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Company registration in Kansas

Kansas (USA)

The state of Kansas in the Midwestern United States is named after the main river and the natives of its coast. Capital is Topika.

A “free state,” as the state is popularly known, borders on Colorado, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Missouri. Kansas is one of the most productive among the states for growing wheat, soy, sorghum, cotton, corn, 90% of the territory is allocated for these purposes. It is promising to start aviation startup projects in Kansas, as the largest companies in the state are associated with aviation and aerospace developments. General Motors facilities are located in the state.

It is also rational to establish a company in Kansas in the field of publishing, the chemical industry, the automotive industry, sewing factories, the extraction and refining of oil, gas and minerals.

Kansas taxes

The average level against the background of corporate tax rates from companies is 7%. 5,70% is income taxes for individuals. Sales taxes are 8,67%.

Key implementation requirements to open a company in Kansas:

  • the name, that is not duplicated in the open list of companies, at the end: LLС, FZ LLС, LLP (a limited partnership), PLC (an open limited company), SP (a private entrepreneur), a representative office of a foreign company;
  • at least 1 director and shareholder without residency requirements for SM LLС or S-Corp, or an unlimited number of them (MM LLС or С-Corp);
  • it is necessary to submit information about the company in an open registry;
  • annual tax report submission;
  • you must also open a corporate account in Kansas with one of the banks: Kansas state bank, First bank kansas, Citizens Bank of Kansas, Security Bank of Kansas City, Community First Bank-Kansas City, Banker's Bank of Kansas, First Kansas bank.

YB Case team will assist you in registering a company in Kansas remotely in 7 working days. To start cooperation, call the numbers indicated in the "Contacts" section. In addition, you can receive for personal legal advice on drawing up a business plan, obtaining a license for commercial activity in America, opening an account with American banks, and also preparing all the necessary documents.

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