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Company registration in Wyoming


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You can register a company in Wyoming either by visiting our office in person or remotely through the internet.

Features of jurisdiction

The American state of Wyoming is known as one of the states favorable to company incorporation. Wyoming's popularity as a "corporate paradise" is reinforced by its very liberal corporation law, which allows a company to be incorporated quickly and with the widest range of options and powers allowed by law. The state is well known for its stable economy, developed infrastructure, and low tax rates, which is an important factor for both local and foreign investors to start a business in the United States.

  • In-demand business areas

    Due to its domestic policy, among the most sought-after areas of business activity in Wyoming are: IT, financial and business services, trade, and tourism.

  • Possibility of remote registration

    Remote incorporation of a company in the state of Wyoming is authorized and possible.

  • Corporate taxes

    The corporate tax rate in the state is 0% and 21% at the federal level.

  • Attitude towards foreign investors

    The state of Wyoming is open to foreign investment, making it a sought-after place to establish a business among foreign entrepreneurs.

  • Banks

    Bank of America, East West bank, Bank One Capital, Signature bank.

  • Legal system

    Wyoming's legal system is based on the English common law system, similar to other states in America.

Wyoming company registration process

Incorporating a company in the state of Wyoming takes from 5 days and includes the following steps:
Initial consultation
Meeting with YB Case representatives at the office to clarify details and client requirements. Starting the Wyoming company incorporation process (initial consultation is possible in a remote format).
Name Reservation
The name of the prospective company must be unique and end in an OPF. Name reservation with The Wyoming Secretary of State is possible.
Filing a Wyoming Articles of Incorporation Application
Articles of Incorporation and Memorandum of Incorporation are prepared and notarized, the applicant signs all required documents, which are submitted to the local regulator (The Wyoming Secretary of State) for review.
Review of the Wyoming business registration application by the regulator
Upon receipt of all required documents, the regulator reviews the application and decides whether to incorporate the company in the state of Wyoming.
Receipt of the certificate of incorporation
Upon the results of company registration in Wyoming, the founders receive a certificate of incorporation containing the company's registration number. The company must then register for tax purposes in the State.

Primary prerequisites

  • Minimum paid-in capital requirements vary depending on the limited liability company and area of activity
  • Number of founders varies depending on the business activity and the scope of activity
  • Registered local address
  • Minimum one director (no residency requirements)
  • Registration agent
  • Filing of financial statements once a year
  • Annual meeting of founders (possible remotely
Company registration in Wyoming

Company registration in Wyoming

Wyoming company sign-up affords prospect permission to the American market. Back in 1977, protocols pertaining to LLC enrollment in the geographical location of Wyoming materialized and gained endorsement. Oversight of the enrollment procedure for establishments within Wyoming falls under the jurisdiction of the state secretariat.

Non-residents have the capacity to inaugurate an enterprise within Wyoming and opt for the most fitting alternative from the array of legally recognized configurations accessible for enrollment.

Beneath, we shall scrutinize the modus operandi for assimilating an establishment in the Wyoming territory, encompassing the prerequisites and distinct attributes, together with the imperative stages obligatory for assimilation.

Benefits of signing up a firm in Wyoming in 2024:

  • Competitive taxation.
  • Fast company recording.
  • There are no residency requirements for founders, which allows a foreign citizen to open a company.
  • Data on founders is not publicly available.
  • Possibility to register a company remotely.

Mandatory actions to incorporate a company in Wyoming

The initial phase involves discerning which configuration you intend to elect when crafting a venture within Wyoming. Frequently favored selections amidst business visionaries encompass state-sanctioned incorporation of an enterprise in Wyoming and enlisting a Wyoming state-sanctioned limited liability company.

Incorporating an LLC within the confines of Wyoming generally entails fewer regulatory stipulations, and firms sidestep dual taxation due to their adherence to a tax framework that allows for direct passage. In contrast, corporations boast heightened esteem and establish a governing framework conducive to potential reinvestment.

Diverse categories of establishments also beckon for your business consideration. Contemplation might be directed towards formally enrolling as a partnership, sole proprietorship, or trust.

Next, we'll break down each of the structures in more detail.

Among them:

Recording a solitary proprietorship
Upon initiation of a solitary proprietorship, assets and liabilities inherent to the enterprise equate to assets and accountabilities of the proprietor Those at the helm of their personal enterprises document their earnings and deficits on their distinct governmental levy returns. This manner of operation could potentially render the business subject to individualized income tax obligations.
Listing a GP (General Partnership)
A comprehensive partnership epitomizes a venture jointly owned by a duo or more partners. Analogous to sole proprietorships, general partners and their enterprise constitute a single entity vis-à-vis the apportionment of earnings and deficits. Establishing a general partnership constitutes a straightforward and comparatively economical avenue to inaugurate a venture within Wyoming that entails multiple proprietors.
LLC Registration
An LLC establishes a distinctive legal and financial demarcation between the possessions of the proprietors and the enterprise itself. Consequently, this arrangement extends reassurance that individual assets, financial accounts, retirement funds, etc., will not be employed to settle the financial obligations or legal predicaments of the said company.

However, from a tax vantage point, LLC and its members are regarded as a unified taxpayer. Hence, unless the members have elected the S-Corporation taxation regimen, the gains and deficits of the LLC are documented within the personal federal tax returns of its proprietors. Single-member LLCs (entities lacking formal regulation) are subjected to taxation akin to sole proprietorships. Conversely, if the establishment of an LLC within Wyoming involves multiple members, it is viewed for tax purposes as a partnership.

The alluring facet of the LLC framework encompasses its capacity for flexibility in federal income taxation. An LLC (providing it satisfies all IRS prerequisites) holds the liberty to opt for either S-Corporation or C-Corporation taxation. In the event an LLC elects S-Corp taxation, it maintains the fundamental legal structure, thereby incurring minimal adherence obligations. This arrangement continues to enjoy pass-through tax treatment; however, it diverges from conventional LLC taxations as not the entirety of the enterprise's earnings are subject to taxation. Solely the remuneration earned by S-Corp proprietors is subjected to taxation; remuneration arising from the allocation of company profits to owners remains untaxed.

LLCs situated in Wyoming must annually submit a report on the anniversary of their formation's first day. As stipulated on the Wyoming Secretary of State's website, every business entity, whether domestic or foreign (excluding trusts), that has registered as a limited liability company in Wyoming is mandated to submit an annual report and remit a state fee to continue operations.

LP registration in the state of Wyoming
Within a limited liability partnership, a duality of roles exists: general partners and limited partners. General partners, as proprietors, undertake the operational management of the enterprise. They confront the identical personal liability hazards encountered in general partnerships, as the demarcation between general partners and the business is absent. On the contrary, limited partners assume no managerial responsibilities. Their function is to furnish financial capital to the enterprise. Their personal liability is confined to their investment within the establishment. Limited partners hold no influence over the managerial conduct of the enterprise once their investment has been rendered.
C-Corporation Registration
In Wyoming, enterprises functioning as C corporations extend the most comprehensive level of safeguard against personal liability for their proprietors (shareholders). The corporation stands as an autonomous legal entity, accountable for fulfilling tax obligations. For its profits, a C corporation abides by its individual tax return, remitting federal income tax. C corporations must constitute a board of directors to supervise operational facets and confirm alignment with the preferences of shareholders and stakeholders. Furthermore, they possess the prerogative to vend shares as a method of procuring capital.
S-Corp Registration
Enterprises approved by the IRS hold the opportunity to opt for S-Corp taxation as a means to evade dual taxation. After opting for S-Corp status, the company receives pass-through tax handling, wherein earnings are subjected to taxation exclusively at the incorporator's level.
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Subsequent clinching atop a trade composition, the ensuing stride encompasses cherry-picking an unmatched moniker for your Wyoming establishment. As per statutes, the title ought to encompass an OCF akin to Limited Liability Company or Corporation, contingent upon your commercial kind. It's pivotal to verify that there's no extant registered endeavor in Wyoming employing your selected appellation. You have the capacity to conduct a pursuit for commercial designations on the Wyoming Secretary of State's web portal.

Other features encompasses:

Drafting the articles of incorporation
You shall be required to fabricate an overseeing manuscript for your establishment within Wyoming. This manuscript will precisely delineate the administration of the enterprise and the pattern of possession. Should you be in the process of constituting a corporation, you are obligated to compose corporate documents of incorporation. If your intention is to establish an LLC in Wyoming, you will be necessitated to construct articles of incorporation.
Designation of a registration agent
The registration agent has the capacity to either be an individual or a lawful entity (including an accredited establishment). The central role is classified as receiving documentation on behalf of the enterprise.
Office registration
One of the prerequisites for enrolling a business in Wyoming is the necessity to possess a registered address situated within the state.
Obtaining an EIN
An Employer Identification Number, known as EIN (occasionally referred to as a Federal Employer Identification Number or FEIN), constitutes a nine-digit tax identification code sanctioned by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This numerical identifier discerns a business conducting operations within the United States and is employed for the subsequent purposes:
  1. payroll taxes;
  2. opening a corporate account for a Wyoming company;
  3. filing tax returns, etc.
Although the majority of enterprises must acquire an EIN, a subset is exempted. Partnerships, corporations, and the majority of LLCs or sole proprietorships with staff are mandated to apply for an EIN. The procedure of procuring an EIN within the United States can be executed online via the IRS website.
Obtaining a business license in the state of Wyoming
The necessity for a business license in the state of Wyoming hinges on the nature of your enterprise. Nevertheless, numerous sectors operate without this requisite. Occupations and domains that necessitate a business license due to governance by state agencies or regulatory boards encompass:
  1. Banking.
  2. Insurance.
  3. Law.
  4. Medicine and others.
Prior to commencement of operations, it is imperative to ascertain that the criteria for licensing have been fulfilled, should your enterprise fall within these parameters.
Registration with the state's Department of Revenue
An additional pivotal aspect of registering a company in Wyoming involves enlisting your enterprise with the Department of Revenue within the state. Notwithstanding this registration, the obligation to remit corporate or income taxes within Wyoming is non-existent. Nonetheless, there exist taxes that necessitate settlement, including sales tax.
For enrollment, you are obligated to complete a form issued by the Division of Excise Taxes within the state. Given that the document necessitates genuine signatures, it must be dispatched via mail. Alongside the application, substantiation of the enterprise's enrollment within the state of Wyoming must be appended.

Additionally, apart from the previously outlined measures for business registration in Wyoming, you must also undertake the following:

  • Initiate an establishment of an account specific to a company headquartered in Wyoming.
  • Make an application for various insurances, which encompasses safety, workers' compensation, and unemployment insurance, based on the appropriateness of the situation.
  • Convene a gathering involving the individuals involved in the incorporation process.
  • Complete the necessary documentation for the annual report.
  • Secure a "Doing Business As" (DBA) designation for the Limited Liability Company (LLC) if circumstances dictate its necessity.

As soon as an organization is officially recorded in Wyoming, a certificate of establishment is granted. You submit to the Wyoming Secretary of State the LLC Incorporation Records or Incorporation Records, based on whether you intend to create an LLC or a company, respectively.

If you would rather not waste time incorporating a new business, you can utilize the option of purchasing a ready-made Wyoming company with an open account. The reincorporation process can take less time than incorporating a company in the state of Wyoming in some cases.

How to open a company in Wyoming without a visit: basic requirements

  • No minimum paid-up capital requirements.
  • It is necessary to have at least 1 founder and at least 1 director. Note that there are no residency requirements.
  • A local registered address is required in order to open a firm in the state of Wyoming.
  • The designation of a registration agent is required.
  • A financial statement must be filed once a year.
  • Conduct a creators' gathering each year (doesn't need to occur within the state).


Within the confines, personal gains levy is assessed at a rate of 15.3%. It`s admissible to frameworks including a sole proprietorship. Corporate rate is nil, while it stands at 21% at the federal tier. Sales rate prevalent in Wyoming amounts to 4 percent.


Wyoming is widely recognized as a favored jurisdiction for incorporating businesses within the United States, standing alongside states like Delaware, Florida, California, and others. In the state, a plethora of legal organizational structures are available, affording both domestic and foreign entrepreneurs the liberty to select the option that most aptly aligns with their requisites. This could encompass enrolling an LP in Wyoming, or initiating a corporation in Wyoming (be it an S-Corporation or a C-Corporation), among various other enterprise categories. Nevertheless, the prevailing and widely adopted form is the establishment of an LLC within the Wyoming jurisdiction.

For comprehensive elucidation of all specifics, the option to engage in a personalized consultation with our proficient specialists is available.


What documents do I need to prepare to incorporate a company in Wyoming?

Generally, the following documentation is required for incorporation:

  • information about the founders;
  • information about the directors;
  • registered agent information;
  • Business Plan;
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association;
  • proof of local address;
  • certificate of opening a U.S. business account and deposit of minimum authorized capital.

Can a foreigner incorporate a company in Wyoming?

Yes, the legal framework provides for the possibility of registration of a company in the USA by a non-resident.

Time and cost of company registration in the USA (Wyoming)

Term of company registration - from 5 days. You can get more information on the cost of company registration from YB Case specialists.
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