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Company registration in Louisiana

Louisiana (USA)

Louisiana is an American state made up of people of all major races. Located in the southeastern United States in the Gulf of Mexico, in the neighborhood are Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi. The state includes the homeland of Tabasco sauce - Avery Island. The pelican is depicted on the flag and state seal - due to the abundance of these birds, the state received the corresponding nickname. The population speaks English, French, Spanish.

The capital is Baton Rouge. Between New Orleans and the capital is the largest port in the Western Hemisphere of the planet in the field of bulk cargo and mass transportation.

Company registration in Louisiana

A survey (in 2014) of 12,000 business owners across the United States identified Louisiana as one of the most friendly jurisdictions to start a small business in America in the following areas:

  • an agricultural sector;
  • a meat-dairy farming;
  • poultry farms;
  • a chemical production;
  • oil and coal refining companies;
  • the engineering;
  • a paper-pulp production;
  • a film industry (one of the nicknames of the state is “Hollywood South”, there is the prospect of opening new film sets in Louisiana);
  • a sphere of art/culture;
  • a tourism, especially in the largest city, New Orleans, famous for the colonial French Quarter, the World Cultural Economic Forum, Mardi Gras carnival procession, jazz, St. Louis Cathedral in the Renaissance style and military exhibits at the National Museum of World War II.

This is the third largest city in the country by GDP.

Forms of companies in America

  • FZ LLC;
  • LLC;
  • LLP;
  • Single-Member LLC;
  • Multi-Member PLS;
  • C-Corp/S-Corp;
  • RO;

Taxes in Louisiana

Louisiana has 3 income taxes, ranging from 2% to 8%. The sales tax rate consists of: a sales tax in Louisiana, a sales tax in the municipal district of tourism promotion in Louisiana, in addition to the state tax, sales taxes are levied - a use tax is obtained at a rate of 9,45%, which the Revenue Department distributes to local authorities. There is a local formation of property taxes. Louisiana is a subsidized jurisdiction receiving $1,44 from the federal government for every dollar paid.

  • A federal income tax is 21%;
  • A corporate tax is 2-8%;
  • the maximum individual income tax is 6%;
  • a tax from the rent is 9,45%;

How to set up a business in Louisiana?

It is possible to register a company in the USA remotely (in a week), subject to the requirements of the regulator in America:

  • check the uniqueness of the name in the registry (the name indicates the legal form of the company);
  • enter data on the company in the open register;
  • open an account with an American bank;
  • tax reporting is filed once a year.

In Louisiana, any residency of shareholders and directors, business management by a legal or a private person, any amount of the authorized capital is allowed, there is no requirement for an office and a secretary.

YB Case specialists will assist you in choosing the most suitable legal form of your company, will provide legal assistance in preparing a package of documents for obtaining a license in Louisiana competently and quickly, will provide legal support in registering a US company, and answer all your other questions.

You can open an account in America remotely at:

  • South louisiana bank;
  • Bank of louisiana;
  • First Federal Bank Of Louisiana

and other banks.

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