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Company registration in Wyoming

Company registration in Wyoming
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To open a company in Wyoming means to reliably protect the assets of your project. This is one of the popular states, along with California, Delaware, Nevada and Oregon, which often and consistently receives investments from outside. Thanks to which the Wyoming economy is well-developed.

A company registration in Wyoming requires at least one director and one shareholder. The affiliation of the director and shareholder to the country does not matter - the road is free for non-residents.

The most famous form of company registration in Wyoming, as in other popular US states, is LLC. After opening the US LLC, the concept of “tax” dissolves. Exceptions are a resident registration in Wyoming and a statewide activity. In the latter cases, the company’s profit tax is set at 4% - this is the lowest indicator compared to other states of America.

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Features of Wyoming LLC

  • It is mandatory to have the prefix LLC after the name of the registered company. Options are L.L.C., LC, L.C., Ltd. Co., Limited Co., Ltd. Company at the request of the founder;
  • The name can be written in any language, but using the Latin alphabet;
  • There is no limit on the number of bank accounts per company;
  • The availability of tax benefits;
  • There are no strict requirements regarding non-residency;

Documents for establishing a company in Wyoming

  • A standard package of documents for the company;
  • A Power of Attorney Resolution;
  • The Apostilled Power of Attorney;
  • The description of the enterprise;


A registered office


Minimum number of beneficiaries


A company form


The period from the date of filing

14 days

A value


By ordering advice on establishing and doing business in the United States, Wyoming, from our experts, you will receive comprehensive information on obtaining the necessary permits for your business and other related services.

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