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The Strategic Prospects of a Cryptocurrency License in Kazakhstan

The Strategic Prospects of a Cryptocurrency License in Kazakhstan
Tax Incentives:
Tax Incentives: Holding a cryptocurrency license in the AIFC brings forth a distinct advantage – exemption from an array of tax payments until 2066. This strategic policy facilitates investment and propels the growth of the financial services sector, all while sidestepping the weight of additional tax obligations.
Streamlined Immigration and Labor Policies:
AIFC member organizations bask in unique privileges. Employees, accompanied by their families, can enter Kazakhstan under specialized Visa provisions, allowing stays of up to five years. This visa-free access eliminates the need for foreign work permits, paving the way for the attraction of top-tier international talent, a pivotal asset in enhancing the nation's industry.
Efficient Foreigner Integration:
Kazakhstan's AIFC has instituted a streamlined system for registering and assisting foreigners, expediting their entry into the country. The dedicated Expat Center offers a comprehensive suite of more than 500 services, ensuring a seamless and expeditious experience for traveling foreigners.
Currency Control Ease:
In the AIFC, residents are liberated from the complexities of registering currency transactions, opening foreign bank accounts, and other associated currency-related obligations. This inherent flexibility empowers contractual commitments to be fulfilled in the currency agreed upon in the contract, ensuring efficient cross-border transactions.
Financial Market Integrity:
AFSA's vigilant oversight extends comprehensively to financial and market services in the AIFC, vouchsafing the reliability and security of financial systems. Beyond this, AFSA champions legal protections for all participants and actively engages with foreign entities and organizations, fostering international cooperation and sustainable growth.

Kazakhstan: A Cryptocurrency Mining Powerhouse

Kazakhstan's strategic advantages, ranging from competitive electricity costs to progressive legislation and favorable regulations, position it as a formidable contender for the global cryptocurrency mining crown.

Foreign cryptocurrency enterprises are increasingly recognizing the opportunities in Kazakhstan's AIFC. Swiftly establishing subsidiaries here grants access to specialized legal frameworks in the financial sector, a rich tapestry of tax incentives, and an autonomous dispute resolution system.

The Prerequisites for Securing a Cryptocurrency License in Kazakhstan

Obtaining a cryptocurrency license in the AIFC entails meticulous adherence to specific criteria:

  1. Entity Registration: Pioneering cryptocurrency entrepreneurs must meticulously register a legal entity and open a business bank account in Kazakhstan, securing a registered address in the Astana IFC.
  2. Capital Commitment: A tangible commitment lies in contributing an amount equivalent to six months' operating expenses to your company's authorized capital.
  3. Human Capital: Elevate your enterprise's stature by appointing critical positions, including a senior executive officer, chief financial officer, chief technology officer, and director. Remarkably, physical residency in Kazakhstan is not a mandatory requirement, demonstrating the AIFC's global outlook.
  4. Regulatory Alignment: Develop meticulous internal policies that meticulously align with the International Financial Commission's exacting requirements for cryptocurrency exchanges, ensuring operational excellence.
  5. Cybersecurity Vigilance: Uphold a stringent approach to cybersecurity, implementing a multifaceted framework to protect against theft, fraud, and a broad spectrum of cyber threats.
  6. Comprehensive Business Documentation: Scrutinize the fine details. Compile comprehensive business documentation aligned with International Financial Commission standards.
  7. Fund Source Verification: Employ a meticulous approach to substantiating the legal source of funds designated for cryptocurrency transactions, ensuring compliance with stringent financial regulations.
  8. Regulatory Compliance and Oversight: Instill a culture of unwavering regulatory compliance. Regularly report to AFSA and willingly submit to annual audits to guarantee adherence to all pertinent laws and statutes.
  9. AML Compliance: Prioritize the appointment of dedicated personnel for Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Anti-Terrorism Financing Compliance roles. Initially, a single adept individual may handle these responsibilities before prudent delegation to two individuals.

AIFC Company Setup Essentials

For the meticulous establishment of a company in the AIFC, impeccable preparation is non-negotiable. Ensure you have the following documentation and information ready:

  1. Detailed Company Activity Description: A comprehensive blueprint detailing your intended operations within the AIFC.
  2. Fee Payment (valued at 300 USD), underlining your commitment to regulatory compliance.
  3. Comprehensive Planing: A meticulously crafted plan offering transparency into projected income and expenditures, serving as a testament to your financial prudence.
  4. Director's ID (IIN): Essential identification details of the company's director, a critical stakeholder in the regulatory process.
  5. Passports of All Organization Members: A full array of passports for every individual involved in your organization, ensuring transparency and accountability.
  6. Lease Agreement for AIFC Office Premises: A binding lease agreement for your official registered address within the AIFC, symbolizing your presence within this forward-thinking jurisdiction.
Typically, the cryptocurrency company registration process in Kazakhstan spans 5–7 months. For those contemplating cryptocurrency endeavors in Kazakhstan, it is prudent and highly recommended seeking counsel from seasoned legal experts.

Cryptocurrency Operations and Compliance

  1. Operational Framework:
    • Detail the operational structure that cryptocurrency businesses in the AIFC must establish.
    • Explain how cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets, and trading platforms operate under AIFC regulations.
  2. Security Protocols:
    • Emphasize the paramount importance of cybersecurity in cryptocurrency operations.
    • Discuss the types of security measures, encryption standards, and risk management practices that businesses must implement.
    • Address the protection of digital assets and the prevention of hacking and fraud.
  3. Client Verification and KYC :
    • Describe how these procedures ensure that only legitimate and authorized users engage in cryptocurrency transactions.
  4. AML and CTF Compliance:
    • Discuss how cryptocurrency businesses are required to report suspicious transactions and adhere to international AML/CTF standards.
  5. Compliance Reporting:
    • Discuss the regular reporting obligations that cryptocurrency businesses have to regulatory authorities, including AFSA.
  6. Market Integrity and Fair Practices:
    • Address the commitment to market integrity and fair trading practices in the AIFC.
    • Discuss measures in place to prevent market manipulation and ensure fair access to cryptocurrency markets.
  7. Record Keeping and Audit Trail:
    • Explain the requirements for maintaining comprehensive records of cryptocurrency transactions.
Our experts possess the nuanced knowledge required to navigate the intricate process of registering and managing cryptocurrency business in Kazakhstan.
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