Registering a company in the USA to work with Amazon

Amazon is a commercial online marketplace, that has already become home to more than 2 million sellers from around the world. Naturally, most sellers on Amazon are US citizens, but a number of sellers from Europe, South America and East Asia is also growing. In turn, residents of the CIS countries also want to register a company to work with Amazon, since many are already aware of all the advantages of the site, but it is not so simple, when it comes to a delivery of goods.

The benefits of selling goods through Amazon

First of all, it should be said about the width of the audience, that comes to Amazon for shopping. At least 190 million visitors a month. Obviously, a chance to sell your product in such conditions increases to the level, to which small and medium-sized businesses need to grow. And this is complemented by all the advertising tools, that the site offers.

In addition, Amazon maximally automated all processes: from the receipt of goods to the warehouse of a site, ending with receiving payment for goods and sending these same goods to the recipient. In general, if you register a company to work with Amazon in the United States or another jurisdiction, the owner of such a company will have access to advanced infrastructure for doing business from anywhere in the world.

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How to become an Amazon seller: a step-by-step guide

  • Registering an account on Amazon. First you need to register an account on Amazon with which sales management will be conducted. It is worth noting, that a procedure for registering a seller for Amazon in 2020 is no different from the same procedure in 2019. To fill out a questionnaire you will need to provide a list of personal information.
  • A download a product information. After registering an account on Amazon, you need to create product cards, using web tools or text files. During a placement of goods, you can choose the option “to sell through Amazon”, in which case the site itself will take care of packaging and sending goods to the client.
  • A sale of goods. After the placement, a product comes into the view of millions of potential buyers, and, for some period, is sold.
  • A delivery of goods to the buyer. Amazon informs a seller by Email, that a buyer was found on his product. You can deliver products to Amazon on your own, but you can entrust this task to a site by selecting the option “implement through Amazon”.
  • Receiving payments for goods. A payment with a deduction of a commission for Amazon service fees, is credited to a seller.


As you can see, in theory everything looks very simple. But, it’s not enough just to register on Amazon as a salesman.

Before selling goods on Amazon from the CIS countries, you must first deliver them to the company’s warehouses. Since Amazon, except for the USA, has its branches in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Spain, China, India, Australia and Canada, you will have to take care of a delivery of goods to Amazon warehouse in one of these countries. Keep in mind that:

  • Amazon offers a branded service called “Amazon fulfillment”, which includes: receiving goods at Amazon warehouse and its further storage, accepting orders, packaging and delivery to the buyer;
  • The service does not include a delivery of goods to Amazon warehouses. In addition to logistics issues, you will also have to independently solve the issues of customs clearance of goods.
  • To successfully sell on the European Amazon, and sites in other regions, you need to soberly assess your strength in financial and business terms. This means, that a potential seller must conduct a correct marketing analysis and calculation of the initial costs ― for the production of goods (if they have not already been made), logistics, payment of taxes, a procedure of disinhibition, advertising, etc.
  • The experience of trading abroad will also be useful. To register a company to work with Amazon, you will need to correctly determine preferences of buyers, based on their mentality, needs, financial capabilities, etc., in order to present their goods to the potential buyer in the most favorable light and encourage them to buy.

How to start selling on Amazon?

If you are not completely sure of a correct sequence of all actions, it is recommended to seek the advice of those people, who specialize in all the intricacies of the issue. YB Caseexperts provide professional advice on registering a seller’s account on Amazon, logistics and cash transactions, we are ready to offer the following services:

  • To conduct market analysis and determine a most appropriate jurisdiction for the sale of goods. This happens in several stages:
  • analyzes the characteristics of the product, its characteristics and usefulness for the target audience;
  • determines a potential popularity of the product;
  • trends are analyzed;
  • defines a strategy for promoting a product and how to adapt it on the market.
  • To take care of registering an account on Amazon, verification and certification of the seller, optimization of selling pages;
  • To identify competitors, their strengths and weaknesses;
  • To register a company to work with Amazon in India, China, the USA or another accessible country;
  • To open a bank account to work with Amazon;
  • To take care of the logistics services for delivery to Amazon:
  • to prepare documents;
  • to establish channels for sending goods to Amazon by land, water or air;
  • to resolve issues of customs clearance of goods;
  • to determine in advance which goods for customs clearance additional documents will be required;
  • to prevent delays and unforeseen expenses.
  • To plan and launch an advertising campaign;
  • To provide a full range of legal support for the Amazon project.

An additional service

It is also possible to order a turnkey service to enter the Amazon market in the USA, Europe or Asia. Our experts, together with a client, develop a personalized scheme for starting a business based on Amazon infrastructure. In this case, all features of all goods, that are planned to be sold, requirements and wishes of a customer are taken into account as much as possible. At the end, the customer receives an account ready for work on Amazon.

To top it all, if you are looking for the opportunity to quickly buy an existing company for trading on Amazon with an account and established logistics, we are ready to offer such an option.

To get more detailed information about everything, described in the article, and to make an appointment for advice, or to register a company to work with Amazon in China or another country of your choice, please contact us by one of the phone numbers below, by Email, instant messengers or Skype.

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