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Company registration

Maine (USA)

Maine is an extreme northeastern state. On the one hand, the rocky coast of Maine is washed by the waters of the Atlantic, and on the other are the state of New Hampshire and Canada. The state capital is Augusta, and the largest concentration of the population is in Portland, where the important winterport and the Maine air gate are located.

This geographic location of the state helps to attract an increasing number of investors. YB Case team will provide its clients with qualified legal assistance in structuring a business in the USA, in registering an American company, as well as additional advisory services to foreign companies on legal protection of their business in Maine.

There is no official language in the jurisdiction, the most common is English, then French and Spanish.

In coastal waters, lobsters, lobsters, oysters and other mollusks, oceanic algae, and commercial varieties valuable for the food industry are mined.

Maine is the largest US supplier of wild and cultivated blueberries. The region is also a major supplier of bottled water of deep horizons. From Maine locally sourced maple syrup. Maine also produces leather and textiles, electronic and biotechnological equipment.

Maine taxes

To open a commercial company in Maine, check out the state tax rates:

  • Common to all states federal tax is 21%;
  • A corporate income tax rate from companies from 3,50-8,93% *;
  • A personal income tax is 7,15%;
  • A sales tax is 5,5%;
  • Dividends of 35%;

* according to the size of profit. This article is an important reason, why it is easier to register a company in Maine for small or medium-sized businesses:

  • SP (individual enterprise);
  • RO (representative office);
  • LLC (limited liability company);
  • FZ LLC (company in the area with tax breaks);
  • PLC (analogue of AO);
  • LP (partnership);

From legal forms, you can register a corporation in Maine: with a single participant or with an unlimited number of them.

Requirements for compliance in the United States, with which the registration of a company in Maine is related:

  • filing tax reports - annually;
  • the information about the founders must be submitted to the open registry;
  • to the residency of the shareholder and director, as well as their number - there are no restrictions;
  • it is possible to register a company in America only under a unique name with the indication of a legal form;
  • required to obtain a US license;
  • you must open a corporate account in an American bank (without a personal visit - possibly for any amount);
  • no office, secretary required;

At the same time, you can register an American company remotely. How to do this, YB Case specialists will advise on the phone numbers specified in the “Contacts” section.

In addition, you can receive for legal advice on obtaining a license in the USA, opening a bank account in America.

There are many banks in the state, where you can open a corporate account:

  • US Bank;
  • Northeast Bank;
  • First Federal Bank;
  • Camden National Bank;
  • Keybank;
  • Fremont Bank;
  • others.
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