How to register a company in Europe

Often, businessmen, planning to expand their activities, are looking for the access to new markets. Registering a company in Europe increases a prestige, gives a status, and can be beneficial in terms of reducing the tax burden.

Europe is a part of the world, that includes more than 50 countries (some of them are only partially related). At the moment, 28 of them form an economic and political union - the European Union.

Deciding to register a European company, you can take advantages of a particular jurisdiction. For example, registering a company in Hungary implies a low corporate tax of 9% (+ 2%), and if you want to set up a company in Switzerland, you can choose the canton, that is most beneficial for you (each individual canton offers its own tax rate on profits).

Why you should to choose European countries?

Moving a business abroad is a popular service among our customers. Choosing European regions, you can solve many problems. The feasibility of such a solution is a business on a completely different scale:

  • The EU market is a multinational solvent audience;
  • A consumer interest in innovation;
  • A pricing stability;
  • A regulated legislation;
  • A transparent taxation;
  • The minimum bureaucracy and corruption;
  • Large projects and prospects for international trade.

If you want to establish a company in Europe, by contacting our company you can become the owner of a business abroad in the shortest possible time. We undertake the organization of the entire registration process and the preparation of all necessary documentation, based on the legislative system of a state.

Who can open a company in Europe?

Both individuals and legal entities (residents and non-residents) can register an enterprise in England, set up a company in Luxembourg or in other European jurisdictions.

A registration of a business in the EU includes:

  • It is necessary to invent and verify the uniqueness of the name.
  • To prepare documents and submit them to appropriate services.

It is, also, necessary:

  • a beneficiary's passport;
  • a beneficiary's address;
  • a real office;
  • a business plan.

Which jurisdiction to choose?

To choose a country for business, you need to conduct a thorough analysis of the market, opportunities, goals, resources and a potential of the company. Having assessed risks and benefits of registering a business in your chosen jurisdictions, we will show you the best option.

Having established contacts and a real experience in registering a business in various European countries, YB Case employees will be able to offer you personal advice on how to register a company in Bulgaria, to establish a company in Serbia, to set up a company in Poland and other European countries.

Our services:

  • a professional consulting;
  • the support at every stage of registration;
  • a preparation of documentation (a compilation, a translation, a certification of a notary public and the apostille);
  • support in opening a company account in Europe, Asia, America, Australia;
  • a long-term service of your business (a partnership on mutually beneficial conditions).

Is it possible to register a European company remotely?

There is such an opportunity. If you want to open a company in the EU (for example, to register a company in Liechtenstein or to open a company in Scotland), then to select a state for your requirements, contact our staff.

We monitor the situation as a whole and inform our customers about any changes in the business world. You can find all news on our website or by the indicated phones.

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