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Sharjah Publishing Free Zone

Establishing a Corporation in Sharjah
Firm establishment in Sharjah provides a profusion of opportunities for aspiring innovators. One of the eminent unrestricted commerce precincts in the United Arab Emirates is Sharjah Publishing City (SPC). Enrolling a corporation in Sharjah Publishing Free Zone facilitates diverse business activities, including trade, consulting, and IT.

For further insights into the process of company creating within the Sharjah Free Zone (SPCFZ), we recommend perusing this article.

Establishing an Enterprise within SPC

Situated as the UAE's third densely inhabited urban center, Sharjah ranks following Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Favored by worldwide creators, it serves as an attractive investment hub, strategically situated at the heart of Europe and East Asia. Enhanced, Sharjah boasts effortless accessibility to international aviation hubs and maritime ports, positioned in the Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf.

SPC FEZ instituted in 2017, deemed to be the world's pioneering disseminating and printing free zone. Catering to industry investors, it offers prospects for expansion in the MENA region, amplified global reach, and advantages through tax incentives. It is fortified with robust infrastructures, complemented by a business-conducive regulatory framework.

Benefits of enrolling a corporation within the Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone

Some of the primary advantages encompass:

  • Strategically positioned within the Emirate of Sharjah, affording connectivity to neighboring emirates, Gulf nations, and adjacency to pivotal seaports and airports.
  • An intricately constructed, government-backed ecosystem crafted for the prosperity of publishing and printing enterprises.
  • Within Sharjah Publishing City's free zone, provisions include shared workspace setups, retail units, corporate headquarters, and storage amenities.
  • Foreign ownership up to 100% is permitted.
  • Corporate and personal taxes are eliminated.
  • A spectrum exceeding 1500 commercial pursuits is sanctioned.
  • Feasibility of acquiring a twofold commercial license (allowing a company to possess both mainland and FEZ licenses).
  • Offers an array of adaptable banking alternatives.
  • All immigration aids are rendered obtainable within the confines of the SPC Free Zone.

The procedure for enrolling a venture in UAE within an EEZ entails the subsequent phases:

  1. Elect the classification to procure a trade permit.
  2. Opt for designation that distinguishes itself from any extant appellation within Sharjah.
  3. Secure preliminary endorsement from the Sharjah Economic Progress Bureau.
  4. Lodge the essential papers to the Firms Enrollment Authority.
  5. Initiate the approach of attaining a commercial authorization. Upon successful appraisal and validation, you will procure a testimonial of creation and an operational clearance.

Distinctive attributes of an enterprise within the Sharjah Publishing City Free Economic Zone

If your inclination is towards inaugurating an enterprise within the Sharjah Publishing City Special Economic Zone, it's imperative to recognize that SPC prospers in an ecosphere conducive to enduring proliferation and worldwide market entry. The overarching traits of these enterprises are succinctly outlined as follows.

Type of objects available in SPC FZ

  • FZE (one shareholder);
  • FZC (2-7 shareholders);
  • a subsidiary (of either a local UAE enterprise or an international corporation).


A stakeholder of a corporation can assume the form of an individual or a juridical entity.


Solely individuals (at least 1, a stakeholder may also act as a director).

Authorised capital

50,000 AED (roughly equivalent to US$13,613, comprising 50 shares valued at AED 1,000 each) for initiating the Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone Company, with no prerequisites in the instance of a offshoot establishment.

Take into account that shares are recognized as issued upon the company's incorporation, regardless of whether the share capital is lodged in a financial institution prior to or subsequent to incorporation.


The audit assessment must be submitted to the Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone.

Visa options

  • Investor residency permit (valid for 3 years).
  • Work visa (for 3 years).

Commercial Permits

The ensuing classifications of mercantile permits are available to capitalists within the SPC liberated region:

  • Commercial.
  • Trade.
  • Service.
  • E-commerce.

Essential paperwork essential for the enrollment of an enterprise within Sharjah Publishing City encompasses:

  • Replicate of passport.
  • Duplicate of resident visa.
  • Reproduction of academic qualifications (for executives).

These prerequisites are relevant to all of the proposed businesses. If the corporation is already instituted overseas, authenticated duplicates of the ensuing documents are also requisite during the application stage:

  • Charter of establishment.
  • Articles of Incorporation.
  • Board of Directors' affirmation for the establishment of the venture within the bounds of Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone.
  • Certificate of Occupation or Good Standing (if applicable).

For the establishment of a subsidiary:

  • Enrollment Petition.
  • Affidavit from the Proprietor.
  • Xerox of passport and address verification.
  • Validated Charter and Bylaws Memorandum.
  • Confirmed Testimonial of inception.
  • Directorate's Accord and Counsel's Oversight.
  • Validated corporate permit of the progenitor establishment.

An array of distinct business packages available within the SPC free zone


License package fee (UAE dirhams or AED)

Quantity of visas

Licence for 1 year






16 500

45 000

80 000


14 500

25 000

55 000

100 000


15 750

27 500

61 250

112 500


17 000

30 000

67 500

125 000


18 250

32 500

73 750

137 500


19 500

35 000

80 000

150 000


20 750

37 500

86 250

162 500


SPC presents itself as an astute selection for visionaries seeking to embark on a business venture in the UAE. It showcases a diverse array of over 1,500 commercial avenues. Characterized by an elite-grade business infrastructure, it stands as an enabling ground for innovators to amplify their business horizons. Our firm's experts extend beyond individualized advisory regarding commercial statutes in the UAE, to rendering comprehensive guidance in corporation registry within the Sharjah Free Zone, if deemed requisite by our clients.
What makes this zone a preferable choice?

A selection of prominent pros encompasses:

  • Exotic possession
  • Total waiver from enterprise and revenue levies.
  • In excess of 1,500 designated commercial operations are sanctioned.
  • Capability to secure a dual business clearance (permitting a firm to be both a mainland and FEZ license holder).
  • Establishment of a business is feasible without any initial capital requirement.
What are the phases encompassed in instituting a venture framework within the SPFZ?

Enterprises possess the capacity to thrive within a setting conducive to lasting expansion. The fundamental stages for enrollment are outlined as follows:

  • Pick a specific industry.
  • Opt for a trade designation that differentiates from any already registered company name within Sharjah.
  • Secure preliminary approval from the Sharjah Economic Development Department.
  • Forward requisite records to the Companies Enrollment Supervision.
  • Initiate the approach of securing a venture credential.
What permits are accessible within SPFZ?
Innovators have a chance for gaining a versatile clearance that encompasses both mercantile trading and service functions, alongside storage provisions.
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