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The Swiss are world leaders in the banking sector. You can open an account with C.I.M. Bank, this solution is effective for doing business. C.I.M. Bank is a traditional Swiss private bank, which has been conducting its financial activities since 1990. It provides its clients with investment banking services, asset management, money management, online trading. Its activities are regulated by FINMA, C.I.M. Bank is a member of such organizations of the Association of Swiss Banks and SIX Swiss Exchange. Opening an account with C.I.M. Bank is possible in different currencies.

  • C.I.M. Bank received in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 awards for the high quality of its payments (in EUR and USD).
  • Entrepreneurs are increasingly choosing to open an account with C.I.M. Bank, because Switzerland is a profitable place for investment.

So, Switzerland has a low level of corruption and, at the same time, a decent stability with a strong economy. Except for the latest news about the automatic exchange of tax information.

Opening an account with C.I.M. Bank has some disadvantages. So, a Swiss bank is attentive to documents from citizens of the CIS. This is done in order to check for the connection of funds with illegal activities.

A bank account can only be opened, if the bank is legally conveys funds. It takes time and patience. Documents such as a work contract, the business information, a tax return, and a sales contract may be requested.

To open an account for a company in Switzerland, C.I.M. Bank or any other Swiss banks will not reduce the tax rate to zero. In addition, Switzerland agreed to disclose the tax information of its customers in accordance with an international treaty on the automatic exchange of tax information. This does not apply to customers, whose account contains less than 50 thousand USD.

Opening a bank account with C.I.M. Bank also assumes a high level of confidentiality. Also, bank employees carefully check each client to make sure that your activity is legal.

Opening an account with C.I.M. Bank gives the anonymity within the confidentiality, if this relates to high security bank accounts.

Open an account with C.I.M. Bank, benefits

  • a full range of standard banking operations;
  • corporate and personal multi currency accounts;
  • international transfers;
  • commercial bank accounts for carrying out business activities of any type and size;
  • Internet banking with convenient international online transfers and payments;
  • pawnshop loans;
  • Internet trading: futures, options, a stock trading, forex;
  • the ability to open an account without a personal presence;
  • the presence of a Russian-speaking manager in the bank.

The bank's commission for the receipt of funds to the account depends on the transaction amount and varies from 15 to 550 CHF. The fee for incoming payments (more than 1,5 million CHF) is 0,035% of the transaction amount. The fee for outgoing payments sent, using the electronic banking system, is from 3,5 to 450 CHF, for outgoing payments (more than 1 million CHF) the commission is 0,025% of the transaction amount.

To open an account with C.I.M., you must pass a video interview with the bank’s banker.

The personal account maintenance fee is 120 CHF per quarter.

An account is opened within 7-10 days after the bank has received all duly completed forms.

CIM Bank requirements

  • a certificate of registration;
  • constituent documents, a Charter;
  • the copy of the corporate structure;
  • documents, confirming the appointment of the company's directors, secretary (if any);
  • documents, confirming the location of the office;
  • a license (if necessary);
  • passing a video interview with a banker,
  • a minimum balance of 10,000 EUR.
  • To register an account with C.I.M. Bank, each director/shareholder/secretary (with the right to sign) must submit the following documents:
  • a copy of a notarized passport (the passport must be signed, the signature must match the signature in the application form);
  • the power of attorney (if necessary).

Documents, that are not in English must be accompanied by a notarized translation.

Terms for the account opening are from 30 days.

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