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Company registration in Nevada

Nevada (USA)

Quickly registering a company in Nevada, in one of America's tax-free states, will benefit registered businesses. For Limited Liability Companies (LLC) there are no taxes on profit, as well as on shares and property. For those, who are going to register a gambling establishment, a hotel in Nevada, there are preferential tax conditions.

A company in Nevada has such a feature as relief from headaches, such as preparing and filing tax reports. Despite this, maintaining an accounting report is a prerequisite for reflecting financial activities. Unlimited number of account registrations per company is allowed. At the same time, the confidentiality of participants is maintained.

You can open an LLC, SP (Sole Proprietorship), GP (General Partnership), LP (Limited Partnership) and Business Trust in Nevada. A prerequisite is the presence of a registered agent at the time of registration and for the entire period of the company.

Each jurisdiction has its own nuances, including Nevada.

Among the shortcomings, one can list the mandatory presence of a business license, preparation and submission of documents with a list of directors of the company every year.

To register of a commercial company in Nevada takes one day without taking into account the time for preparing corporate documents for submission.

Features of LLC in Nevada

  • No income taxes;
  • It is not necessary to regularly submit reports to the tax (but it is necessary to maintain financial statements to reflect activities);
  • A robust privacy protection;
  • It is important to have a registered agent before the start of registration and for the entire period of the company’s existence;
  • There are no strict conditions on the part of the government, there is only a loyal attitude;
  • There is support in critical situations.

Documents for establishing a company in Nevada

  • A standard package of documents for the company;
  • A Power of Attorney Resolution;
  • The Apostilled Power of Attorney;
  • A description of the enterprise

terms of company registration and a duration

A registered office


Min number of beneficiaries


A company form


The period from the date of filing

14 days

A value


To order professional advice on the registration of a company in Nevada, contact the employees of YB Case on the contacts, listed on the website.

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