Registering a company in Hamriyah Free Zone - YB Case 2024

Registering a company in Hamriyah Free Zone in 2024

Hamriyah Free Zone

* The information about beneficiaries and directors in the UAE is closed, subject to a registration of the company in Free Zones!

Hamriyah Free Zone (HFZ) was created after the signing of the decree of Emir after November 12, 1995. The location in Sharjah has much of advantages, including a safe and a convertible currency.

Businessmen, who decide to set up a company in HFZ, get exceptional opportunities, namely: tax exemption, renewal of funds and foreign exchange benefits.

If you want to establish a company in Hamriyah FZ, please note, that Sharjah is the emirate, that has seaports with access to the Indian Ocean, and the International Airport. Sharjah offers developed highways, that connect the Gulf countries, the Indian continent, Asian and African markets. HFZ guarantees tactful and active, aiming at the interests of investors.

Key benefits of Hamriyah FZ:

  • tax-free policy;
  • 100% foreign ownership;
  • there is no commercial duties;
  • full refund;

Providing services in HFZ

Having decided to register a commercial company in HFZ, you should pay the tax rate in this region. The delivery of goods to the HFZ is not subject to VAT, since the place of delivery is considered outside the UAE. When delivery is carried out within the designated zone to a person, who intends to use the goods for personal purposes, the above principle does not apply. In such cases, the place of delivery is considered to be the territory of the UAE, and VAT is calculated.

The establishment of business in Hamriyah opens up additional advantages for you:

  • An easy access to the port of Jebel Ali;
  • The availability of factory premises and business centers for rent;
  • Specially designed and equipped representative offices;
  • Business centers are equipped with modern technology;
  • A developed residential complex;
  • A communication with seaports;
  • Seaports on each coast;
  • Low electricity prices;
  • A freedom of recruitment;
  • An investment security;

There is also an opportunity to rent land for 25 years. In the future, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to extend the lease period for another 25 years.

Activities allowed at Hamriyah FZ

To obtain a license in HFZ is possible for those activities, that are environmentally friendly and comply with local laws. A high level of development is also characteristic of the oil and gas, and petrochemical zones.

Rental services

To start a business in HFZ, you must enter into a lease. This zone has many ready-made warehouses, production lines and offices for investors, as well as lands for rent for individuals, who plan to build own facilities in Hamriyah FZ. In addition, the Hamriyah FZ has hotels, where you can stay in deluxe or junior suites.

A land lease (terms and premises)

You can get a plot of 5000 sq.m. and more for rent. 60% of the plots are leased for development. The minimum rental term is five years. You can enter into a lease for a maximum of 25 years. After the expiration of the main term, the contract can be extended for the same time period (25 years). The rental rate is set for the first 5 years with the possibility of revisions. HFZ provides buildings with an area of 614 m2, 416 m2 and 275 m2.

To obtain Hamriyah FZ licenses

It takes 1 hour to get a trade license at HFZ and to start a profitable business in Hamriyah. You can obtain licenses in Hamriyah for such activities:

  • an industrial license enables its holder to import raw materials for production and processing. The final product can be exported outside the UAE.

* Processing * Assembly * Packaging * Production

  • a trade license implies import/export, trade, distribution and preservation of the products to which the licenses apply.
  • a service license gives the right to provide services only within the HFZ.

Trading in UAE markets requires the intervention of a local agent.

Activities common to HFZ:

  • A consulting on a management, a marketing, the IT-technologies;
  • Providing design, sports, personnel, travel advisory services;
  • A project management (Abroad);
  • Maritime and port activities

Legal status of firms:

  • FZE: a resident enterprise of the free trade zone with 1 shareholder.
  • FZC: 5-shareholder free trade zone firms.
  • Subsidiary: an affiliate of an international or a region company.

To obtain a resident visa in Hamriyah you can without a bank statement of equity. For this you will need 15 days. A visa is issued for 3 years.


Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses with a service or commercial license. Offices of 10 m2 with a mailbox number are provided.

* The mailbox number is optional, it is issued with an annual payment of about 1000 dirhams.

There are numerous Free Zones in the UAE. Еxperienced experts will tell you how to register a company in Dubai, to open an account in the UAE based on the type of activity of your company. By sending a request for a meeting, you will receive comprehensive information on all issues of interest to you.

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