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Company registration in Nebraska (USA) in 2020

Company registration in Nebraska (USA) in 2020
Nebraska (USA)

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Nebraska is located in the Midwestern United States and encompasses the Great Plains prairies, Sandhills dunes, and Panhandle rock formations. The state is located between South Dakota, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Colorado and Wyoming, without a sea coast. Nebraska is inhabited by over 1,9 million people. In most cases, investors prefer to register a company in Nebraska in the largest metropolis Omaha.

Nebraska taxes

YB Case experts will provide legal support services in selecting the optimal tax system in the United States and legal advice on the tax planning of income and expenses in Nebraska.

There is a progressive income tax in Nebraska: the higher the percentage of profit, the higher the tax rate.

A corporate tax is 7,81% in Nebraska.

The sales and a use tax is 6,85% (and almost the same rate for individuals is 6,84%). But food is not taxed. Dakota County charges a half percent surcharge on county sales.

A federal tax in all US states is 21%.

Dividends are 35%.

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Key areas of business, in which it is profitable to establish a commercial company in Nebraska:

  • Nebraska is the most farming state;
  • the largest megacities of the state are part of the Silicon Prairies of the United States, where a high-tech development is underway;
  • agricultural crops;
  • cargo logistics;
  • a medicine;
  • an insurance;
  • a service industry (financial/ trade services);
  • an education;
  • telecommunications;
  • IT;
  • a tourism.

Conditions for registering a business in Nebraska:

  • As in all the USA, it is not difficult to register a company in Nebraska: it is enough to fulfill the minimum requirements of a federal and a local legislation.
  • 1 shareholder and 1 director can set up a firm in Nebraska, both legal and natural persons, the number of founders is not limited by law and each of them may not be a US resident. Opening a business in Nebraska does not require a physical office and a secretary.
  • The company name must be unique and contain the designation of a legal form of the company:
  1. Multi-Member LLC;
  2. Single-Member LLC;
  3. Free Zone LLC;
  4. PLC;
  5. SP;
  6. S/C Corp;
  7. RO.
  • Be sure to open a corporate account in Nebraska. You can ask for legal advice on opening a company account in Nebraska remotely in one of the banks, calling to YB Case specialists:
  1. First Nebraska Bank;
  2. Nebraska Bank of Commerce;
  3. Western Nebraska Bank;
  4. State Nebraska Bank and Trust;
  5. Accessbank;
  6. Iowa-Nebraska State Bank.

You can also order legal support in preparing a package of constituent documentation for the registration of the local company.

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