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Registering a company in Alabama


For beginners, who want to register a company in the United States, we recommend starting a business in Alabama. This jurisdiction can become a profitable and promising platform for your startup.

YB Case experts will provide support in registering your business in Alabama, which will help you to save time and money.

Key business structures in Alabama

Deciding to establish a company in Alabama, pay attention to 2 main structures:

  • A corporation. A separate legal entity, includes shares, headmasters, executives. This structure is preferred for large enterprises, startup projects, wanting to attract financing.
  • An LLC. It is an independent legal entity, providing simple control (does not require managers or officers) and taxation.

To register a company trademark in Alabama

Wanting to set up a commercial firm in Alabama (USA), it will be necessary to seriously approach the choice of a trademark. For everything to succeed, follow these steps:

  • Make sure, that the name is unique;
  • Initial check in Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo;
  • Search for a trademark in the USPTO.

To register the EIN

EIN is needed by everyone, who operates in the United States. If you decide to become an entrepreneur in Alabama, to be an employer without receiving the EIN, in the future your individual social security number will be used, which may cause identity theft.

To open a corporate account in Alabama

To do business, you need to open an American bank account. We provide support at every stage of the registration process and provide advice on all the nuances of doing business in this country.

The main documents, that you will need to open an account with banks in America

  • A package with your personal documents;
  • Your EIN;
  • The permission to open an account is signed by owners, headmasters, executives, others.

To obtain business licenses

To start a business in Alabama successfully, to obtain USA licenses is necessary. Permissions allow entrepreneurial activity in this jurisdiction legally.

A taxation in Alabama

Before opening a company in Alabama, it is important to familiarize yourself with the tax system of this jurisdiction.

In the US, Alabama corporate tax is 6,05%. A profit taxation is common to all states (21%). The sales tax rate is 4%. It is also important to note, that the tax on dividends can be from 0 to 35%.

If you plan to register a company in Alabama, to open a firm in the USA remotely, to open an account in the USA or to start startups in Alabama, YB Case specialists are ready to provide you with highly qualified assistance in registering a business in USA and answer all your questions. We are ready to provide you with highly qualified assistance and answer all your questions.

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