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Company registration in Oklahoma


The United States is a good option for registering and doing business. For both beginners and experienced businessmen, we recommend opening a company in Oklahoma (USA).

This article will describe some information, that will be useful for those, who wish to start a business in Oklahoma.

To begin, we recommend choosing a company name and deciding on the structure of your business.

Choice of a legal form

Those, who wish to open a business in the USA (Oklahoma), need to pay attention to the fact, that Individual Entrepreneurship and General Partnership are the most common types of companies. In addition, this can be done in the following legal forms:

  • a general corporation (also called C-corp);
  • a subsidiary of Chapter S Corporation (or S-corp);
  • a limited liability company (LLC).

Employer tax numbers

When deciding to establish a company in the United States (Oklahoma), it is worth knowing, that for a business operating as an individual entrepreneur without employees, the owner can use his social security number as an identification number for his tax returns and financial records. However, partnerships and all enterprises organized within one of the official legal structures are required to obtain the federal employer identification number in Oklahoma (also called either FEIN or EIN). This number is issued by the US Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service (IRS). In addition, all companies with employees, including individual entrepreneurs, are required to receive and use FEIN.

Obtaining professional licenses/permits in Oklahoma

Registering a commercial firm in Oklahoma, please note, that there are state laws, that require different types of enterprises or their owners to obtain US professional licenses/permits.

Traditionally, obtaining an operating license in Oklahoma requires the owner or some employees to pass a qualification exam. If you want to know more about licensing your business, we advise you to order professional advice on registering a business in the USA from YB Case qualified experts. After analyzing your future activities, as well as on the basis of current legislation, our specialists will provide you with support services in obtaining permits to conduct business in the United States.

Oklahoma’s Taxation

Planning to open a business in Oklahoma, you should familiarize yourself with the tax policy of this jurisdiction:

  • A corporate taxin all states is 21%;
  • An income tax varies from 0,5% to 5,25%;
  • A sales tax is 4,5%.

In order to set up a company in the USA quickly and without unnecessary complications, it is worth contacting YB Case experts. Our specialists are also ready to provide advice on obtaining a license in Oklahoma, on opening a business in America remotely or establishing a company in any other jurisdiction. If you still have questions, call us by the contacts listed on the site.

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