa Rica, Panama, China, Mexico, Lithuania, the Republic of South Africa, Bangladesh, Zambia, Jordan, Netherlands, Cambodia, Bahrain, Austria, Portugal, Russia, Luxembourg, Taiwan, Puerto Rico, Belgium, Nigeria, Argentina, Venezuela, Japan, Qatar, Bolivia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Malaysia, the USA, Indonesia, Jamaica, Oman, South Korea, India, Romania, Peru, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Latvia, Germany, Iceland, Norway, Tunisia, Paraguay, Tanzania, Dominican Republic, Uzbekistan, the United Arab Emirates, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Great Britain, Chile, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Kuwait, Greece, Colombia, Spain, Brazil.

Of course, not all jurisdictions have a loyal taxation, but they are all on Google’s “white list”.

To register a company for the application development in the UAE or to open a company in Portugal, open an account in these or other countries, contact YB Case experts at the contacts, listed on the website.

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